UK Minister: “Jewish money prevent peace”

Jack Straw says in parliament debate ‘unlimited’ funds available to Jewish groups in US used to control America’s Mideast policy.‬‬ Straw also adds Germany’s ‘obsession’ with defending Israel another obstacle for peace‬‬. Former British Foreign Secretary and Labor MP Jack Straw made harsh anti-Semitics statements during a British parliament debate last week, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.… Read More UK Minister: “Jewish money prevent peace”

Massive defeat for Cameron’s UK support of Obama

The British PM lost a vital parliamentary vote on Thursday night meant to pave the way for an attack on Syria. In a humiliating and unexpected development, David Cameron and his coalition government failed to pass a motion that would have authorized military action against Syria in principle by 285 to 272 votes. Source: Jerusalem… Read More Massive defeat for Cameron’s UK support of Obama