“He (the Pope) assured me that he believes that Jesus is the only way of salvation.”

Mike Bickle from IHOP accept the Pope as a Christian leader, after a visit to the Vatican.

Some of the most recognizable names in the charismatic movement had a private meeting with Pope Francis on Friday. Mike Bickle, Che Ahn, Kris Vallotton, Stacey Campbell and dozens of other Protestant leaders from North America and Europe gathered at the Vatican.

According to Bickle, director of IHOP in Kansas City, the purpose of the meeting was to engage in an ongoing dialogue about the pontiff’s views on Jesus and Christianity.

“The meeting lasted a couple of hours. They gave us the opportunity to ask questions. The meeting was very warm and personal,” Bickle told Charisma News. “I asked him about his views on the serious error and deception of universalism that claims that ‘all paths lead to God’ and other religions being saved without receiving the grace of God that only comes through Jesus. He assured me that he believes that Jesus is the only way of salvation.”
Bickle asked him again pointedly, “Is Jesus the only way of salvation?” He described Francis as “very strong” in his agreement on Christ as the Savior of the world and emphasized his love for Jesus and the Scriptures.

What about the pontiff’s controversial statement about Muslims and members of other world religions claiming “children of God” status? Bickle was told Francis was referring to all humans being children of the creator and children of Adam not “children of redemption.”

“The verse that was given to me was Matthew 5:44 describing the Father giving sun and rain to the just and unjust,” says Bickle. “He is unhappy with the views of some of the Catholic leadership who do not honor or value the faith of Protestant believers. He believes that a close relationship with Jesus is the only hope for the nations.”

Source: Charisma News

My comment:

IHOP is the fruit of the Toronto Movement. The whole Charismatic flock, has been deceived to accept an unclean sprit as the Holy spirit. Mike Bickle is one of he false Kansas city prophetcs. He joins about hundred prominent Word of Faith Heretics, who have embraced and accepted the papacy. Amomg others, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copland, Benny Hinn and  Ulf Ekman. Bickle is just another conformation, that all who follow a false Christ will eventually unite. Only true Messianic believers will continue to bell the Pope as an antichrist.

The official Roman Catholic doctrine, is that Jesus is the only way to heaven. That Mike Bickle acknowledge the Jesuit Pope based on a Roman Catholic doctrine, makes Bickle a Catholic too.  Bickle jumps the hard core heretic doctrines that display a “different Jesus” being preached in the Vatican.  A Christ that needs his mother, the Queen of Heaven, as a co-matrix, a co-savior. A “Christ” who have one supreme representative in the flesh, on Earth, the “Vicar of Christ” the Pope. And a Christ who already have returned to Earth, in the form of a round wafer. The Eucharist. No other second coming of the Messiah is being preached in the Roman Catholic Church.

For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

Mike Bickle is a deceiver of the flock. Stay away from the ungodly God.tv, who continue to spread deception into Christian fellowships around the globe. We are living in the last days.  Watch out, so that no one deceives you.

Written by Ivar