Just replace the word “God with “Demon” in this video message. And you will get the true story about Heidi Baker.

The outpouring of a false Holy Spirit’ started the day Jesus died on the cross. The first false “Christ’s” where gnostic copies of the Messiah, who false teachers tried to launch into the body of Jesus.

The same gnostic copies of “Christ” is carried into our Churches today. The same copy-cat Holy Spirit’s are taking people for a ride.

When you see this testimony of Heidi Baker, there is a lot of talk about “power”, and the need to feed the children. Miracles and wonders is also highlighted.

Good: Nobel work is done even by atheists and secular people. Their zeal and power often give spectacular results.

But do they also represent God of the Bible?

Be aware, that in this message from Heidi Baker there is no talk about sin. No call for repentance. There is not a single line spoken about the true meaning of the atoning death of the Messiah on the cross. Why He shed His blood for our sins.

Heidi Baker present the “blood of Jesus” as the “cup of suffering and joy”. That is not the cup from Calvary hill, not the blood of Jesus of the Bible.

It is amazing that people buy this message, and want to include Heidi Baker in to the family of Christianity. She fits perfect into any New Age Ministry, where “God” is presented as an electric power, who knock down people are freezes them for hours.  Heidi Baker claims she was knocked down with a BOOM, and laid frozen on the floor for tree hours.

This is a demonic force, not the Holy Spirit. The helper and advocate do not come to burn, trouble, cripple or disable the saints. He comes as a comforter, and humble person who will guide us and help us. He will convince us of sins, and call us to repentance. He will motivate us and inspire us to follow the example of Jesus the Messiah.

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, fidelity,meekness, self-control: against such things there is no law.

When people lose self control, behave like mad, disturb and scream, you can be sure a demonic force is manifesting it self in the flesh.

Do not ever, not even for a second, accept this to be fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Rebuke and lock down such manifestations. And thrown this kind of unclean spirits out of the persons who carry them into Christian Fellowships.

There must be someone among you who have been given the gift of deliverance. If not your Christian fellowship is going to fall into deception.

Written by Ivar