Roman Catholics parade a boneless skull in France

Saint Ivo of Kermartin was canonized in June 1347 A.D. The Roman Catholic faithful parades his skull. The bones of the saint have gone missing.

Walking around in female dresses, Roman Catholic priests parade a skull through a street in France.

Saint Ivo of Kermartin (17 October 1253 – 19 May 1303), also known Yvo or Ives, as Erwann (in Breton) and as Yves Hélory (also Helori or Heloury in French), was a parish priest among the poor of Louannec, the only one of his station to be canonized in the Middle Ages.

He is the patron of Brittany, lawyers, and abandoned children. His feast day is May 19. Poetically, he is referred to as “Advocate of the Poor.”

Ivo was canonized in June 1347 by Clement VI at the urging of Philip I, Duke of Burgundy.

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My comment:

Christians who have been persecuted by Rome, have possibly been puzzled by where the root of evil is to be found in this religious movement.

The theology of the Roman Catholic Religion is so not biblical, that the absence of the Holy Spirit will be total.

When the Holy Spirit rejects this Church, religious spirits will take over. Now the most insane and perverse manifestation can take place.

When you look at educated man parading a skull on their shoulders, religious perversion has reached the nadir. The lowest thinkable level. Take a look at these pictures:

There is no explanation why the skull is kept in a golden box. May be the priests are scared of theft?
Not only priest, but also laymen parades the skull through the streets.
The Roman Catholic priests are not alone. Faithful followers of the Pope turn up in their hundreds.
The skull is kept safely inside the Church in France.
Catholics light candle’s and worship in front of the skull. Do they really think the skull can see them?

We have earlier published on this blog, that the bones of this “saint” have gone missing, and were most likely taken to Rome as a part a beautification process. Based on this disconnection of the skull from its bones, we can easily be lead to ask the following question:

Educated Catholic “nobel men” mocking God, and make Him their very enemy.

Are these Roman Catholic priest taking the skull for a stroll, in a bid to find the lost bones?

What else can be a valid motive, for this kind of public parade of rather insane religious people?

Psalm 1:1

Blessed is the one
   who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
   or sit in the company of mockers.

May every Christian be given the power of the Holy Spirit, to stay away from such assemblies of the wicked.

Written by Ivar

38 thoughts on “Roman Catholics parade a boneless skull in France

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    1. Dear Michelle


      Thanks for this comment. I have seen Roman Catholics carrying a lot of idols on their shoulders. I have also seen them carrying body parts, like a holy tongue of a saint. But to carry a skull, that is: Creepy.

  1. Buddhists also carry ‘gods’ on their shoulders throughout the streets. This is paganism 101. People standing around venerating a skull as if it had magic powers.

    The Lion of Judah has the final word.

  2. Ivar what are your thoughts on the Shroud of Turin?

    Do you consider them to be similar to bones that are possibly being worshipped?

    I have a friend slash pastor that seems to think its the real deal and we have been debating the subject?

    I value your opinion.

    1. Dear Richard.


      Shroud of Turin?

      I put my face in the towels ever day. Heaven forbid, anyone starting to collect them, and declare them “holy”.

      Like all other Roman Catholic relics. Made up stories. Jesus did not permit anyone to take his “photo”, make a statue or make even a painting of Him. In Judaism, it is a grave sin to make an image of God.

      1. Amen, Ivar.

        Jesus never said that there would be an image of Himself that would manifest on a cloth and be in the possession of the Roman Catholic church. Anyone with even basic knowledge of the Bible could put two and two together and understand that this would be idolatry, which is forbidden.

        How sad that there are so many self-righteous blind teachers out there growing as tares among the wheat. These men are drowning in their own pride and deception and actually BELIEVE the myriad of lies they tell to their victims.

        They claim to be scholars, but their words deny the very essence of what the Bible teaches. They embrace doctrines of demons and whitewash membership in the RCC, calling it benign. They make up their own rules for salvation as they sow error and heresy. Woe to them when they are confronted by a God of Justice, who hates lies, will not share his Glory with another, nor will He compromise His Holiness with the “church” of satan.

        These men have merely “hours” to repent, or prepare for at best the loss of all rewards at the BEMA judgment, or at worst, a “vacation” in the Great Tribulation and/or eternal damnation.

      2. Your face is one thing Ivar. God’s face is another. I believe it’s real. But the Catholic Church has not stated whether it’s real, or not, and may never do so…I wonder-why do you think so many paintings of Jesus look very similar? I think it’s because they knew what he looked like from his image.

        You’re very sad, too bad you don’t have any pictures of your loved ones around to remember them by…

      3. David…how terribly sad you’d speak to Ivar so….it reveals your lack of care for ones heart as well as your own lack of spiritual knowledge and closeness to Ivar’s Beloved Lord Jesus Christ. whom you claim to know by ‘pictures thru the Catholic’s…whom came along 300 years after Christ rose from the grave…Sweetheart…please check your own self at the door (the heart of Jesus before you decide to chasten and hurt his children) though you don’t and can’t hurt us…we are crucified with him (smile) … His Word tells us ‘not to know him ‘after the flesh but to know him after the Spirit. …also we don’t know him as a ‘baby in a manger…though he was there…we don’t know him ‘on the cross’ though he was there also…we don’t know him as in the tomb..though he was there..we don’t know him in hell though he was there also… also..we don’t know him as risen walking around Earth with over 500 who rose from the dead with him…’though we ‘do know him in all these things of a truth…but we know him now as THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY…JESUS THE MESSIAH …The Lion of Judah He will not come back as that Baby or as any Lamb..but He will return ….you and I and we all ‘need to be ready it could be today, tonight tomorrow or anytime…so for you to be so sarcastically ”defending that Jesus is the ‘Look-a-like’ that billions have seen is not only foolish….its down right stupid…artists have changed and softened that picture over the centuries till now…you would not accept the original one…but this one you would…it only took a dumb devil to fool you ….but don’t feel too bad Sweetie …it only took a dumb devil to deceive us all at on time…and the Love of Jesus Christ got thru our hard-headed stubbornness and we repented and chose His Word and not our devilish opinion of Christ…that was Satan’s lies we had chose to believe! …(many dispute several areas I mentioned however I don’t dispute the Word which mentioned each several times all thru the I just let them exercise their disputing muscles till they come to the knowledge also…

        So dear as a Man you appear to be (when you want to be)…you really owe Ivar an apology! That was not nice ‘to say ‘you were sorry he did not have any picture of his family…’While you defended a cultish Catholic Religion that has been in the business of deceiving and helping to send millions to burn in hell-fire hating Jesus Christ for ..One thousand, six hundred and seventy years approximately ..1670…Wow!! since 300 years after Jesus rose from the dead…Wow …that’s ‘sick’ and ‘cruel’..

  3. I went to a Catholic (Monastery) Church, Historical Building out in New Mexico many ‘many’ years was a Tourist spot..(inside a bowl of sorts) was where you made the donations if you enjoyed it and to help fray the bills of maintaining the ‘unique historical artifacts’. Having guests with us, they wanted to “go in”…As we entered the ‘smell of death’ was prevalent so very strong..our guests said it smelled musty and ghoulish. As we were lead around, we saw many bones…and many artifacts. At the front of the (back from the front door) Church, Altar, we saw a Coffin..but this coffin was like the ones we see on this site often lately. This coffin had a whole skeleton …with all sorts of things…a Priest appeared and asked ‘the group’ if they wanted to ‘take Communion’..Many did, and when my family and the guest declined, Some others did as well. they asked Why did we decline. I told them this place is an entrance to Hell. There are many and this one is one.Plus it had nothing to do with The Lord Jesus Christ. These pictures lately, has
    brought that day so clear in my memory. There is another place I know of with the same experience but far worse. The Edger Casey
    Building in Virginia Beach, Va.You can literally feel and sense the demonic activity in such a horrific atmosphere. I say worse only because many seek and believe in the Readings for healing and deliverance. But as I think about it…I guess the Catholic Church would by far be much worse since they reach by far more millions. England has a large following of Edgar Casey also.I do apologize for the length this time…just wanted to get this said. As much as I don’t like seeing this stuff, I am so thankful to The Lord Jesus Christ for yall making sure this cult is know for what they really are under the appearance to the blinded of God. But it is a Cult the World approves of!. But in these last days it will be us The Christians who will be sought after as a Cult even by many who we would think would never turn against The Lord. or us. Thank you.

    1. There’s no way this is a Catholic monastery. The give-away is that the priest, out of the blue, asked if you wanted to ‘take commmunion.” Unless you can provide a name, I’d say this is not a Catholic place.

      1. Darlin….if I said ”that priest at that monastery in New Mexico asked if we wanted to take Communion” can bet your bottom dollar ‘it was’…because what I say ”I know ‘My God sees, and hears me’ …for He is ever before my face…so it don’t matter a flying ‘flip’ if you believe me or not,..or if it is out of the blue or green or any color for you to believe me…(smile)…

        What I would like is that one day prayerfully ‘sooner’…that you would be ever aware that the presence of The Lord before in such a way that you’d ‘say excuse me if you belched’! So aware that ‘HE is so real…to you!! and so aware that if one were to offend one of His it would deeply touch your own heart…you my dear one mean a lot to Jesus…but your games are the games of the devil…Children play them all thru the back woods of Voodoo Villages and in the market places of larger cities they play them with Tarah Cards in more acceptable places like Fox News they play them with the Pope (Catholic Church)….Oh yeah your games are well known, from sea to village to the deep bushes…but you are ever before the Eyes of the Master…and the Blood you reject to accept the toilet mixed blood of dogs from the men who carry dead men bones on their shoulders would lead you to hells gates…Repent while you can..Repent while you can…The Love of Christ is still Freely waiting for you to openly join Him and leave the “masses”…Many are called and few there be that will follow…..

  4. I was carrying the pope with another seven men when I saw a 10,000 Lire bank note on the pavement. I went to pick it up; only to find the pope tumble after me. I said to him; ” you greedy dog you, haven’t you got enough as it is with your golden bed ??? How dare he?? He was not as dry as the scull but he might as well, he’s just as dead!!

  5. What cracks me up is that you people think that this is sick – and it’s no different from your own beliefs – it’s just a different ball park.

    And typically you think that on the last day everybody will run to you for help.

    I think that Freud had something to say about that.

    1. >>>And typically you think that on the last day everybody will run to you for help<<<< No Sweetie, Mature Christians know you or anyone like you WILL NOT, run to us in the last day for help. Hearts will be so hardened to The Lord Jesus Christ & to all who are His! That's why we are pleading, praying, fasting, interceding for all to Repent & Believe The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. So that you & all who don't want the Truth about any & all cults to be exposed. And condemn those who will speak The Truth. This is NO GAME…IT IS YOUR ETERNAL DESTINATION. For The Love of God I implore you to quit this fanciful attitude and childish mockery you take such jest in against The Lord of Glory & his people. Time is way too short. Jesus said, there will be gnashing of teeth, screaming, wailing cursing God and hating all that are His. Please don't continue to be among those whose eternal destination will be far more heinous, painful than the dredges of Satan's work revealed thus far. You are truly very special to The Lord, He paid such a High Price for you & me & all mankind, by His Great Love & Sacrifice. Don't reject it because of foolishness and sheer stubborn rebellion. For a truth, The Word of God is Real it's Alive.

      1. Andrea,
        Just before my conversion to being born again, I was studying Edgar Cayce so he is a temptation especially to overweight people like me with his phycic advise.

      2. How is Edgar Cayce a temptation to you? Chocolate Candy etc stuff like that yeah …(smile) even some good food I could name many however…but Edgar Cayce?? A dead man? A dead man who listened to the voice of devils? You’re smarter than that…:) Aren’t you? (smile) Satan will always try to tempt us…read what Brother James tells us about temptation…James if you’re in Matthew take a Right…if you’re in Jude take a Left… (smile) I’m looking forward to hearing from is quite obvious that your spirit needs to “Fatten UP” and less fear on the physical… As long as some dumb devil can keep your eyes on the physical you’ll not be able to enjoy all the Fatten Meals The Lord has for you in the Spirit 🙂 He says…Come taste…(smile)

    1. It’s not about class or well educated, it’s all spiritual. Jesus said in Matthew 18:23 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. I am not inferring you are not saved. I am ‘only’ reminding you, me, us all, that it’s not about educated or class distinction. It’s spiritual.The spirits who are so deceived, they are warned before they choose, yet they still choose, either because ‘it’s their family tradition, it feels right, or good, or even they in their own minds choose to believe The Word don’t really mean that, No, way can it be that simple ‘just to repent & believe’. So we re-wrote The Word of God to suit our belief and anything or anyone who comes too close, we’ll go into a defensive mode, thereby hardening our heart all the more. Sad but true. The molded soul (mind,will & emotions) will deny God and His Truth when it is right in front of them. It’s seen in every negative response to all who reject the sincerity of all who try to share The Gospel of Jesus Christ and unfold coltish behavior on this site. But if we choose His Word like a child eager to hear, learn, to sit under His Wing to dwell forever.

      1. Dear David


        You wrote:

        A problem with your (mis)characterization…it’s not witchcraft. It’s God-craft.

        My reply:

        Remember that Jesus the Messiah said, that God is not God of the dead, but God of the living. Dead bones are nothing but, dead bones. Leave them alone. To carry them around on your shoulders, and call this an “act of holiness”, is quite insane.

  6. I suspect that Jesus would very strongly disapprove of the veneration of dead body parts, since He spoke disparagingly of hypocritical Sadducees and Pharisees being like “whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but are within full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.” (Matthew 23:27) In addition, since death is the last enemy of God, (1 Cor. 15:26) why would He want us parading around symbols of death? Even the Catholic crucifix is a problem, as it presents death imagery–rather than the empty cross which is an emblem of Christ’s victory over death. Even worse is the “bent cross” or the “inverted cross” carried by the Pope or associated with him. Both are Satanic symbols.

  7. Wisdom comes from god not by people like you who run websites. Saints are greater proofs of people who had faith in christ. If you really loved christ you will never hate anything not even suffering. Search god not loopoles whether Roman Catholic faith is good or not. All the people you have seen there are the one who felt the love of god. we venerate saints so that we can associate them with our life we ask them to pray for us as if they are our family member. we don’t see them as death. we see them as living beings who can pray for us along with us. if you really want to know whether these things done by R. C people are correct. First start loving christ and to love chirst you have imitate and become chirst and how christ was himself. Then you will not need any research my sweet heart. May god bless you.

    1. I just happened across the shrine of Philomena not far from my home. The shrine to worship the alleged Greek virgin martyr to whit:

      Reported life of the Saint

      On 21 December 1833, the Holy Office declared that there was nothing contrary to the Catholic faith in the revelations that Sister Maria Luisa di Gesù (1799–1875), a Dominican tertiary from Naples, claimed to have received from the Saint herself.[11]

      According to Sister Maria Luisa di Gesù, Saint Philomena told her she was the daughter of a king in Greece who, with his wife, had converted to Christianity. At the age of about 13 she took a vow of consecrated virginity. When the Emperor Diocletian threatened to make war on her father, her father went with his family to Rome to ask for peace. The Emperor fell in love with the young Philomena and, when she refused to be his wife, subjected her to a series of torments: scourging, from whose effects two angels cured her; drowning with an anchor attached to her (two angels cut the rope and raised her to the river bank); being shot with arrows, (on the first occasion her wounds were healed; on the second, the arrows turned aside; and on the third, they returned and killed six of the archers, after which, several of the others became Christians). Finally the Emperor had her decapitated. The story goes that the decapitation occurred on a Friday at three in the afternoon, as with the death of Jesus. The two anchors, three arrows, the palm and the ivy leaf on the tiles found in the tomb were interpreted as symbols of her martyrdom.[11]

      In these visions, Saint Philomena also revealed that her birthday was 10 January,[11] that her martyrdom occurred on 10 August (the date also of the arrival of her relics in Mugnano del Cardinale),[8] and that her name “Filumena” meant “daughter of light”. (It is usually taken to be derived from a Greek word meaning “beloved”.)[8]

      Devotees of Saint Philomena use a truncated version of rosary in their special devotions to her. The Chaplet has three outer white beads, with thirteen inner red beads that are symbolic for each year of her short lifetime. The prayer suggestion for each is:
      “ Hail, O holy St. Philomena, whom I acknowledge, after Mary, as my advocate within the Divine Spouse, intercede for me now and at the hour of my death. ”

      Through this Chaplet, Philomena is being strongly identified with Mother Mary. Devotionals are often given to young girls receiving their first Holy Eucharist or on the 13th birthday, used primarily as a steppingstone to practicing devotionals such as the Holy Rosary.

      Sorry, but this is worship of a dead person with a contrived devotional story.

      I’m reminded of the English King, proud of King Author’s bones that were given him by monastic monks on the big island. When the King of Scotland was with him on state visit he showed the bones, to which the Scottish king began to laugh. When asked why he laughed, the Sottish King replied, ” those are the bones of an Ox and an Ass.”.

  8. These articles are spot on. I was born and raised in Roman Catholicism and praise the Lord I was saved five years ago!! This is a death cult of epic proportions. Hellywood has nothing on these folks. Not to mention they are the largest pedophile ring in the history of the world, having molested and raped tens of millions of children. That doesn’t include the millions of souls they have slaughtered and continue to sacrifice in satan’s name. Catholics worship the dead, even if they aren’t aware of it. All one has to do is visit any catholic cemetery. They spend hundreds of dollars all year long on flowers, statues, candles, etc., and spend hours talking to deceased relatives. What a deceived bunch indeed. I pray the Lord God will continue to open their eyes before it is too late. This cult is aiding in billions going to hell. Praise God for salvation and mercy! God bless

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