Abbas: “I want Israel to surrender before I want to talk about peace”

Mahmoud Abbas has lost all wars, but wants the winner to surrender before he is willing to talk about peace.

Two men that sails on a ship that try to fool Israel. Abbas and Obama.

The latest “offer” to jump start “peace talks” seems to have failed. The PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has raised new demands of pre-conditions for talks, that Israel can not accept.

Like a demand for “freezing” all construction activity in the capital of the state of Israel, the city of Jerusalem.  Abbas also wants Israel commit her self to a fixed date when the Jewish state will surrender to his demands to borders of the proposed new Islamic state around Jerusalem.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The PA Chairman puppet in Ramallah is the only looser that acts like He is the winner, and demand that Israel should come begging at his feet.

Let us repeat for him, the realities on the ground.

1. It was Israel who won the war.
2. It is Israel who are in charge of Jerusalem.
3. It is the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) who are in charge of the borders around Israel.
4. It is the IDF who hold’s Hamas outside of the so-called West Bank.
5. It is the IDF who protect men like Mahmoud Abbas from being targeted and killed by Islamic terrorists who are more radical than him self.
7. It should be up to Israel to decides if these pre-conditions shall be accepted by the loosing end, before there can be anything to talk about.

Lets take a look at Mahmoud Abbas and his al-Fatah movement. (PLO)

1. The PLO was founded on Jew-hate in 1964.
2. The PLO has used violence and terrorism as a political tool.
3.The PLO started to blow up air crafts and airports, and disrupted global air traffic.
4. The PLO is the reason for why every traveler by flights
have to go through body screening at every airport.
5. The PLO has no state.
6. The PLO has no popular support.
7. The PLO will go bankrupt tomorrow, if the US and EU withdraw its financial support.
8. The PLO has a TV-channel that delete the Jewish heritage to the land of Israel, and claim that all of “Palestine” belong to Islam.
9. The PLO refuse to recognize a Jewish statehood in the Middle East.

I can go on adding basic facts.

Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO has a friend in Barack Hussein Obama who also ignore all these facts.

Now, Israel should demand that the PLO and Obama change their ways, before there is anything more to be talked about.

A Status Quo is not the worst that can happen to Israel. It will keep Israel as the winner, and the PLO as the looser.

2 thoughts on “Abbas: “I want Israel to surrender before I want to talk about peace”

    1. Dear Donald.


      The attitude of Abbas, can best be compared to the Nazis refusing to leave “occupied Norway” in May 1945, despite being defeated in Berlin. And demanding that the US should give them East Berlin as a continued Nazi-capital, since the Nazi’s claimed to be the true representatives of the German people.

      To make such utter non sense the absolute madness, the Nazi general’s in Norway started to demand that the US should accept such pre-conditions, before they were willing to start “peace talks”.

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