One of the Belgian mass murderers had EU passport, deported back to Belgium from Turkey on his way to Syria.

Turkey has blackmailed Germany to accept 79 Million Turks into Europe. Erdogan also expose Belgium as completely incompetent.

One of the terrorists who carried out attacks Tuesday that killed more than 30 people in Brussels was caught in Turkey in June and deported to Belgium, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday, but the Belgian authorities released him despite Turkey’s warnings that he was “a foreign fighter.”

Erdogan said the man was detained at Turkey’s border with Syria at Gaziantep and that Turkey formally notified Belgian authorities of his deportation on July 14.

Erdogan said “despite our warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist fighter, Belgium could not establish any links with terrorism.”

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

Muslim immigrants must not be given EU-passports.  The moment they have got it, you never know when they can get radicalized. Muslim immigratiuon must be limited to a few per cent of the population of Europe. Or we will have to face a civil war.

Islam do not belong in Europe. If we accept this violent ideology, we become evil.  True love is not to tolerate the intolerant.  If we do, we will eventually destroy the liberties we have gained from a 1.000 year old Christian tradition west of the Balkans.

There is no way to save Europe from an apocalyptic catastrophe. It is simply to late.

Islamic Turkey has forever exposed that the elite in Brussels, Berlin and Paris do not get it. They are not willing to say that Islam is the problem, and they will not be able to find any workable solution.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls. And keep your people safe from the coming onslaught of evil.  We are eagerly awaiting your return. Reign in us Lord. Amen.

Written by Ivar.