Bill Gates tells us in plain words. He will make a body based crypto-currency. To make it work he will monitor and instruct our brain waves, blood flow and puls.

Bill Gales and Microsoft wants to shoot a coctail of different nano-technology into our inner Cosmos.

Reading patent WO-2020-060606-A1, proved 26th of March 2020, is like watching Frankenstein. Bill Gates wants to make us an electronically controlled puppet. Here are some of the plans, parts of the approved patent-application:

That will be Bill Gats way of making money in the near future. Gates is surely a lawless man, the man of sin, in stern opposition to God of the Bible. Being the man behind 666, Gates is the first beast. The second beast will perform miracles and call down fire from heaven. Praise Jesus the Messiah har He has shown us mercy. Now we know that soon will take place. Amen.

Published by Ivar