Marco Rubio and the Kennedy legacy

Who is Marco Rubio? Born into a Catholic family, re-baptized in a Mormon church and calling the Pope infallible in moral matters.

Marco Rubio still proclaim the infallibility of the Pope in moral matters.

On the same day that Pope Francis spoke to thousands of people in Washington, D.C. about the need to fight poverty and climate change, Catholic presidential candidate Marco Rubio went on Fox News to explain why he disagrees with the Holy Father on the specifics of those issues.

Appearing on “Special Report,” Sen. Rubio (R-FL) told host Bret Baier that Pope Francis is “infallible” — but only on questions of morality.

“On moral issues, he speaks with incredible authority,” Rubio said. “He’s done so consistently on the value of life, on the sanctity of life, on the importance of marriage and on the family. [But] On economic issues, the pope is a person.”

Rubio was not always so close with the Catholic Church. His spokesman has called him a “practicing and devout Roman Catholic” who “regularly attends Catholic Mass” and “was baptized, confirmed and married in the Roman Catholic Church.” But he has also been associated with other faiths. He was first baptized Catholic, but then baptized Mormon. Later, he attended a Baptist church, and reportedly worshiped regularly at an evangelical mega-church. He now identifies again as Catholic.


My comment:

When I brand Rubio a new Kennedy, I do not think about a man who will be assassinated. Not at all. I think about a Roman Catholic who are presented by many “evangelicals” as a Christian, a mysterious Charismatic young politician, who seems to be able to make it to the White House.

Rubio is like the Kennedy’s, at best sunday Catholics. Having no doctrinal base in Catholicism. Not so different from cultural Protestants who never open their Bibles, but get married in the local Church.

Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

When Rubio left the Catholic faith, for Mormonism, It looks like he either was completely confused, or was planning a race for the Oval Office. Rubio is well aware that he can only enter the White House  if he can tap in to the apostate evangelical vote bank, still not loosing the support of millions of Roman Catholic voters.

Rubio claim the Pope is infallible in questions of moral.

How is that possible? The Pope was a fallible priest, bishop and cardinal? 

The idea of an infallible human, is blasphemy against Jesus the Messiah. Only He was without sin, and did no mistakes.  The Roman Catholic priesthood do more damage than good.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “Marco Rubio and the Kennedy legacy

  1. Shalom Ivar- I couldn’t help but think how conflicted Marco Rubio must be within himself spiritually. Born Roman Catholic, baptised Mormon; Roman Catholic doesn’t ‘baptize’ anybody- it is a form of godliness but denies the power.
    He is then admitted into the false faith of Mormonism which routinely conducts Lord’s Supper in LDS congregations with bread and water elements, not bread and juice.
    Yet the Roman Catholic use wine. It is noteworthy that fermented grape juice is a symbol of courruption in the Holy Bible. Same with the leavened bread. Roman Catholic ‘priests’, *ahem* declare to the parishioners that it is turned to blood?
    The Mormons deny the blood altogether, preferring the water as a valid cleaning agent.
    Then there is the confusion of holy spirit as opposed to The Holy Spirit, (person). Jehovah non-Witnesses same doctrine here.
    I hope he is saved and was washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Doesn’t matter a wit if you joined church, turn over a new leaf, pay tithe, show up on Christmas, etc..

    To the issues of infallibity- Marco believes the pope to be right divinely in social issues but just human in the economic ones. And to that he is half right. He is saying to give either pope or himself the benefit of doubt. That’s good for Marco to believe that pope is human after all but not to much about that Truth since he needs the votes for the so-called evangelical base.
    What exactly is pope wrong about the economic issues? What more could Marco ask for ? Open borders, redistribution of wealth, Climate Mother Earth worship, just what god should good roman catholics worship?- there are so many on Mars Hill nowadays. Being pro- life is nothing when it comes to the removal of the carbon footprint. (human beings)
    One leaven ruineth the whole lump.
    Mormons believe Lucifer and Jesus were ‘spirit brothers’.
    Now he is evangelical mega-church. Ecumenical is the better word here, it has obviated the Evangelical ministry as to its purpose and direction. The 5 fold minstry is eternally intact, but the desire of fallen man to be inclusive is telling; consider the very word “Catholic”, by definition it is inclusive.
    And finally, the permeating lust; the serving of God/mammon. Marco is taken a high ground about wealth distribution against his former Father (pope). That is the drive behind the change? Money?
    Surely the pope believes in open border, Marco has aroused suspicians of open borders; it is inclusive in application, jihadists then ruin it.
    Yet political suicide to declare open borders in the US right now.
    , does one race of people supercede the genocidal intentions of others? Depends if you are the children of the Devil, the father of all lies and a murderer from the beginning. Does political ideology shield us, or abrogate from the day when we will give an account to the Righteous Judge who separates the sheep on the right and the goats on the left?
    Simple musings,

    1. Dear Bruce

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have written: If I was forced to chose between Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, I would anyday vote for Clinton. If I had to chose between Hillary and Ted Cruz, I would surely have voted for Cruz. If I had to chose between Clinton and Rubio, I am not sure whom of them will do the most damage.

  2. G-d in HIS Word, called Rome the babylonians , why, because He knew they would go into Israel and tear all of HIS word up along with stealing Israel’s treasures..the mystery babylon is Rom and most who read the bible can see it..John in Rev speaks of Rome all thru the word.. and who votes for liars, cruz and robio, paid and trained by gov.. Trump is the only one who speaks the truth more and above the fallen churches who have joined Rome and is heading there to be destroyed. seriously, I will not vote for anyone that is against G-d and the bible, period, He is coming soon , nothing is worth not standing for HIS word. three or four of our Superior court is catholic and also in gov,,what amess and one G-d warned of..

  3. Ivar, you scare me! Voting for Clinton would be voting for a demon. It is a well known fact that she does contact them, (Shamanism-the occult) she is very evil and may be worse than Obama ever was and he’s bad. Ivar, you definitely have a dislike against Trump, what is it? Not that I like him, he is like the rest of the clowns running for president ‘for show’. The elite already know who they want, not matter what one does, that is who will be president. God will give the world over to the evil one, because they don’t want Jesus! Blessings

    1. Dear Nannette

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I did not say I would like to vote for Hillary Clinton. Not at all. I said, if I was forced to chose between Clinton and Trump.

      I agree with Ted Cruz. We can not have a commander in chief of the USA like Trump. Cruz is quoted to have said: “We might wake up one morning and come to know that he has nuked Denmark”. When we have to chose between pest and colera, we are caught in a fix.

  4. shalom Ivar and family- between Clinton vs. Sanders drama, the masks are off/ on. Votes already coming up short/ missing in caucuses already. Sanders has a history of radicalist ideology in Israel though how extensive is subject of research. Israel seems to know all about him. I assume he is for the dismantling of Jewish state even though he is Jewish. But even he seems a centrist as far as Clinton is concerned in my estimation. I would never vote for her, not when she would seem to win anyway. There are dark forces at work in media and the aiding/ abetting has the Sanders camp wild, yet there is not the gumption of enterprise from him despite his political ramblings. no teeth, he seems afraid to go to far, somefbing holding back. He says special interest, wall street, ad nauseum, but cannot implicate her at all. D. TRUMPet vs. Clinton would implicate each other , the would both self destruct on national tv; their narcissim would be the undoing

  5. Why would Donald Trump bomb Denmark? You are silly, Ivar.It seems the fix is in. When Cruz gave the freemason signal during the playing of the national anthem, it showed who has been picked to be the next president.Cruz, a homosexual who vetted John Roberts (another homosexual) to be Supreme Court justice for the George H.W.Bush White House, has already said that he wants to attack Iran for his jewish owners. I, personally, feel that America has wasted more than enough blood, treasure and reputation destroying the Middle East for the Zionist Neocons. Let us finally throw off yhe shackles of these leeches and take our country back. Even though Trump has a jew running his campaign I don’t think they will control him like they do the others. All they can offer is money and he has plenty.

  6. John Daugherty, just thought you might like to know that Trump may very well be a ‘Free Mason’ himself, although I have no proof other than this article in Wikipedia, please scroll down to religious beliefs and see who claimed to be his pastor, none other than Norman Vincent Peale, who was a heretic and a 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason. Just so we all know. Here is the article on Trump, scroll down to religious beliefs: Now here is the one on Norman Vincent Peale:

  7. I plainly see the evil in high places as G-d said there would be. I see how the evangels have went and Trump agreed to meet them, pray with them and we see the so called churches who have fallen away and bash him. HE never claimed to be real religious. but he help many a people including Israel, charity and is honest. and then they bash him. shame on the churches. anyone can see who cruz and rubio are if they dig a little and are to lazy. if they like him and if they are good looking or young, it is good enough? pleeeesssssssss… one thing I noticed about Trump, he was the only one at the start that spoke of the problems in gov here. the dangers of jihad, the eccomony, the obamas laws , how people are hurting, the colleges ,he hit all things. Even tho the 8 lap dogs for obama went with obama to vote for immigration to make the ones here illegal citizens. then says they did not, Bush, Hasich, rubio and cruz. Trump did not need to come to run. He has enough money to live a good life and has a great family, has a way with people even before this, does not judge, doesn’t mean he ok’s what they want to do or have done. To see his country fall so far and so fast he decided to step up when no one else would. he knows if the borders are left open more jihad will come in like they are already and have over 51 jihad camps here. and like look what just the two did in damage and and other places. like in fergeson there were jihad, black panthers and gangs, paid for by obama. Trump knows that too. Trump is winning because He can and will help get back to our Constitution. He has a home and family he loves like us. no one else is stepping up in truth. why is it that people will not look into peoples past and present? Lazy and so stupid and their heads are in the world..For me, I will vote Trump unless he against his desire leaves in abortion, same sex marrige and gays ok, my love for G-d will not let me ok anything against my Lr-d. a lttle leven as they say spelt right is NOT ok, my soul is not worth one sec of sin ok’d… Trump also send much money to Israel a plus. and after the so called churches bashing him all over the place makes him see why he would turn away from them. our country loves sin and those who don’t and live for Christ will be with Christ in heaven, eternity is forever and the L-rd told us, do not worry about who can kill your body but who can kill your body and you soul……people have time to dig deep on all. I saw the movie 11 hours and old clinton and obama knew it and could have stopped in over ten days before. killing many there, beating and sodomzing him and draging in thru the streets and yet half of America ready to put this demonic in our WH. For me, I pray so much, dig deep and stay in the word. He is our hope period…and if you don’t see how both sides are about the same, the bushes, NO we don’t need more. it was bush , and then the Saudi’s and two others who who agreed on the saudi peace plan for Israel..NO….not me…I have writtne to much, some won’t listen some wont care.. HE IS Nearer than we think..get ready in all ways, this ole world will burn up and all that will matter is who you served


  8. I just wanted to alert about Trump. According to Wikipedia, Norman Vincent Peale a heretic and a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason claimed to be Trump’s pastor. Here is the link, scroll down to Trump’s religious beliefs: Beside the fact Trump said he did not do anything he needed to repent of. He is not what he seems.

  9. Trump sure did call out Rubio on corruption, and Rubio did not deny it. With all those corrupt politicians, doubling their money, selling their houses to lobbyists; is it any wonder Trump doesn’t feel a need to repent of anything? Or any wonder why all the politicians are throw their support behind Rubio?

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I am astonished by many evangelicals, who believe the next US President will be Mr. Nice Guy. A man that will reverse the prophectic persecptive, and delay the comming of the last antichrist into a distant future.

      This kind of polical views in the name of “Christ” is utter foolishness. Marco Rubio is no day better than Donald Trump. Mr. Rubio is a papist, who has been rebaptized into the Mormon cult. Truly a man who work for the kingdom of darkness.

  10. Whoever is elected will still inherit a country with 17 trillion in debt, or whatever it’s up to now. So he’s going to have the kingdom of darkness over his head. But we can at least hope for someone who will give them a hard time. Donald Trump seems like he might.

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