The Lutherans wants to bury the bones. The Catholics wants to display them. The dispute is over the remain of a man both the Churches claims was a saint.


This is the bones of «Knut the Holy», a Danish king found worthy of sainthood by both the Lutheran Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Bishop of Copenhagen
The Catholic Bishop of Copenhagen Czeslaw Kozon

The Catholic Bishop Czeslaw Kozon, and the Lutheran Bishop Kresten Drejergaard, both in Denmark, can not agree what to do with the bones.

The Lutheran Bishop, Kresten Drejergaard
The Lutheran Bishop, Kresten Drejergaard

The Lutheran Bishop wants to burry the remains of the Danish King. The Bishop of the Papal Church would rather like to display them in public in the Catholic Church collection of Holy items and relics.

«Knud the Holy» was king in Denmark from 1080 A.D. He was killed in 1086 A.D, Since the year 1100 A.D, his remains have been kept in a wooden coffin. His remains have been scanned by a medical college in the Danish city of Odense, in an effort to confirm the bones are the remains of the King, and to confirm that the King was murdered.

Source: The Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

To this rather «strange» dispute, I can only add that our saints are presently living among us, doing the will of the Lord. After people are dead, their Spirit and soul leaves the flesh, and depart either for Heaven or Hell. We should not pay attention to dead saints, and in particular not the bones they left behind.

This is an good example of how silly religious leaders might become.

I never was, and is not in the position to read the heart of «Knud the Holy». But I hope he was a good and God fearing man.

First published: June 20th, 2009.

Written by Ivar