Copts take corpse of “holy Bishay” for a stroll

Sidhom Bishay (died March 25, 1844)was a Coptic Orthodox martyr and saint. Bishay was a government employee in the city of Damietta, Egypt, at the time of Muhammad Ali.

Coptic Bishops lifting up their crowed “holy corpse” to take a “selfi”.

He was accused by Muslims of cursing Islam. Bishay was therefore brought to trial before a Muslim religious judge, who decreed that Sidhom Bishay must accept Islam and renounce Christianity, or else be put to death. Bishay refused to embrace Islam and insisted on his innocence.

This man presented on Coptic TV has obviously seen better days, regardless of his clean priestly garments.
The Copts did not let Bishay rest in his grave, but put him up for adoration inside a “Church” in Egypt.

Sidhom Bishay was subsequently canonized by the Coptic Orthodox Church. His body rests today in a glass-fronted shrine in the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Damietta.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

First some more photos’s:

H.E.Metropolitan Bishoy adore the remains of the “saint”.
The “saint” is dressd up, getting ready to be taken out in public.
The “saint” is ready for public adoration, standing!…
Coptic “Catholic Mary” endrose the corpse of the dressed up “saint”.

Just when i thought I had seen it all.  The mother of all spiritual blindness is found in Egypt.

Most of the Catholic corpses are carried on the shoulders of the Roman Catholic order brothers.  But the Orthodox Copts use one of their dressed up “holy” corpses for “selfis”,  as they take them for a stroll. Simply incredible.

Sidhom Bishay might have been a nice fellow, but he has obviously seen better days. His rotten remains should have been kept six feet deep. And not been troubled by these false Christians, defaming and misusing the name of “Christ”.

For all who believe in Jesus the Messiah, these images are deeply disturbing. The Messiah told the dead to go and burry their own dead. But these walking religious “deeds” do not even let their own dead “sleep in their graves”. These priests and bishops are grave looters and religious thugs.

Matthew 23:33
‘You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

Jesus the Messiah called religious people “brood of vipers”, sons of Hell and whitewashed tombs. I can not find better words to use than my Master, who never sinned by using such stern language.

May the Messiah have mercy on all ordinary Christians, who have been misled to accept this kind of religious movements as part of the Christian family. Amen.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Copts take corpse of “holy Bishay” for a stroll

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  1. Dear Brother Ivar,
    Love in Yeshua. As disturbing and repulsive as these pictures are, thank you for bringing the awful truth to light and let the previously hidden things be manifested so that those who were not aware of these hideous practices would find out the ugliness and ungodliness being carried out by the Roman Catholics and Coptic Catholics; flip side of the same wicked coin.
    To all who would make light of our objections to these ungodly practices, I can only say these UNHOLY wicked rituals bear NO resemblance to the Lord Jesus Christ. And I would beg them to repent and turn to Jesus to be cleansed of this filth and be forgiven. A true cleansing. Amen

    Blessings in His Name…..

  2. Disgusting! It is hard to comprehend it, people in the United States don’t know what goes on around the world. They are so dumbed down, they are not capable. They fall for all the lies of the politicians & judges, why not the churches “so called”. They have no clue that we are in the end times, they don’t want to know and it is truly as the days of Noah and Lot! Blessings!

    1. Dear Nanette.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There are two main ditches for Evangelcials. One is to accept the Pope as a Christian leader. All political correct and apostate Christians do this. The other ditch is to accept the Islamic narrative to history, and defame the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is not occupied. The city of King David is liberated.

    2. Dear Nanette

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Disgusting! It is hard to comprehend it, people in the United States don’t know what goes on around the world.

      My reply:

      There is absolutely no excuse for evangelicals in the USA, if they endorse Catholic leaders as Christians.

      The majority of the judges in US Supreme Court are Roman Catholics. They have legalized sodomy, destroyed the Biblical marriage, and optimized the tools for perscution of Christians who oppose this paganizem.

      The fruits of Catholicism is not diferent in the US than anywere else. The worship of skull, coprses and bones are found in both Baltimore and Pennsylvania.

  3. Ivar, you are right! But the church has no clue, because no one shows them the photos like you do. You make it real to your readers. I should post this on my face book. Do you mind?

  4. People don’t want to know Nannette, you’ll just lose friends posting on facebook. “Seek and ye shall find” , I think they’ve got to search for truth to appreciate it when they find it.

    1. Dear Edvard.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Are you afraid of losing friends?

      Than you have surrender to the wrong kingdom. The kingdom of darkness.

      John 15:19
      If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

  5. As Watchmen on the wall we are to tell them in humbleness and love. IF they don’t except it then the blood will be on their heads but if we don’t tell them the blood will be on ours, Even the L-rd said they hated him for truth as well. this world is not my home, I am just passing thru..the gospel is the power in our G-d of the bible. there is a day when we cannot work, do it to day. G-d bless everyone who does. I woke up this morning to read how even the rabbi’s in Israel are looking at scripture and seeing Messiah did wonderful is that…G-d bless all those who care to tell them. shalom

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