Parading the skull of Vincent Ferrer

Valencian: Sant Vicent Ferrer,  (23 January 1350 – 5 April 1419) was a Valencian Dominican friar, who gained acclaim as a missionary and a logician.

Facists in Barcelona parade their “holy skull” in the year of 1960.

Vincent is said to have been responsible for the conversion of many Jews to Catholicism, often by questionable means; for instance, he is said to have made their lives difficult until they converted and to have “dedicated” synagogues as churches on the basis of his own authority.

A Cardinal lifts up the skull, in the presence of the bishop and praying priests.

Vincent died on 5 April 1419 at Vannes in Brittany, at the age of sixty-nine,[4] and was buried in Vannes Cathedral. He was canonized by Pope Calixtus III on 3 June 1455

Source: Wikipedia.

My comment:

Firsts some more photo’s:

The Local bishop adore the skull of Vincent Ferrer.
In the praade of the skull there are militry officers and order brothers of the Pope.
The city of Barcelona in the year 1960.

Also the Spaniards worship death. It is worth noticing that the worship of skull and corpses has its origin in the nations who birthed fascism. Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, and the military Junta of Greece.

The very idea of the totalitarian state, is rooted on the doctrine of the rule of a Pope. The claimed religious head of the state, and God’s replacement of Earth.  The office of the Pope, is not Biblical.  The Apostolic Church was ruled by a council of apostles, up till the day Emperor Constantine claimed to have become a Christian. Rome established the office of a Pope, and claimed authority over the Christian church.

As we can see on these photos. The fruits are horrible. Educated men carrying skulls, declaring them “holy” and parading them through the street of Barcelona in Spain. Before the skull is returned to a Church in France.

All born again believers in Jesus the Messiah, will see and  understand the spiritual blindness of these men. They are the walking dead, who bury their own dead. Lacking contact with the living God, they do not let their dead R.I.P. They exhume their mortal priests and bishops, and worship their remains. Truly blasphemy and a spiritual tragedy.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls, who claim this kind of religiosity in the name of “Christ” have anything to do with the Messianic faith.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Parading the skull of Vincent Ferrer

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    1. Dear 35ronnie

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. It will keep me on the blog.

      These photo’s tell the story. No need to add anything.

  1. Skull parades and praying to corpses is a failure to take things step by step. You don’t climb a tree to chop it down. They ought to wait for the resurrection of the dead to talk to those who sleep.

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The skull you see, is it sleeping? If the skull is removed from the skeleton, who is “sleeping ” in the grave, what kind of sleep can there be?

      Some of the Catholic saints have been parted and cut into hundreds of pieces, all sold as relics. Where are they sleeping? Will they be regathered on the “last day”? What if all these pices of dead mens bones are burned? Will they still rise on “the last day”?

      Religious people surely do not understand that the power of the ressurection. That Moses, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, John, Paul, etc, etc, are all risen and are in the service of the Messiah!….

      Their mortal flesh returned to the soil of the land.

    2. We do not need to wait until the resurrection of the dead to talk to those who sleep.Many loved one have past, i prey that their soul’s are at peace until the final judgement,,but often i find myself saying gidday it’s a human condition i miss them,cant sit down and have a cuppa with them but i still include them in my heart thought’s and word’s

  2. The soul is what will rise,not the rotten flesh or bleached bone of our human earthly form,is it not our soul which is the temple

  3. There is a part in the old testament that says God can find all the pieces, But does not say those parts will be used for the resurrected bodies. But we will have bodies, because Jesus had a body and our resurrection is the same as Jesus’ had. So we’ll have a body of the same type as Jesus had after the resurrection. He was able to blend in with people on earth after the resurrection, though he was not recognized.

  4. Dead is dead until the resurrection.

    Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

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