UK venerates 750 years old Catholic tongue

Catholics filled Westminster Cathedral on Saturday to venerate the relics of St Anthony of Padua.

A British woman hold hands with a golden statues, and pray to a piece of rotten human flesh.
A British woman hold hands with a golden statues, and pray before a piece of rotten human flesh.

The arrival of the saint’s relics, which comprised a small piece of petrified flesh and a layer of skin from the saint’s cheek, was part of a UK tour marking the 750th anniversary of the discovery of St Anthony’s incorrupt tongue.

Following their visit to Westminster Cathedral, the relics’ tour concluded at St Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell.

Bowing in religious worship before a statue of gold and a piece of flesh.
Bowing in religious worship before a statue of gold and a piece of flesh.
Roman Catholics in Stri Lanka carrying the rotten tongue on their shoulders.
Roman Catholics in Stri Lanka carrying the rotten tongue on their shoulders.

It is estimated that the relics have attracted 250,000 people across the UK during their tour.

Source: Catholic Herald

Another Roman Catholic website has published the following report on how the “Holy tongue” was recovered:

When the crypt was opened, they found that the saint’s body had been reduced to dust and bones, but his tongue was intact and life-like.

This was taken a sign from God confirming the ardent gifts of preaching and teaching that Saint Anthony had enjoyed on earth.

The claimed to be a incorrupt tongue looks more like a black stone. Or may be a piece of to mush fried bacon.
The claimed to be a incorrupt tongue looks more like a black stone. Or may be a piece of to mush fried bacon.

St. Bonaventure, who was present as minister general of the Friars Minor, took the tongue reverently into his hands and exclaimed:

“O blessed tongue, which has always blessed God and caused others to bless Him, now it appears evident how great were your merits before God!”

Source: Taylor Marshal

My comment:

Roman Catholic worship of skeletons and rotten body parts are the most morbid and grotesque form of religiosity on Earth. And the most traumatic side of this spiritual insanity, is that the worshipers claim to know “Jesus”.

Roman Catholic monks adore the skeleton of a man who died 750 years ago.
Roman Catholic monks adore the skeleton of claimed to be “Holy Antony”, a man who died 750 years ago.

They surly do, but not the true Messiah. The “Jesus” of Rome is a deadly copycat. This is not the Jesus of the Bible, who forbid his followers to worship created things, and idols of stone and wood.

Romans 1:24-26
Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves,  who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. (NKJV)

Eternal shame, agony and pain is awaiting all who present this religious fraud as a part of true Christianity.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “UK venerates 750 years old Catholic tongue

  1. Westminster cathedral NOT Westminster Abbey, Westminster Abbey is the nations church, the cathedral is the Roman Catholic church so the UK did not veneratethese dead mans bones/flesh, there is still a remnant in England Scotland wales and Northern Ireland.

    1. Thank the Lord God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ for that faithful remnant who don’t deny the Lord Jesus and His word of Truth contained in Holy Scripture, the bible.

      1. Thank you dear Ivar, Yes, I have read most of these until I became nauseated from it. I’m quite sure many of the Catholic churches “faithful” are not aware of this hideous practice, so I have re-blogged many of your links and will no doubt continue to do so,
        May the Lord Jesus bless you…

  2. The book of Acts describes many acts of healing from clothing and even the shadow of the Apostles. There are also many testimonies, both historical and modern, of healing from proximity to the actual bodies of deceased saints – some of the most spectacular and well-documented of our day are those of Bernadette Soubirous (Llourdes) and Padre Pio. There is a difference between honor and worship, but it is right to honor whatever we have of those who have truly served Christ. Such honor pleases God and brings forth many graces. You should have the courage to examine your hostility. It has a source, and that source is neither God, nor your self. Your time is better spent in not cooperating with it, but in ensuring your own daily thoughts and actions are in accord with Christ’s commands in how you are living, and in how you are treating the people around you at this moment – rather than in spewing contempt on those in some faraway place who you don’t hesitate to judge, mock and condemn.

    1. Dear Deborah

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Bible explain that Satan has power to perform miracles. I do not expect all Roman Catholics to understand the dept of this warning. Since God him self put delutions on people who reject truth. There seems to be more hope for not-religious people.

      You do not have to be spiritual to understand the wrong doings of the Roman Catholic priests. To exhume the dead goes against what is written on the grave of people. Do you understand the meaning of R.I.P…?

      When corpses, bones and skulls are used for religious purposes in the RCC, it is damnable and filthy. Nothing more, nothing less. At the end of this age you will all get what you deserve. If you do not repent, you will all perish.

      There is not a single line in the Bible defending this kind of blasphemy against God of the Bible. Not a single event, where a deseased person has been taken out of his grave, transported into a religious shrine, where people have started to worship this dead created being. There is no permission given in the Bible to disturbe the dead, talk to them, pray to, or for them. Worship is for the living God alone.

      Miracles took place when people touched the apostles, even one of their handcarechief. These disciples were all alive, the true saints. The book of Acts it not a book about contract with departed beings. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

      In the Old Testament (The Tanakh) There is one example where a person is thrown inside the tomb (grave), and toruches the bones of Elisha. If you want to make a doctrine out of this for the New Testament Church, or a liturgy for your church, tell all the perishoners to put their sick relatives down in the graves. And let them sleep with the skeltones of their forefathers, till they rise.

      Jesus the Messiah said that He is God of the living. And that the walking dead should go a bury their own dead. Let the blind guide the blind. You, and I, are called to follow the Messiah.

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