“It’s not a favor to the Palestinians, to the Arab world, to President Obama,” she said. “It’s in our interest.”.

John Kerry has convinced Livni, that Islam will be peaceful if they only get a large chunk of Zion.
John Kerry has convinced Livni, that Islam will turn peaceful if Muslims get a large chunk of Biblical Zion.

Tzipi Livni, the top Israeli peace negotiator, made an impassioned case for peace with the Palestinians and for supporting Israel’s army in remarks to J Street’s national policy conference.

The opening Saturday night of the conference, which runs through Tuesday, heard speeches from Livni, who is also the justice minister; U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.); and Dror Moreh, who directed “Gatekeepers,” the Oscar-nominated film about top Israeli security officials and their advocacy for engaging with the Palestinians.

Livni, who heads the Israeli negotiation team in the newly relaunched peace talks, spent much of her speech defending the necessity of a two-state solution.

“It’s not a favor to the Palestinians, to the Arab world, to President Obama,” she said. “It’s in our interest.”

Speaking of breaking from the ideology of her parents, who were staunch right-wing supporters of greater Israel, Livni said it was in Israel’s self-interest to give up land in exchange for peace.

“I believe what we’re doing is not for the sake of our parents but for the sake of our children,” Livni said.

Source: JTA.org

My comment:

Rubbishing the views of Tzipi Livni, is like excommunicating the views of almost half of Israelis.

It would be better to ask persons who think like Livni:

Please give any parallel in World history, where exchange of land for “peace” has been a successful political maneuver?
They will find it very difficult to find even one example.  So this kind of gestures are surely a New Age kind of solution, an experiment that might crash the whole state of Israel.

To the radical opposite of the views of Livni, the successors of wars has never shared land with the nations they defeated.  The USA is a brilliant example. The Americans have never returned a single inch of the land they concurred in 1776 A.D, and is the following wars.  As one example: Mexico will never get back Los Angeles and San Diego, “lost” in 1821 A.D.

When Israel gave Gaza back to Islam is the latest “land for peace exchange”, massive terror was what Israel got as a “bonus”. It is no valid reason to believe that a return of Judea and Samaria to the forces of Islam, will give any other results. Terror, slaughter and barbarism.

Unfortunately, the Israelis will be fooled into a “peace plan”, inline with the wishes of a union of anti-Zionists and  liberals. All who have forsaken God of Israel, and His instructions to his chosen people. In this way they open up for a second Holocaust on the Jewish people, and swift judgment when Jesus the Messiah returns.

People of Israel. Repent, and turn toward your God. There is salvation in the blood of Messiah, shed for he sins of both Jews and gentiles.

Written by Ivar