Rohani: Israel the lone enemy of World peace

“Everyone is happy about (nuclear) deal’ except for ‘that regime, which is an illegitimate one that occupies.” ‬‬

Former President Ahmadinejad spoke like a Nazi, and Rohani follows suit.
Former President Ahmadinejad spoke like a Nazi, and Rohani follows suit.

Iran’s President Hassan Rohani said Israel has become isolated after his country and world powers reached a historical deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.

In a Tuesday interview with state TV marking his first 100 days in office, Rohani said that some countries had tried to isolate Iran but instead, “Now, our enemies are isolated.”

He did not refer to Israel by name, but used language – “an illegitimate, occupier regime” – commonly used to describe the Israel, Iran’s arch-enemy.

“Everyone is happy about this deal” except for “warmongers and that regime, which is an illegitimate one that occupies,” Rohani said.

“There are some in the world who do not want this issue to be resolved, and there may even be some in this country who are acting childish,” the Iranian president added, in a jab at Iranian hardliners who have been skeptical of the deal.


My comment:

The Kingdom of darkness reign on the face on the Earth. And soon all nations will support the planners of the second and final Holocaust.

The rhetoric and the ideology is the same, as we saw at the run up to the Second World war. It is the Jews who are the problem, and we are told the World needs to find a solution.

Like in 1938, it was the Jews against the rest of the World. When Hitler permitted some Jews to leave Germany, he set up on condition. You can only leave, if another nation is willing to let you in.

The story is painful. The doors were closed for Jews in both England and France. Some Jews even closed the Atlantic, but found no shelter.  Many Jews was forced to return to Germany, and perished in the gas chambers.

The same horrible mistake is copied by Obama and his supporters. It is the Ayatollah of Iran who has become the “peace partner”. Now the world walk in unity, and demand an end to the rebellious Zionist state. They will have to come into submission, or face the consequences. The global alliance of evil will eventually march towards Zion, and face God the Creator.

The good news is that the final judgment will be fair, and based up on the book of law, the Bible. You can read about what is about to happen, and the eternal consequences of mocking God of Israel. The Messiah will return and give people the sentence, and tell them where they shall spend eternity. In Heaven, or in Hell.

Written by Ivar

Teheran claim Israel seek world domination

“In order to become global, the Jews must kill Muslims en masse”.

The ideology of the Nazis lives on in the Ayatollah controlled Iran.
The ideology of the Nazis lives on in the Ayatollah controlled Iran.

This is a claim by Mahdi Tayeb, head of the Iranian Ammar think-tank advising Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

He said this in a video posted on the Internet on February 1, 2013:

“In order to become global, the Jews must kill Muslims en masse. In other words, they have to kill 1.4 billion people.”

“They need means of mass killing, which can kill 500,000 people in one go….Only the atomic bomb can achieve this.”

“Do you know who invented the atomic bomb? Einstein. Einstein was…one of the most despicable figures. He was a Zionist, a Jew, one of the founders of the State of Israel.”

My comment:

The Nazis were convinced that there were a Jewish conspiracy to take over the whole World. Hitler told the Jews controlled the banks, and were behind the failure of Germany to win World War I.

The Jews needed to be boycotted, and told a lesson.  A final solution to the “Jewish problems” had to be found.

 2 Thessalonians 2:11

For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

The same ideology is parched in Tehran today, and in Ram-Allah, the headquarter of PLO.

The problem in 1938 and 1939, was that people were to busy to pay attention, or they simply did not care. It was an historical mistake….

Written by Ivar

Bible studies: # 23: The Bible or the Koran tell lies about Isaac and Israel

Is Allah the God of Israel? Was Isaac the father of Jacob, or was his father Ishmael? The truth shall set you free.

When this girl search for the truth in the Koran, she will not find it.
When this girl search for the truth in the Koran, she will not find it.

Exodus 3:11
But Moses said to God, «Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?»

The Israelites was the 12 tribes of Jacob, the Son of Isaac. They were all distant cousins of the grand children of Ishmael, who was the step son of Abraham. Ishmael was born of the Egyptian woman Hagar, who was Abrahams maid. The Ishmaelites will forever be a tribe with an Egyptian mother.

Since God called Israel out of Egypt, He did not speak the Egyptian children of Hagar. There was no need to send Egypt out of Egypt. The Bible explains that Joseph Son of Jacob to the radical opposite was sold to the Ishmaelites and brought down to Egypt.

Genesis 37:28
So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt.

God did not say to Moses: «Bring the Ishmaelites out of Egypt». Why should he say that, since Egypt was the land of their origin?

There was no confusion on this issue before In 650 A.D. Than an Arab claimed he had got the final revelation from God most high, that nullified this old knowledge of the difference between Israelies and Ishmaelites.

The pope kisses the Koran. He playes double games, and do not represent God of the Bible
The pope kisses the Koran. He playes double games, and do not represent God of the Bible

The man who got this revelation was called Muhammad. His message is written down in the Koran and suddenly the bloodline of Isaac is deleted. Abraham does not have a son called Isaac. The Koran claims Abraham has only one Son, without mentioning his name. In Arab and Islamic traditions this son is Ishmael.

Basically what Muhammad was telling the Ishmaelites was:

«Its not the Israelits who are the chosen people. Its you, the Ishmaelites. The people who claim to be Jews, have to accept Allah or die».

When the Jews returned home to their promised land, obviously the Muslims objected. Simply because a Muslim is told to believe that there can never be a promised land, for anyone who do not submit to Islam.

Either the Koran or the Bible is a false book. Both of them can simply not be the truth. Either is Muhammad a false prophet, or the Jewish scripture writers have falsified the truth. And if the Bible is a falsehood, than the Christian faith is null and void. Likewise Islam stand or fall with the correctness of the Koran.

I believe the Koran is falsehood, and Muhammad a false prophet. The Bible is the truth, and the Jews the chosen people of God the Most high.

Written by Ivar

Cameron to turn city of London into new Mecca

David Cameron is about to invite the Muslim World to buy a bond that follows the zero interest principle of Sharia laws.

UK Prime Minister David cammeron is ready to sell out good old England to the Muslims.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is ready to sell out good old England to the Muslims.

The rapid expansion has attracted interest in the UK, which will this week for the first time host the “Islamic Davos”, or the World Islamic Economic Forum – where David Cameron, prime minister, will announce his government will be the first outside the Muslim world to issue a bond that adheres to the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

Islam prohibits interest, which is deemed haram or sinful, and stipulates that all investments should be based on “real” assets, such as houses, factories and roads. Islamic financial products are structured to mimic conventional ones such as mortgages but adhere to these strictures.
Islamic bonds, or sukuk, have been one of the more high-profile examples of the industry’s growth. In 2003 $3.5bn of international sukuk were issued. Last year sales hit a record of $44.8bn, according to Dealogic.

Still, the growth of domestic Islamic banking has been a disappointment. Despite high hopes that British Muslims would flock to the new sharia-compliant institutions, interest has been limper than expected.

Source: Financial Times

My comment:

Europe is dying. Simply because the Europeans do not longer want to fight for freedom, liberty and human rights.

The value of Pound Sterling is no longer linked to the amount of gold held by the Bank of England. Heavily sunk into debts: Forget about the UK Government paying back what it has borrowed, emptying its own pensioners funds. The UK are now hardly able to pay interests on its loans.

In a bid to save the capitalist system from collapsing, the British banks will merge with the Islamic financial system. London will be introduced to Sharia based Islamic banking.  Westminster will now be able to restructure its debts, paying  a zero interest rate.

 Exodus 23:13

‘Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.

For the Islamic World this is to be considered the surrender of the United Kingdom. The British leadership desire Islamic capital to take over the nations financial system.  Keep in mind that even Islamic banks do demand proper securities behind every loan, in the form of legal attachment of properties and other assets.

Islamic Banks makes much of their money on funds and property management.  If the Brits cant pay back their loans, the Muslims will simply attach their properties.  In a time of overspending and crises, all the banks, financial institutions and real estate sector, will simply be taken over and owned by the totalitarian princes of Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Welcome to the downfall of Europe, submitting to Sharia laws.

Written by Ivar

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