Who is Marco Rubio? Born into a Catholic family, re-baptized in a Mormon church and calling the Pope infallible in moral matters.

Marco Rubio still proclaim the infallibility of the Pope in moral matters.

On the same day that Pope Francis spoke to thousands of people in Washington, D.C. about the need to fight poverty and climate change, Catholic presidential candidate Marco Rubio went on Fox News to explain why he disagrees with the Holy Father on the specifics of those issues.

Appearing on “Special Report,” Sen. Rubio (R-FL) told host Bret Baier that Pope Francis is “infallible” — but only on questions of morality.

“On moral issues, he speaks with incredible authority,” Rubio said. “He’s done so consistently on the value of life, on the sanctity of life, on the importance of marriage and on the family. [But] On economic issues, the pope is a person.”

Rubio was not always so close with the Catholic Church. His spokesman has called him a “practicing and devout Roman Catholic” who “regularly attends Catholic Mass” and “was baptized, confirmed and married in the Roman Catholic Church.” But he has also been associated with other faiths. He was first baptized Catholic, but then baptized Mormon. Later, he attended a Baptist church, and reportedly worshiped regularly at an evangelical mega-church. He now identifies again as Catholic.

Source: Thinkprograss.org

My comment:

When I brand Rubio a new Kennedy, I do not think about a man who will be assassinated. Not at all. I think about a Roman Catholic who are presented by many “evangelicals” as a Christian, a mysterious Charismatic young politician, who seems to be able to make it to the White House.

Rubio is like the Kennedy’s, at best sunday Catholics. Having no doctrinal base in Catholicism. Not so different from cultural Protestants who never open their Bibles, but get married in the local Church.

Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

When Rubio left the Catholic faith, for Mormonism, It looks like he either was completely confused, or was planning a race for the Oval Office. Rubio is well aware that he can only enter the White House  if he can tap in to the apostate evangelical vote bank, still not loosing the support of millions of Roman Catholic voters.

Rubio claim the Pope is infallible in questions of moral.

How is that possible? The Pope was a fallible priest, bishop and cardinal? 

The idea of an infallible human, is blasphemy against Jesus the Messiah. Only He was without sin, and did no mistakes.  The Roman Catholic priesthood do more damage than good.

Written by Ivar