Not only Poland and Czech republic have skull chapels. In Rome it self there is a crypt in a Church with 4.000 skeletons and corpses.

In Rome there is a Catholic Church with skeletons dressed up as monks. 4.000 skulls can be found as decoration at this horrific site.

After publishing several articles about Roman Catholic adoration and veneration of bones, skulls and corpses, I decided to take a break to look into other matters.

But after I discovered photo’s from a “skull chapel” in the heart of the Italian capital, I changed my mind.

The Capuchin Crypt is a small space comprising several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini on the Via Veneto near Piazza Barberini in Rome, Italy.

This is the official version, that can be read on wikipedia.

The Capuchin Crypt contains the skeletal remains of 4,000 bodies believed to be Capuchin friars buried by their order. The Catholic order insists that the display is not meant to be macabre, but a silent reminder of the swift passage of life on Earth.

Described by Frommer’s as:
“one of the most horrifying images in all of Christendom” ,large numbers of the bones are nailed to the walls in intricate patterns. Many are piled high among countless others, while others hang from the ceiling as light fixtures.

Lets take a deeper look at the background history, and watch some more photo’s:

When the monks arrived at the church in 1631, they brought 300 cartloads of deceased friars. Fr. Michael of Bergamo oversaw the arrangement of the bones in the burial crypt. The soil in the crypt was brought from Jerusalem, by order of Pope Urban VIII.

This crypt in the heart of Rome is decorated with a painting of “Jesus”, skull, bones and two corpses. A tragedy, that keep non believers away from this wicked pagan religion with a “copy-cat Jesus”in its center.
The Roman Catholic priests even hung a skeleton under the roof, to be adored and venerated. The cross on the alter does make this room anything but a satanic place of worship.
Spiritual madness and insanity made the Vatican faithful make this kind of “art” to decorate a place of worship.
This is the claimed “Church” in Rome were these horrible images can be seen “live”.

As monks died during the lifetime of the crypt, the longest-buried monk was exhumed to make room for the newly-deceased who was buried without a coffin and the newly-reclaimed bones were added to the decorative motifs Bodies typically spent 30 years decomposing in the soil, before being exhumed.

My comment:

Al most all Roman Catholics have no clue about what criminal acts their priest and Bishops have participated in during the ages.

But some few of the Catholics, take pleasure in looking “art” made of exhumed human bones, and a Pope that brought soil from Jerusalem to “decorate” the floor in the crypt, inside a Church build to honor the pagan Queen of Heaven.

A Vatican approved Church, that would be a perfect place to make a horror movie.
The full picture of the skeletons dressed up as Monks.
A demonized Roman Catholic Cardinal has published a picture of him self inside this crypt.
Bishop Sean Patrick O’Malley elevated by the Pope to the rank of Cardinal.

One of these wicked men, is Boston Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley. He has published pictures from this site on his blog. The Cardinal tries his best to defend this wicked “art” work as “holiness”.

Take a look at his blog.

Spiritual blindness has no limits when it comes to Vatican approved Cardinals.

First published 25.11.2010.

Written by Ivar