The Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) promote a global Covid-19 vaccination campaign. We are told this is the path to worldwide normalcy, health and prosperity.

The Global agenda of Bill and Melissa Gates was delayed by the 4 years of Donal Trump’s presidency.

President Barack Obama, Melinda Gates and Bill Gates speak at Goalkeepers 2017 on 20th of September 2017. They are in New York city, at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Since november 8, 2016 Donald Trump has delayed their globalist agenda. Hock or by crook, they would have to find a way to put one of their own back in the White House.

The idea of a global solution to all problems is not new. Adolf Hitler did not belive he was an evil man. He was convinced a global regime was the best way forward for the World. And that He was the best man to become our supreme leader. He was convinced he would become poplar by abolishing evils. He new third world empire world last for a thousand years.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Masatoshi Okauchi/Shutterstock (9971547d) Bill Gates Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ‘Our Global Goals’ announcement, Tokyo, Japan – 09 Nov 2018

Bible believing Christians knows this agenda will succeed. This regime will be formed just before Jesus the Messiah returns to Earth. The Messiah will kill the leader of this Global agenda flock. They are guilty a a mortal sin. Their new World order will set the Word of God aside, literally blaspheming God the Father. This all happened in 2020. People have been forced not to celebrate the last supper. The virus lockdown’s have abolished the call to practice hospitality in our homes. We have to maintain social distance, and kan not anoint people with oil, place our hands on them and pray for them. Truly a global regime that has nullified the Word of God has been enforced on us all.

2. Tessalonians 2: 8

Than the lawless one will be revealed, whom Lord Jesus will owertrow with the breath of his comming.

Many « Christians » have surrender to this agenda, and have even become their mouthpiece. Jesus the Messiah warned us in advance about this falsehood. He will not acknowledge many of his claimed followers. Even those who who have utter prophecies in His name and have done miracle in His name, will be casted into the flames of Hell. Paul the apostles also warns us. There are many who follows a false Jesus, who preach a different gospel, and walk in a spirit that is not the Holy Spirit. Despite claiming they do have the Holy Spirit. In 2020 we could easily identify all of this. Who do you follow? Who is your boss? Do you really follow the true Messiah and honour Him in your daily life? If you do not, please repent. Or you will perish.

Written by Ivar