Norway: Hamas-supporter take over as head of NATO

New head of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg had a Hamas-supporter as Foreign Secretary, and a Muslim as his Minister of Culture.

Mr. Jens Stoltenberg will be succeeded  by former Hamas-agent Jonas Gahr Støre.
Mr. Jens Stoltenberg will be succeeded by former Hamas-agent Jonas Gahr Støre.

The Norwegian ex-prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg let his Foreign Secretary continue after he was exposed as working for the Hamas.

Now, Stoltenberg will take over the post as Secretary General of NATO. His election is blessed by US President Barack Hussein Obama.

The former Hamas aide Jonas Gahr Støre will most likely take over as the head of the Labor-party in Norway, a Prime Minister in waiting.

Stoltemberg will also be remembered for choosing a Muslim as His Minister of Culture, Mrs. Hadija Tajik. She is presently a Labor party MP in Norway, and a strong supporter of the PLO.

Spend two minutes watching this video, and see the Hamas leader praising the Stoltenberg regime in Norway:

Take also a look at Ms. Hadija Tajik.

Hadija Tajick is a known Norwegian supporter of Islamic terrorism against Israel.
Hadija Tajik is a known Norwegian supporter of Islamic terrorism against Israel.

She is wearing the PLO symbol around her neck, seated in the Parliament of Norway. She also supported the Turkish terror-ship Mavi Marmara, who tried to break the Israeli navy blockade of Gaza 31st of May 2010.

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20 thoughts on “Norway: Hamas-supporter take over as head of NATO

    1. Dar Lars-Toralf.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Well, Obama and Putin is not exactly in agreement….So, Stoltenberg might be chosen by Obama, but working for Putin?

  1. A pro Hamas in command of NATO? Beautiful, just freakin’ beautiful, with this appointment NATO is all but finished, the muslims have pretty much taken over most of western Europe, their next target is the USA and Eastern Europe. At least the Eastern Europeans have Putin in their corner, in the USA, we are totally screwed. God help us all!

  2. and these fools in the Norwegian Government sit idly by and do nothing, what type of mentally ill government would allow this knowing these two are terror supporters.

    1. Bill,

      Shalom. Very good question. For those in the USA, they could ask the same question about the large influence and infection of the MB into the administration (previous and current). A prime example would be Senator McCain and his connections with Islam.

      The only solution is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King Y’shua. When He returns and rules the nations with a rod of iron, this nonsense will draw to a quick close.

      If you have not yet received Him as your Lord and Savior and repented of your sins, please do so promptly.

      1. Mordechai
        The strongest influence on politicians in America is AIPAC. American Israeli Political Action Committee

      1. Bjarne Banan

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Norway has supported Islamic terrorism for decades. On the island of Utøya, where the terrorist Breivik killed 69 Labor-party Youth (AUF), the youth established “Palestine” in 2010. Mr. Jens Stoltenberg him self hosted “Al Fatah” (PLO) youth on this island, as the leader of the AUF.

        Renting this AUF owned island in the summer of 2009, “Red Youth”, (Communist youth of Norway) collected money to PFLP. (Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine).

        Every years, The Norwegian government gives more than 50 million USD in cash to the PLO.

        Ex Foreign Minister of Norway, Mr. Jonas Grahr Støre lied on TV about his contacts with the Hamas. The next Labor party leader in Norway is not only a liar. He is working for the Hamas.

        This is the truth.

  3. WHAT everyone sees, is the end of freedom world wide and it has gone unnoticed by the masses,CNN told them everything is fine,and they believed it,NOW when JERUSALEM,is divided,EVERYONE INVOLVED will get to see the POWER OF THE LORD,destruction on a level they can’t even imagine,ending in thermonuclear war,THIS will be one time stupid didn’t workout……………..

  4. u f…. bitch and retard Norwegians, u can be as much a pro”palestinians” u want, and go as much as u want against OUR land,but u know? at the end u will eaT our shit, ahhh noo, u and the disgusting arab supporters like u are already a huge piece of shit!!! Israel will kicks up your asses, f…s

  5. Isn’t Stoltenberg also atheist? The Muslims have done a darned good job of infiltrating other countries and moving up into the top levels of government everywhere.

    1. Well, then it would be easy, even for someone called “Bjarne Banan”, to point out what the lies consist of.

    2. I just clicked into this page because of my grand mom shared the link, the only reason she does it is because it has something with “israel” in it. I find it horrifying that people visit this page and believes what is says. To state that the norwegian gouvernment gives away money to terrorist groups is simply not true, they gave money away for people who are suppressed and need help. I wouldn think this guy is actually beeing looked into by the pst, cause this movement assimilates hate towards other religions and people. It’s discusting.

  6. Yocheved
    Israeli I presume? A chosen one of God? You are quite the example of a chosen one of God with your
    Wonderful four letter words. I got news for you; the people of God don’t talk like that so I don’t know who
    Or what you are.

    1. Maybe he is a fake jew. It happens. The Jews are not the “chosen ones”´in a sense of being superior. In the Bible, God adverts the jews many times that they are not over any other people.«Does Judaism believe that chosenness endows Jews with special rights in the way racist ideologies endow those born into the “right race”? Not at all. The most famous verse in the Bible on the subject of chosenness says the precise opposite: “You alone have I singled out of all the families of the earth. That is why I call you to account for all your iniquities” (Amos 3:2). Chosenness is so unconnected to any notion of race that Jews believe that the Messiah himself will descend from Ruth, a non­Jewish woman who converted to Judaism.» Jewsish Virtual Library. A big Shalom from Portugal, Todd.

  7. is this a fucking joke? how can a non-American be appointed head of NATO? I thought that was a Military position? last I checked he’s not even enlisted in an American Military Branch, NATO is not a civilian run place like the fucked up White House

  8. …lol… this guy… get a load of him, hahaha! ahem, ummm… mr. whomever… working along side evil probably should have been thought out much better… it’s got ya all twisted like a primitive screwhead…

    … see, people like these who try and force spread ideologies ARE THE PROBLEM… after all, they’re the one’s who cause the problems so it only goes to prove who… really… needs… to go.

    all of ‘THEM’. they are of Cain. Parasites off mankind. Destroyers, usupers, pretty much idiots in charge who don’t care about nothing but making a good showing like it’s a cow show, because I’m sure pretty much WW that’s what it looks like what with all the cuntumerism and balogne they’re spewing to have an excuse these days… lol… humanity, all-ways good for a laugh.

    gonna have to fix it yourselves though – or nature will do it for ya.

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