Sidhom Bishay (died March 25, 1844)was a Coptic Orthodox martyr and saint. Bishay was a government employee in the city of Damietta, Egypt, at the time of Muhammad Ali.

Coptic Bishops lifting up their crowed “holy corpse” to take a “selfi”.

He was accused by Muslims of cursing Islam. Bishay was therefore brought to trial before a Muslim religious judge, who decreed that Sidhom Bishay must accept Islam and renounce Christianity, or else be put to death. Bishay refused to embrace Islam and insisted on his innocence.

This man presented on Coptic TV has obviously seen better days, regardless of his clean priestly garments.
The Copts did not let Bishay rest in his grave, but put him up for adoration inside a “Church” in Egypt.

Sidhom Bishay was subsequently canonized by the Coptic Orthodox Church. His body rests today in a glass-fronted shrine in the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Damietta.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

First some more photos’s:

H.E.Metropolitan Bishoy adore the remains of the “saint”.
The “saint” is dressd up, getting ready to be taken out in public.
The “saint” is ready for public adoration, standing!…
Coptic “Catholic Mary” endrose the corpse of the dressed up “saint”.

Just when i thought I had seen it all.  The mother of all spiritual blindness is found in Egypt.

Most of the Catholic corpses are carried on the shoulders of the Roman Catholic order brothers.  But the Orthodox Copts use one of their dressed up “holy” corpses for “selfis”,  as they take them for a stroll. Simply incredible.

Sidhom Bishay might have been a nice fellow, but he has obviously seen better days. His rotten remains should have been kept six feet deep. And not been troubled by these false Christians, defaming and misusing the name of “Christ”.

For all who believe in Jesus the Messiah, these images are deeply disturbing. The Messiah told the dead to go and burry their own dead. But these walking religious “deeds” do not even let their own dead “sleep in their graves”. These priests and bishops are grave looters and religious thugs.

Matthew 23:33
‘You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

Jesus the Messiah called religious people “brood of vipers”, sons of Hell and whitewashed tombs. I can not find better words to use than my Master, who never sinned by using such stern language.

May the Messiah have mercy on all ordinary Christians, who have been misled to accept this kind of religious movements as part of the Christian family. Amen.

Written by Ivar