The two Catholic corpses of Kentucky, USA

The corpses of Saints Bonosa and Magnus are displayed in St. Martin of Tours Church in Louisville, Kentucky, US.

 Archaeologist Philip DiBlas from University of Louisville, Kentucky helped the Catholic Bishops to build
Archaeologist Philip DiBlas from University of Louisville, Kentucky helped the Catholic Bishops to build “saints” out of exhumed bones from the graves.

Philip DiBlasi is an archaeologist from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He helps the local Roman Catholic Church to puzzle the pieces of bones, exhumed from grave is the cemetery.

DiBlasi and four students are examining the remains of St. Bonosa and St. Magnus, which have been displayed as relics at St. Martin since 1902.

Philip DiBlasi, an archaeologist who teaches skeletal forensics at the University of Louisville, and four students, are taking an inventory of the remains, determining their demographic profiles and hoping to learn even more about the pair of ancient saints.

“We initially unwrapped Magnus and I was disappointed,” said DiBlasi. “He is very highly fragmented. He has a complete cranium, but no mandible.

“Then we unwrapped St. Bonosa and we were just astounded,” he said. “She was in phenomenal condition. All the damage we see on her was from bad handling.”

Her remains include a complete cranium, mandible and pelvis, which together can reveal important information — including an accurate age. She was 24 years old, plus or minus one year, when she died, DiBlasi said.

Source: Roman Catholic blogspot

My comment:

You have to be raving mad to say ” She was in phenomenal condition” when you look at an exhumed corpse, and starts to puzzle with human bones.

The Roman Catholic Church is surely a haunted house of demons.  The priesthood of the Vatican are gave looters. Since the darkest nights of the Middle ages, the Bishops have exhumed rotten corpses, cut the skeleton into pieces and minted money.
Today, any coffin they can get their hands on, are likely to be examined.

Lets look at some more pictures:

The bishop is happy with the puzzle done by the team.
It was a difficult job from the beginning. The Catholic priest put a lot of bones on the table.
It was a difficult job from the beginning. The Catholic priest put a lot of bones on the table.
Philip DiBlasi makes a livelyhood by puzzling bones for the Vatican priesthood.
Philip DiBlasi makes a living by puzzling bones for the Vatican priesthood.
Its a complcated job. A solid bill has to be sent to the local Bishop.
Its a complicated job. A solid bill has to be sent to the local Bishop.
A skull is set on top of the puzzled skeleton, and fingers are made from plastic foam.
A skull is set on top of the puzzled skeleton, and gets a crown. The fnger bones are covered with plastic foam.
Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”
The corpse is transported up the altar of the rleigious shrine.
The decorated corpse is transported up the altar of the religious shrine.
Some Catholic Order brothers wants to take a selfie with the two corpses.
Some Catholic Order brothers wants to take a selfie with the two corpses.
 Matthew 23:27
“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.
The final result will bring in some donations from the failful Roman Catholics. Bills have to be paid.
The final result will bring in some donations from the failful Roman Catholics. Bills have to be paid. Do the Roman Catholics know its a gross fake, a re-constrcucted body?

This lady named Bonosa is supposed to have died in the third century. Inside a Roman Catholic shrine in Kentucky, all the pieces of her skeleton is puzzled together.  Next the priests dress up the skeleton in clothes and shoes. The corpse is transported to a place next to the altar, to be adored, venerated and worshiped.

For all true followers of Jesus the Messiah, this kind of religious activity is offensive, since the name of “Christ” is used. This is simply morbid and sick.  The Messiah is defamed and mocked in the most grotesque and horrible manners.  It is a crime that Catholics are lead into such damnable idolatry. They have their Bibles, and will not find any excuse for being sent to Hell on the final day of judgment.

Because of the blasphemies of the Papacy, tens of millions of people hold their fingers over their nose, and swear never to have anything to do with “Christians”. They have failed to understand that Roman Catholicism is a deadly copy-cat religion. A religion that Satan has invented in a bid to defame and derail true Christianity.

Looking at all the blaphemy and wickedness inside this religious movement, the popes are surely burning in Hell. But you, you have a chance to run away from this kind of synagogues of Satan. Please repent, before it is too late. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls. Amen.

First published: One year ago.

Written by Ivar

The hunt for the skull and bones of Holy Roman emperor

The skull of Charlemagne is kept in a bust in the Roman Catholic ‪Cathedral of Aachen in‬ West Germany.

The bust with the holy skull of the sucessor of Ceasar, beutified by the Pope.

Charlemagne (/ˈʃɑːrlᵻmeɪn/; 2 April 742/747/748[1] – 28 January 814), also known as Charles the Great (Latin: Carolus or Karolus Magnus) or Charles I, was King of the Franks. He united most of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages and laid the foundations for modern France and Germany.

The skull of Charlemagne and some bones were located inside this bust

Part of Charlemagne’s skull is kept in this ornate bust at the Cathedral of Aachen in‬ West Germany. The Cathedral Treasury in Aachen is regarded as one of the most important ecclesiastical treasuries in northern Europe. Pilgrims are able to see some of the relics every seven years when they are displayed.

He took the Frankish throne in 768 and became King of Italy from 774. From 800, he became the first Holy Roman Emperor — the first recognized emperor in Western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier. While Charlemagne already ruled his kingdom without the help of the Pope, recognition from the pontiff granted him divine legitimacy in the eyes of his contemporaries.

The Shrine of St. Mary rests in the choir of the church and dates from 1220-1239. Adorned with the figures of Christ, Mary, Charlemagne, Pope Leo III and the Twelve Apostles, the shrine contains the four great Aachen relics: St. Mary’s cloak, Christ’s swaddling clothes, St. John the Baptist’s beheading cloth and Christ’s loincloth.

Charlemagne himself was accorded sainthood inside the Holy Roman Empire after the twelfth century. His canonisation by Antipope Paschal III, to gain the favour of Frederick Barbarossa in 1165, was never recognised by the Holy See, which annulled all of Paschal’s ordinances at the Third Lateran Council in 1179. His name does not appear among the 28 saints named Charles who are listed in the Roman Martyrology. However, his beatification has been acknowledged as cultus confirmed and is celebrated on 28 January.

The bones of Charlemagne was discovered in his coffin. That may seem obvious, but given how often he was exhumed and reburied and parts of him given away as relics.

Source: Wikipedia.

My comment:

First three more photos:

Knochen von Karl dem Großen
Bones from Charlemagne’s golden casket in Aachen Cathedral in Germany likely do belong to the warrior-king, say Swiss and German scientists who have studied the remains for 26 years.
Inside the golden coffin of Charlegagne in Germany, they found his bones.
Emperor Charlemagne. Like a golden calf, he is worshiped by Roman Catholics.

Why hunt for the skull and bones of an ancient ruler of central Europe?

The bones are required in the process of canonization. A Roman Catholic bishop has to examine them, and give a report to the Pope. Charlemagne was helping the Pope to create the cult of relics. Ironically the Holy Roman emperor became a relic him self.

This is recored by an online magazine.

The Antipope Paschal III canonized Charlemagne, and the Holy Roman emperor has been accepted for beatification by the Bishop of Rome. This is only one step from being declared a “saint”.

Charlemagne ruled with the blessings of the Pope in his time, Pope Leo III.  When the Pope was forced to leave Rome because of a public revolt, the emperor brought the papacy back to the “capital of the Holy Roman empire”.  By coming to the rescue of the pope, Charlemagne was conceded to be the successor of the Roman Emperor.  His empire lasted 1.000 years, and was consider by Hitler as the second reich.

For all evangelical Christians, the rule of Charlemagne is a proof of the papacy being the successor of Ceasar, having its origin in paganism.  The “Holy see” is not at all based on an apostolic succession of the apostles of Jesus the Messiah.

In 800 A.D, the alliance between Charlemagne and the papacy was the beginning of the end of Celtic Christianity.  The celts were ruling i the Brittanic kingdom of Normandie, in parts of the Irish peninsula and ancient Scotland. These Christians followed the Jewish calendar, celebrated the Biblical feasts, and refused to bow before the papacy.

The priests of Charlemagne removed the Celts from offices in central Europe. The onslaught of the Viking norsemen weakened the Celtic Church on the islands in the West. After a war that lasted 100 years, the Roman Catholic Church had replaced Biblical Christianity in the courts of all kings. The true Messianic faith continued as a badly bruised and persecuted Church of the people. Faithful Christians were a part of an underground movement for 400 years, up till the days of the protestant reformation.  The gates of Hell did not prevail against the Church of Jesus, despite endless pogroms and Roman Catholic inquisitions.

Written by Ivar

Pope Paul VI returned a stolen skull

The claimed skull of Saint Andrew was returned from Rome to the Greek Orthodox Church in 1964. This is what New York Times recorded.

Pope Paul VI carry the byst with the claimed skull of saint Andrew.

PATRAS, Greece, Sept. 26 1964:  A relic venerated as the skull of St. Andrew the Apostle was returned today from the Vati­can to Patras in a gesture of goodwill to the Greek Orthodox Church.

It was taken from this south­ern Greek port to St Peter’s Basilica in Borne 504 years ago. Its return by Pope Paul VI was marked by a striking revival of Byzantine pomp—and of the religious feuds that raged in the Middle Ages

The ceremony was boycotted by Greece’s 84‐year‐old Ortho­dox Primate, Archbishop Chry­sostomos and scholars chal­lenged the authenticity of the relic.

Resting in a golden reliquary shaped into the features of St. Andrew wearing a crown, the relic was brought by Augustin Cardinal Bea, the 83‐year‐old German Jesuit who is president of the Vatican Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Source: The New York Times.

My commnet:

First some more photos:

The rare Byzantine golden reliquary (Paperweights iconoclastic period) of the skull of St. Andrew (down left).  Delivered by Thomas Palaeologus to Pope Pius II to rescue from the Ottoman Turks.
The claimed skull of Andrew can be seen, as the head cap of the bust is open.
Delivery on September 26, 1964 the Venerable skull in Patras Metropolitan Constantine by Cardinal Beaune, archbishop Villemprans and Fr. Peter Ntypre.
The old Roman Catholic bust, and rhe new Church like bust where the skull is kept today.
The Greek Orthodox are proud of their claimed skull of Andrew.
The skull can be seesn through an opening of the bust.
The Greek Orthodox also kiss and worship their ” holy skulls”.


Source: Greek Orthodox blogger.

My comment:

Many Christians are shocked, when they see pictures of Roman Catholics veneration of skulls and corpses. Rather than being surprised by such apostasy of the Vatican, they should question their own leaders:

Why have they not told the truth about the Papacy?

How can they accept Roman Catholics as a part of the Christians family?

The “Holy father” is a thief. He stole a skull.  The return of the skull in 1964 will forever stand as a proof of the ancient crime.  In the receiving end is the Greek Orthodox Church. Equally a skull and bone society as the Vatican priesthood.  Both of them defame the true Messiah in the name of “Christ”, and will face stern judgment for this misconducts.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Have nothing to do with such religious people, but rather expose their evils. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.

Written by Ivar

The Catholic skull in Champagne

The skull of saint Mammès is worshiped in Roman Catholic masses in the city of Langres in Champagne in France.

The Roman Catholic priest conduct a mass, with the bust with the skull next to the altar.

The skull of Saint Mamas – relic that was brought from Constantinople after the 4th crusade.

St. Mammès Cathedral is a cathedral Roman Catholic located in Langres , in the Champagne department of Haute-Marne , in France . It was built between 1150 and 1196 in the center of canonical quarter. It is dedicated to St. Mamas , martyr of Cappadocia in the third century.

Some historians date his birth in the year 259 and his martyrdom took place in 275 . So he was martyred at the age of sixteen.

A bust reliquary containing the skull of the saint, and kept in the Treasure room of St. Mammès Cathedral.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

First some more photos:

The bust of saint Mammes has a cap behind, where the skull has been fit in.
The skull of saint Mammes is kept inside the bust.
The order brothers carry the skull on thier shoulders, followed by the local bishop.
The skull is fasten with iron nails, so it do not fall out of the bust, if the golden head falls down.
The skull is hidden from the public. Why not take it out to be properly adored?


The skull is worshipped, as on of the brothers holds up what appears to be a Bibel.
What is presented in white as Christianity, serves as a tool for the kingdom of darkness.
Behind all the golden glitter: What appear to be like an angel of lights, contains the rotten remains of a human being.

When people see Roman Catholic priests and bishops carry a byst on their shoulders, it might not be only the gold or silver they are adoring. Inside many of these golden metal heads, there are skulls.

These kind of rituals, surely proves that the Vatican priesthood is a skull and bone society, defaming the Messiah in the most filthy way. Since they claim to k now “Christ”.

Matthew 8:22

But Jesus told him, ‘Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.’

This cult keep 1,1 billion people in bondage to the worship of death. That is a spiritual catastrophe, But also ten of millions of secular people, and kept away from Jesus by the wicked acts of religious people. Many hold their fingers over their nose, and do not want to have anything to do with what is presented as Christianity. Even evangelicals are not willing to brand the papacy as the seat of an antichrist.  That is a shame.

Jesus the Messiah is God of the living. Not of the dead. In one of his most stern comments, he told the “dead” to go and bury their own dead. This must be one of the best examples.  When Satan appear as an angel of light, he does the maximum damage to the true body of the Messiah.

What better example can there be, that Roman Catholicism defame the true messianic faith?

Repet or perish.

Written by Ivar

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