There are 5,2 million Jews in the US, that refuse to make aliya. Their home coming can secure the Jewish state of Israel.

American Jews should pack their bags and go home and support the Jewish state of Israel.

Prof. Sergio DellaPergola of the Hebrew University on Thursday released a report conducted on behalf of the North American Jewish Data Bank in collaboration with the Jewish Federations of North America. He estimated the number of Jews around the world at 13,428,300.

More than 80 per cent of Jews live in two countries: Israel and the US. The Jewish state has an estimated 5,703,700 of them, whereas about 5,275,000 are in America.

DellaPergola said he had used a social categorization to estimate the number of Jews.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

Prof. DellaPergola

My comment:

The refusal of the American Jews to make aliya is a taboo that needs to be broken in the Jewish community.

It is simply an act of disbelief to sit “safe” in the US, and see the Jewish state of Israel being demolished demographically.

The Jews in America has been inside their “comfort zone” to long. Like in Europe in the 1930-ties, they feel strong and safe.

Multiple fishermen have not been able to explain to them the Biblical demand for a Jewish home coming to Zion. There will soon come hunters. Because the Jews will return home, either voluntarily, by domestic pressure or by force.