The claimed skull of Saint Andrew was returned from Rome to the Greek Orthodox Church in 1964. This is what New York Times recorded.

Pope Paul VI carry the byst with the claimed skull of saint Andrew.

PATRAS, Greece, Sept. 26 1964:  A relic venerated as the skull of St. Andrew the Apostle was returned today from the Vati­can to Patras in a gesture of goodwill to the Greek Orthodox Church.

It was taken from this south­ern Greek port to St Peter’s Basilica in Borne 504 years ago. Its return by Pope Paul VI was marked by a striking revival of Byzantine pomp—and of the religious feuds that raged in the Middle Ages

The ceremony was boycotted by Greece’s 84‐year‐old Ortho­dox Primate, Archbishop Chry­sostomos and scholars chal­lenged the authenticity of the relic.

Resting in a golden reliquary shaped into the features of St. Andrew wearing a crown, the relic was brought by Augustin Cardinal Bea, the 83‐year‐old German Jesuit who is president of the Vatican Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Source: The New York Times.

My commnet:

First some more photos:

The rare Byzantine golden reliquary (Paperweights iconoclastic period) of the skull of St. Andrew (down left).  Delivered by Thomas Palaeologus to Pope Pius II to rescue from the Ottoman Turks.
The claimed skull of Andrew can be seen, as the head cap of the bust is open.
Delivery on September 26, 1964 the Venerable skull in Patras Metropolitan Constantine by Cardinal Beaune, archbishop Villemprans and Fr. Peter Ntypre.
The old Roman Catholic bust, and rhe new Church like bust where the skull is kept today.
The Greek Orthodox are proud of their claimed skull of Andrew.
The skull can be seesn through an opening of the bust.
The Greek Orthodox also kiss and worship their ” holy skulls”.


Source: Greek Orthodox blogger.

My comment:

Many Christians are shocked, when they see pictures of Roman Catholics veneration of skulls and corpses. Rather than being surprised by such apostasy of the Vatican, they should question their own leaders:

Why have they not told the truth about the Papacy?

How can they accept Roman Catholics as a part of the Christians family?

The “Holy father” is a thief. He stole a skull.  The return of the skull in 1964 will forever stand as a proof of the ancient crime.  In the receiving end is the Greek Orthodox Church. Equally a skull and bone society as the Vatican priesthood.  Both of them defame the true Messiah in the name of “Christ”, and will face stern judgment for this misconducts.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Have nothing to do with such religious people, but rather expose their evils. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.

Written by Ivar