In a bizarre act of worship, a Roman Catholic priest on Sicily tries to get cotton anointed by coming in touch with a skull.

From the “holy head” of Albert of Sicily, there will soon emerge holy cotton.

Saint Albert of Trapani (Albert of Sicily, Albert degli Abbati) (c. 1240 – August 7, 1307), was a Sicilian saint. Born in Trapani,

His cultus was confirmed in 1454 and he was canonized on May 31, 1476, by Pope Sixtus IV.

Albert’s skull is contained in a silver statue crafted in the 18th century by the engraver Vincenzo Bonaiuto, for the saint’s altar in the basilica of Our Lady of Trapan

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

It is mind blowing to see these pictures. How can people buy into such a blunt example of religious fraud?

When the priest pick up his balls of cotton from the skull, he looks more like doctor at a local hospital, trying to do a brain surgery.

In my anger over sin, lawlessness and blasphemy done in the name of “Christ”, I could have written a long article. But I will not.  Rather let the pictures tell the story.

May the name of Jesus the Messiah be glorified, and get all the honor.

A local priest has to remove the glory of the saint, to be able to open up the head that contains the skull.
The top cap of the bust is open, ready to be stuffed with cotton balls.
The parish priest has collected a lot of fresh cotton.
The priest lift up the basket, and filll the 700 year old “Holy head” with fresh cotton.


The skull is completely covered with cotton, before the cap is closed.
The parishoners are exited about the cotton balls.
A priest exmpains that he is about to remove the cotton, which has been anointed by the skull.
The head is open, and the cotton balls ready to be removed.
The priest use a medial tool as he enters the holy head to remove the cotton balls.
Up comes pieces of “holy cotton”.
The priest work in a team. An order brother stands ready to collect the cotton in a basket.
Every piece of cotton is treated with dignity and respect.
A lot of holy cotton balls are collected in the basket.
Than the miracles performing cotton, is distributed like it was the token of the Eucharist.
The local Roman Catholic hope to feel the power. Their priests claims the skull of the “saint” can perform divine miracles.
The priests have already bowed before the skull of the “saint” and offered insence to it.

To bow before a skull, and offer insence to it, is an act of worship. It display how Jesus the Messiah is being defamed and mocked by men misusing the name of “Christ”, truley  enemies of God of the Bible.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all decived souls. Amen.

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