Worshiping the corpse of Santa Lucia

The corpse of Satan Lucia got military escort, when it was shifted for exposition from a Church in Sicily to Venezia.

The Italian navy transports the corpse of “Santa Lucia” from Sicily to Venzia.

Saint Lucia ( Syracusae , 283 – Siracusa , 13 December 304 ) was a martyr Christian, died during the persecutions of Diocletian in Syracuse; It is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church .

The body of Saint Lucia remained in Syracuse for many centuries: from the catacomb, where he was buried, was later pornella basilica erected in his honor, at which, in the early sixth century, was built a monastery.

Here are some more pictures:

The corpse of Santa Lucia is venerated inside a Roman Catholic Church in Sicily.
This is supposed to be the legs of “Lucia’, who died 1700 years ago.
The adored slippers of “Santa Lucia”. Wil they still fit on her feet?
This box is filled with the venerable “holy slippers” of Santa Lucia.
The Catholics are quick on their feet, roaming around with “Holy slippers” of Santa Lucia.
The Catholics curse their children, tell them from birth to worship created “holy items”. Like the slippers of Lucia.
The corpse of “Santa Lucia” is escorted by the police, as she arrives in the city of Venezia.
The corpse of Santa Lucia rests under the altar of her religious shrine in Sicily, in Italy.
Multitudes of Catholics in Italy adore the corpse of Santa Lucia during her public exposition.

In 1313 a new church was dedicated to St. Lucia, where the relics of the Holy were placed permanently.

Source: Multiple Roman Catholic sources.

My comment:

When all the religious families let their children dress up like “Santa Lucia”, please take a look at their role model. A corpse, adored and venerated in a religious shrine in  Syracuse on the Italian island of Sicily.

Not only the mafia has its headquarter her. It is obviously also a center for Roman Catholic religious fraud.

Those of the readers who love Jesus the Messiah, tell your children not to wear the “slippers of Lucia”. If you do not listen, please tell me if the venerated “holy slippers” has been kept safely by the papists since 280 A.D?

Whoever, these slippers might belong to: Why should Christians adore and venerate a couple of slippers of a mortal woman?

Truly Jesus the Messiah told us. There is nothing good inside a man. If he is not born again, and connected to the Holy Spirit, He will indulge in and approve of this blasphemy against the living God.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

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