US House binds Israel with 3 billion dollar “gift”

Capitol Hill restore funding for Israel to pre-sequester levels. Included in this bill is USD 268.7 million in funding for anti-missile programs. Funding to Israel was restored to its pre-sequester levels in the spending bill the U.S. House of Representatives passed. The bill keeps funding for Israel at $3.1 billion for 2014, the amount designated… Read More US House binds Israel with 3 billion dollar “gift”

Media attacks Obama’s “Soviet-style” publicity policy

Major media organizations protest against being shut out of president’s events in favour of official photographer. Barack Obama’s White House has been accused of producing Soviet-style propaganda by press photographers who are furious at being denied access to the US president. Mr Obama’s aides routinely block independent photographers from capturing him at work, before distributing… Read More Media attacks Obama’s “Soviet-style” publicity policy