Bennett: Israel Hayom is not a Newspaper, It’s Pravda

Jewish Home chairman criticizes Sheldon Adelson’s Israel Hayom newspaper, refers to it as “Pravda”.

The Israeli government might be about to fall.
The Israeli government might be about to fall.

Economy Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett on Sunday criticized the Israel Hayom newspaper and referred to it as “Pravda” – a reference to the press organ of the communist party in the Soviet Union, which was famous for its lies in the service of a dictatorial government.

The comments were made in an interview with Army Radio, in which Bennett was asked for his opinion regarding the approval of the sale of failing newspaper Makor Rishon and the news website NRG to billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who also owns Israel Hayom and who is considered to be a friend and supporter of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Israel Hayom openly supports Netanyahu, resulting in criticism from the mainstream left-wing media.

Naftali Bennet defame the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.
Naftali Bennet defame the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It saddens me,” said Bennett of the sale of Makor Rishon, which has taken a national religious line.

“Israel Hayom is not a newspaper. It is Pravda,” declared Bennett. “It’s the mouthpiece of one person, the Prime Minister. At every junction point, every point of friction between the national interest and the interest of the Prime Minister, they chose the side of the Prime Minister. I very much hope that Makor Rishon will be allowed to continue to hold an independent nationalist position.

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

The rhetoric in Israel is again hotter than July.

Normally an Economy Minister in a any government, would be happy if a national newspaper was a supporter of the Prime Minister.

But not in Israel.

It appears that the Israeli Government is falling apart. I guess this will be the last pro-Zionist Government in Israel, and the next a pro-Obamarama government.

In the prophetic realm, Zionism must be removed from Jerusalem before the last and final antichrist can enter the Old City, and establish his rule.

The day the present Israeli government falls, the time has come. The final endgame can begin.

Behold: At the end of the brief rule of Obama, the Pope and their puppets, the true Messiah will return. It will come a very unpleasant surprise for all who have rejected the Bible, and sided with the forces of evil.

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