The Pope is “His holiness” for Obama

President Obama met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday for about 50 minutes — longer than many had expected.

The Pope and Obama might have a plan for a joint travel to Jerusalem.
The Pope and Obama might have a plan for a joint travel to Jerusalem.

First after the 50 minutes, Obama brought in the rest of the U.S. delegation, including Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and press secretary Jay Carney. One by one, the 10 members of the delegation were introduced to the pope.

President Obama made the slow, formal procession to greet the pope in the ornate Small Throne Room outside the Papal Library.

“Wonderful meeting you. I’m a great admirer,” the president said.

The two walked into the library and took seats at opposite sides of the pope’s desk.
“I bring greetings from my family,” Obama added. “The last time I came here to meet your predecessor I was able to bring my wife and children.”

“If you have a chance to come to the White House, we can show you our garden as well,” the president said.

The inscription on the chest read: “Presented to His Holiness Pope Francis by Barack Obama President of the United States of America, March 27, 2014.”

Earlier this month, Pope Francis was invited by House Speaker John Boehner to address a joint session of Congress. Boehner extended the formal invitation on Mar. 13 in a letter to the Vatican on the one-year anniversary of Francis’ papacy saying the Holy Father has “awakened hearts on every continent.”

The United States’ first African American president and the first Latin American pope both exploded onto the global stage sharing messages of hope and change.

President Obama’s stop in Rome came amid a week-long trip to Europe and the Middle East.
Before Obama left the Vatican, he and the Pope shook hands and embraced.
“My family has to be with me on this journey. They’ve been very strong,” Obama said. “Pray for them. I would appreciate it.”

Source: Multiple media

My comment:

50 closed minutes with “His Holiness” is a long time, even for Obama. What did they talk about?

My best guess, the Popes upcoming trip to Jerusalem. I am sure that Obama wants to join him. But only if Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to host both of them, and sign a “historical peace agreement”.
Lets wait and watch.

Written by Ivar


36 thoughts on “The Pope is “His holiness” for Obama

  1. Hateful as I am; I can only hope that Netanyahu will extend to both Imam Obama, and his unholiness, the Pope, the same disrespectful, hostile, and classless non- greeting, that Obama extended to him on his visit to the White House. The Pope is trying to steal the Holy City from the GOD of Jacob, and from His children, so whatever greeting they do get, it will be far more than either one deserves. Personally, I would not allow either Obama, or the Pope, to set foot on what is truly, Holy ground. Perhaps, they, and their evil entourages will all turn into pillars of salt, or better yet, a sink hole will suddenly open at Ben Gurion Airport, and swallow the lot of them, bringing them down to the bottomless pit, but, only after they are stricken with leprosy.

    1. Dear deniseandros

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have the feeling something big is in the pipeline between the Pope and Obama. Like a joint trip to Jerusalem. The World will be trilled….

      1. Hi Ivar,
        I think that the last Pope was dumped because even a visually challenged person could see that he was demonic. As for this visit, you may be right! I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them were to fulfill the prophecy of revealing the Antichrist, and the False Prophet. Hey, two for one: Why not? It would be the official opening of the New World Order, and it would officially trigger the Great Tribulation. The finale human kingdom, with both legs, the Eastern, and the Western legs of the Colossus being present and accounted for.

        All though, if this were to happen it would delay my dream of sending the leprous lot of them down to the pit to visit Allah.

        I know that you had a wonderful trip to Israel. Were you able to deliver my prayer to the Kotel? What are your plans for Passover? Whatever they are, make sure that you keep the feast, and keep a close watch on events connected to the coming tetrad. The first blood moon is coming this Passover.

      2. Shalom Ivar,
        I want to share the exchange between the Pope and Obama. The Pope is quoted saying….”It brings infinite joy to my heart to realize that myself and his holiness, President Obama, have been chosen by our Gods to pursue this truly miraculous path. Just as I have been chosen by my Christ, President Obama was chosen by Allah to lead his people in these challenging and difficult times of such strife.”

        Next: President Obama, in a brief speech, promised his full cooperation and that of his country, in the building of better relations between Catholics and Muslims, stating, “Our two faiths have been too far apart for far too long. It is time we bring the two greatest religions on this Earth together, and as one, becoming a force for good rather than enmity.”

        I find it particularly disturbing that Obama, who has always claimed to be a Christian, reveals to the whole world that he lied about his faith and the American media yawns.????? Prophetically, I find Obama’s use of the word “enmity,” interesting. Genesis 3:15, And I will put ‘enmity,’ between you (Satan) and the woman, (Israel) between your seed and her seed. How does this fit? Maybe it is just a coincidence, I don’t know , what are your thoughts? I think that Obama could be the Antichrist. And I think that Islam and Catholicism may unite under the banner of “Chrislam,” as the new one world religion.

      1. “Go Kick Rocks, You Moron!” I certainly hope that wasn’t your best attempt at wit! And what kind of name is, ‘Eretz Israel In The Toilet?’ If you want to want to exchange witticisms with me, you may have just stepped out of your league! Nothing gets me more fired up than haters of Israel.

  2. Both of these world leaders use smooth talk and empty promises along with charismatic smiles to work the agenda of the illuminati in ushering a new world order upon the masses. Born-again believers in tune with the Holy Spirit can clearly see the New Testament being unfolded on the world stage through puppets such as these two. Cling to the truth in Yeshua.



    1. Shabbat Shalom Todd,
      The National Report. I tried to email it but only the address would send so I wrote it down.

      I think that most of the press is aware that there are “dangerous” people who have messianic expectations and it is my suspicion that most media outlets censor what is decimated to the public at large. Which is why we tend to find information like this buried, or omitted, in the mainstream press.

  3. Hey Denise, you must admit the hypocrisy in israel’s persecution of the Pallestinians, if we are to take the story of the Holocaust at face value.

    1. Israel is not and has not persecuted anyone. I refuse to waste precious time arguing with liars. The “Palestinians,” are mostly Egyptians, and Jordanians, who are willing pawns for Islamic nations who want to divide GOD’s land. None of them want peace, they are driven by a satanic lust for what is GOD’s.

      1. OK let’s see how much you really understand about the role of jews and Israel in the NWO!
        Rothschilds… good guys or bad guys?

      2. There are many Jews, just like the Irish, Arabs, or Greeks, ect, who are wicked. They, as wicked people, share the same end times, one world order agenda. They are cultural Jews only, and they serve the same master as do the Muslims, and the rest of the worlds evil men and women.

        What I find more telling, is how quickly many people rush to blame the Jews for all of the wickedness in the world. The truth is, Jews have been a blessing to the world, through sharing the Scriptures, through medicine, technology, and numerous other venues. The most important blessing is, it is through the jewish lineage that the Messiah entered into the world.

        When someone is extremely evil, take for instance, Hitler, or Obama. The first thing that many of the wicked do, is to try to find a jewish connection. It goes something like this…..Two generations removed, so and so, had a great grand parent who had a half jewish grandfather, so, there is jewish blood in that evil line. You don’t see that with any other group of people.
        The only thing that makes the jew different from the rest of humanity, is the covenantal relationship that they have with the GOD of Israel. I don’t even think that most jew haters realize that their real hatred is for the GOD of Jacob. It is impossible to lash out at Him effectively, so instead, they mercilessly attack His chosen people. He chose the Jew as a vehicle that He would use, in order to bless the rest of humanity. Jews were chosen to be the human blood line that HaShem would use to send His Son Yeshua through, so that all of humanity could be saved. And for this reason Satan, and the rest of the wicked, hate the Jew.

        Why are you not outraged at all of the Islamic nations who will not even let a jew live within their borders? Jew free countries seem to be acceptable; have you ever wondered why? I can answer that question. It is because Jew hatred is satanically inspired. Genesis 3:15. This is its source.

      3. Actually that is the most intelligent thing anyone has said here so far. Thanks for your sincerity.
        Two things remain unresolved for me:
        1. A minor point: How can the jews take credit for the Messiah on the one hand and deny his godly nature on the other?
        2. The major issue of Palestine. Israel seems stubbornly opposed to a two state solution and this seems to be the source of all the resentment shown towards them by other nations and individuals. Many would blame Israel’s decisions on those very same satanic forces you mentioned:

      4. Hi el truth,
        The “Palestinians” are willing pawns, to be used by the surrounding Arab nations, in an effort to eventually rid themselves of Israel all together. According to Mohammed the covenant, including the Birth Right, and the land, were given to Ishmael, and not Isaac. This is why no Islamic nation will ever recognize the legitimacy of Israel. By doing so, they will have rendered Mohammad a false prophet, thereby, delegitimizing Islam. This is the reason that Saddat was murdered.
        Israel’s very existence is proof that the GOD of Jacob is real, and nothing pisses off the Muslims more, than Israel living in the land. Israel is living proof that their god, Allah, is in reality, no god at all, and that their revered prophet, is a false prophet.

        As for Israel, as a whole, not recognizing Yeshua as the Messiah, this has been done by HaShem Himself, it is the means by which He used to bring salvation to the Gentiles. This is a divine blindness, which has remained on the eyes of the Jewish people, with the exception of a small remnant of believers, that HaShem has always preserved for Himself, until the fullness of the Gentiles come into the flock.
        GOD explains this with a question, and it goes something like this….For if they (the Jews) had known who he (Yeshua) was, do you think that they would have killed the Lord of Glory? The answer is ….Of course not. Had Yeshua not died then there would be no salvation for the Gentiles. The Jews still had the Covenants, the Sacrificial System, the Priesthood, which offered them some redemptive solutions, and they had the law of the Kinsman Redeemer. The Gentiles, at that time, had nothing. So HaShem has blinded Israel for a season. This season is now coming to an end. The Jewish people are now beginning to recognize their Messiah, and are coming to faith in record numbers. As Israel is regaining her sight, sadly, the bulk of Christendom is rapidly going blind, as the door to eternity slowly closes.

      5. @ el truth: “I guess that makes 29 nations of the EU “liars” too”.

        Yes, it does, thank you.

      6. You were correct to leave “liars” in inverted commas. The question was rhetorical but I am glad you agree.

    2. The reality of the holocaust is not contingent upon your stupid, erroneous, and outright fraudulent slander of Israel. The holocaust is, because it happened, it is an historical fact, which does not hinge upon your opinion. So you can try and set up these false arguments all you want, the only thing that this proves, is that you have become completely unhinged!

      1. Hi Denise
        Their’s no denying that the holacaust took place.
        Tis an historical fact. This week is holacaust
        Remembrance and genocidal awareness month.
        All fine and good. However: the emphasis is on
        The genocide of the Jews only. What about the
        Holocaust and genocide of the millions of Christians
        Who were put to death because they claimed
        Jesus as their savior. The Jewish people claim
        That the genocide of their people in ww2 pales all
        Other genocides. Genocidal awareness needs to
        Go beyond the Jewish people but to all
        People and especially those who profess Jesus as
        Lord. May it never happen again for the Jewish
        People and may it stop happening now for those
        Who profess Jesus as Lord. Why is their no outcry
        For the persecution of believers today

      2. Hi Todd,
        The Holocaust did pale in comparison to all the other genocidal acts of the Nazi’s. The fact that Jews have always been persecuted is common knowledge. All of human history has been a war against the “seed, of the woman,”in the plural sense.
        It is for this reason that Jewish persecution is unique among all other genocidal acts. It exists as a banner to all nations that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, is a covenant keeping GOD, and that He punishes spiritual infidelity, while at the same time, he preserves His children. Israel is proof that GOD exists.

        Jewish persecution is clear irrefutable proof of Satan’s existence, and of his opposition to the GOD of Israel, and His Son. Read Genesis 3:15. Now that Christians are waking up to the fact that they have been grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel, have become part of the household of the living GOD, and have become joint heirs with Christ, and with their Jewish brethren, they have become objects of Satan’s wrath, in the very same way that Jews have always been.

        Any sort of genocide is evil but, they don’t all have as their intended target, the GOD of the universe, and this is the distinction.

    1. Absolutely not! First, we do not hate Arabs. We hate Islam! There is an Arab section in Israel, and they live together, in close proximity by choice. There are Muslim Arabs that are serving in the the Israeli government. Notice, you don’t see Israeli Arabs surrendering their Israeli passports. Name one Arab country that can boast these claims about their treatment of Jews. There are many Arab countries that don’t allow Jews to enter in. Yeshua, died for everyone, this includes all of the Islamic nations. However, like everyone else, they must choose to accept the free gift of salvation, through Yeshua’s blood, or suffer the consequences of their choice.

      In Scripture, when Isaac and Rebecca had the twins, Esau, and Jacob, Rebecca couldn’t understand why her children seemed so restless in her womb. She prayed, asking HaShem what was happening? A prophecy was given to Rebecca; Two nations were to be established by her two sons. The elder (Esau) was to serve the younger (Jacob.) Through out history these two nations have always been at odds with each other. Today we are witnessing the culmination, or the finale fulfillment of that prophecy.

      The Bible refers to only three people as hunters. Nimrod, Esau, and Ishmael. Nimrod, who’s name means to rebel. “Nimrod became a mighty hunter before the Lord.” Genesis 21:20, Ishmael lived in the desert and became an archer. Genesis 25:27, Esau became a skillful hunter. These three men are the progenitors of the Arab nations. When you study prophecy you begin to understand the significance of these names. They are the hunters of men. HaShem says that first He will send out fishermen, sharing the gospel, fishing for men’s souls, causing them to return to Him. Later, He will send out hunters, this is Islam. These hunters will hunt Jacob’s children, causing them to return to GOD. This is a battle between Yeshua, and those who are joined to Him, and Satan, and those who are joined to him. There are only two sides, and there is no fence. Everyone must choose whom they will be joined to.

      We are now living in Messianic times. Jacob, (Israel) is back in the land, and Esau, (Islam) is surrounding Jacob, globally. The lost tribes are returning, and Ephraim is being regathered from among the nations. (gentiles,) and Jews, who are now awakening, and heading the divine call, to return home. They are being supernaturally drawn back to the ancient path. They are returning to their Hebraic roots. The two sticks, Judah, and Ephraim, these sticks are in the Fathers hand, are going to become one. What a glorious day that will be!

      1. enjoyed reading your posts….I am a Christian ( not Catholic )
        and I have been reading my bible a whole lot more than lately….everything you say makes sense…. I’ve been trying to understand the many different Jews,especially the ones who still deny Jesus Christ….I thought all Jews did,but now I know that’s not the case,although the percentage of Jews accepting Christ is is small….. this whole war between Israel and Gaza (Hamas) is nothing more than a Holy war in my opinion…it’s going on all over the middle east… I truly believe the Vatican and Islam are the beasts of end times,without speculating on the identities of the antichrist and false prophet…..

      2. Hi Stacy,
        Many Jews are now coming to faith in Yeshua. The scales are falling from off of their eyes and the divine blindness is being removed. Remember, GOD blinded, all but a remnant of Jews to the identity of Yeshua, until the fulness of the Gentiles have come in. Today there are about 60 Messianic congregations in Israel, keep in mind that Israel is the size of New Jersey. This is another way to know that the hour is late.
        As the Jewish people are recovering their sight most of Christianity is losing theirs. Which is why the scriptures say that only a remnant will be saved.
        I like yourself believe, that as usual, the Catholic Church will team up with murderous Islam, and will again persecute the Jews and true Christians as well.
        The Catholic Church, like Satan himself, has always sought to usurp Yeshua’s position, and His throne. Isn’t it interesting to note, that in the end, they both share the same objective; ‘rid the earth of Jews.’ At every turn she has participated, in one form or another, in the attempted destruction of Jacob’s children, as well as efforts to persecute the true servants of the Most High GOD.
        Personally, If I were a Muslim or a Catholic, both by the way, claim to believe in “Jesus.” I would hate to be them, and would hate to hear the words; “depart from me, I never knew you.”

      3. I believe the Vatican/Pope wants to take control of Jerusalem…. I think a lot of Catholics honestly believe they are Christians and are very sincere and very nice people,but if they would really study the bible,they would learn that the traditions and teachings of the Catholic church does not align with true Christianity….. the Catholic church is man-made…. I don’t belong to any denomination anymore because I have come to understand that Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church and because I believe in HIM,I am also the church,Jesus is with me always,he’s not contained in a building or temple made with hands…. there are so many different denominations,but Jesus did not establish them… He was born in the flesh to teach us that HE is the Truth,the Way and the Life,no one can get to the Father but through HIM…. because people were worshiping false gods and idols,which offered them nothing and served no purpose,no hope,etc…. of course Moses led the Jews out of Egypt,with God’s direction,guidance and miraculous miracles…. followers of Christ have suffered persecution and death for thousands of years and here we are in the twenty-first century going through it again and it will only get worse…. I read in some Facebook comments that Arab Christians are suffering too,but how can an Arab be Christian? please don’t get me wrong,nobody should be murdered for any reason and I think it’s absolutely wrong,but Arabs worship “Allah” and I have studied up on the history of Allah and I’ve learned Allah was an ancient pagan moon god,although Muslims deny it….. so I don’t understand what an Arab Christian is? anyway….. I’m studying my bible and I pray to the lord for guidance to help me understand the verses correctly,because metaphors are used quite a bit and it is easy to get confused of their spiritual meaning….. I am especially focused on end times and what many people call,” rapture”,although it’s not in the bible….I found the word,”Translate”…. I’m trying to understand who will go through the Tribulation and Great Tribulation,and the 144,000,which I think will be Jews? any commentaries you can share with me would be very much appreciated….. Oh,can I find a copy of the Torah at a bookstore? I have never read it before.

      4. Hi Stacy,
        Of course there are Arab Christians, just the same as there are Gentile Christians. The first New Covenant “Church” that Yeshua gathered together was comprised exclusively of Jews. The first gentile that was grafted into the “New Covenant,” was Cornelius, the Roman centurion. The New Covenant is simply the Torah written on hearts and minds, instead of on stone tablets.
        Arabs are a loose group of nationalities. Usually, the term Arab is referring to those people who are from the Arabian peninsula. However, there are many ethnic groups that speak Arabic, such as the Jordanians, Egyptians, Iraqis, as well as many African nations.
        Many Iranians are Muslims, but they speak Farsi.
        What it boils down to, is that anyone who is born again, baptised, believes in Yeshua, and follows the Commandments is a Christian. So anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity can be a Christian.

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