Pope Francis has called opposition to the coronavirus vaccine “suicidal denial” urging people to get the jab and saying he would get vaccinated himself next week.

The Pope in Rome is a friend of the World, and obey all its Covid-19 rules and regulations.

“Next week, we will start to do it here (in the Vatican) and I made an appointment, we must do it,” he told Canale 5 in segments released on Saturday from an interview set to be broadcast the next day.

Source: NDTV (Indian TV-station.)

My comment:

Since all the Church Reformers called the Pope “an antichrist” his advice is fully understandable. And all who truly love Jesus Messiah have got a perfect warning. Its important to resist both the Pope and Covid-19 vaccines.

Along with Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer and John Knox identified the Roman Papacy as the Antichrist.The Centuriators of Magdeburg, a group of Lutheran scholars in Magdeburg headed by Matthias Flacius, wrote the 12-volume “Magdeburg Centuries” to discredit the papacy and identify the pope as the Antichrist.

Source: Wikipedia.

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