Cameron to turn city of London into new Mecca

David Cameron is about to invite the Muslim World to buy a bond that follows the zero interest principle of Sharia laws.

UK Prime Minister David cammeron is ready to sell out good old England to the Muslims.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is ready to sell out good old England to the Muslims.

The rapid expansion has attracted interest in the UK, which will this week for the first time host the “Islamic Davos”, or the World Islamic Economic Forum – where David Cameron, prime minister, will announce his government will be the first outside the Muslim world to issue a bond that adheres to the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

Islam prohibits interest, which is deemed haram or sinful, and stipulates that all investments should be based on “real” assets, such as houses, factories and roads. Islamic financial products are structured to mimic conventional ones such as mortgages but adhere to these strictures.
Islamic bonds, or sukuk, have been one of the more high-profile examples of the industry’s growth. In 2003 $3.5bn of international sukuk were issued. Last year sales hit a record of $44.8bn, according to Dealogic.

Still, the growth of domestic Islamic banking has been a disappointment. Despite high hopes that British Muslims would flock to the new sharia-compliant institutions, interest has been limper than expected.

Source: Financial Times

My comment:

Europe is dying. Simply because the Europeans do not longer want to fight for freedom, liberty and human rights.

The value of Pound Sterling is no longer linked to the amount of gold held by the Bank of England. Heavily sunk into debts: Forget about the UK Government paying back what it has borrowed, emptying its own pensioners funds. The UK are now hardly able to pay interests on its loans.

In a bid to save the capitalist system from collapsing, the British banks will merge with the Islamic financial system. London will be introduced to Sharia based Islamic banking.  Westminster will now be able to restructure its debts, paying  a zero interest rate.

 Exodus 23:13

‘Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.

For the Islamic World this is to be considered the surrender of the United Kingdom. The British leadership desire Islamic capital to take over the nations financial system.  Keep in mind that even Islamic banks do demand proper securities behind every loan, in the form of legal attachment of properties and other assets.

Islamic Banks makes much of their money on funds and property management.  If the Brits cant pay back their loans, the Muslims will simply attach their properties.  In a time of overspending and crises, all the banks, financial institutions and real estate sector, will simply be taken over and owned by the totalitarian princes of Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Welcome to the downfall of Europe, submitting to Sharia laws.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Cameron to turn city of London into new Mecca

    1. Dear deniseandros


      It is astonishing to see how fast history repeat it self. Mankind is supposed to be an intelligent being, but in his rebellion against God of the Bible, man roams the Earth as spiritually blind as a bat. Serving Satan, and reaping as he has sown.

      1. What is more disturbing is the out right apostasy within the western church. As angry as I get when I read about the atrocities that are happening ito Christians in the Middle East, at times I envy their persecution. They are living and dying for their faith. It is very real to them. Let us not forget who the perpetrators are; they are all Muslim.

        I once thought that the churches here in the West would be meeting in underground, or house churches. Now I’m not sure if that would even be necessary.

        I loved your video on Billy Graham. I am also reminding as many people as I can of Obama’s words when he recently spoke to the UN. “The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Barack Obama Those words should be chilling to any Christian believer!

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