Bill Gates and patent WO-2020-060606 A1

Microsoft has got the patent for a crypto-currency that is monitored by your body activity and connected to the company’s servers.

Bill Gates and Microsoft is a central player in the mass-vaccination campaign. His crypto-currency patent is numbered 06-06-06.

I have been very sceptical to the idea of a “Bill Gates 666-patent”. This evening I found the patent approval om Google This is not a false search engine. The aproval was granted 26th of March 2020.

The patent-application is approved and certified. You can view the certificate. The new patent is explained as a crypto-currency that is implemented in your body. It will be monitored by Microsoft’s servers monitoring your body activity.

This is a true copy of Mircosoft’s patent that can be found on Google Patents.

Than it is easy to explain what comes next: Bill Gates is the main sponsor of the Vaccine Alliance, who is promoting all the Coved-19 vaccines. Through nano-technology, Microsoft seems to have struck a deal. This new technology can easily been included in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and most likely in all the rest. The device, smaller than the eye can catch, will not be activate before the whole World has been vaccinated. It will remain in-active til its politically possible to «awake» the World to a new fantastic invention. The end of cash, and possible use of back money. A “bona fide” safe way of transparent mode of payment. You will simply not be able to buy or sell without it. The catch 22 is one part of the patent number: 060606. Just remove the three -0- zeros and you get 666.

Revelation 13:18.

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has wisdom calculate the number of the beast, for its a number of a man. The number is 666.

Lets thank Jesus the Messiah for this revelation. This gross evil has been exposed when hardly 0,001 per cent of the World’s population have been given Covid-19 vaccines.

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10 thoughts on “Bill Gates and patent WO-2020-060606 A1

  1. Just finished watching video by Catherine Austin Fitts and this is exactly what she was talking about. WOW Thank you. You might want to take a look at her video for yourself. aw/tx/usa If you cannot find it, email me and I will forward to you.

  2. Just a heads up, this is what 5G towers is all about…….nothing to do with covid, cancer or the other false flag claims…….a look at Intel’s ( the manufacturer) vision of 5G goes all the way to thinking your device on………think about that, if you can think it on it can think back to you………..

    1. Look up HR666 for 2021-2022
      HR6666 was for 2019-2020, yes when Trump was in office. Do t let him fool you. The two opposing eagle heads fighting in the same direction. Watch how all a sudden he calls for people to be vaccinated. He helps gets rid of the cash too. We need to go back to gold and silver though and not cryptocurrency.

  3. Shalom and praise Jesus. Reading Revelation chapt 13 all over again, important pieces now falls into the big puzzle. The dragon is China. Bill Gates now rides on the authority granted him by the Chinese. The final 10 kings in the book of Daniel can easily be identified. The 5 nations with veto power in the Secuity Council of the United Nations. Pluss India + Sultan Erdogan in Ankara, the Pope, Saudi Arabia (Mecca) and Israel (Jerusalem). All are now in agrement and Covid-19 alignment. We still not know who the second beast is. But in 2021, most likely, He will be revealed.

    1. Gode Einar. Shalom og lovpris Jesus. Beklagar ein sein godkjenning av kommentaren din. Av ein elller anna grunn hamna du i spamfilteret. Uansett. Takk skal du ha. Eg seier til alle på min veg. Les dette om Bill Gates og dette patentet. Kunnskap skadar aldri.

  4. Just FYI, the Microsoft patent publication referenced here is not an issued patent. It is a published application for a patent. It has not been granted yet.

    1. Dear John Cunniff.

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      The Patent WO-2-2–060606 A1 is approved as an Interntional Recognized patent. This patent needs other aproval from from the US government before Bill Gates can implement the new tehchology. So yes: You are right. Will Gates gets his way?

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