According to Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Israel ceased nuclear developments in 2004, after almost 40 years of nuclear program. ‬‬

Israel can look after its own security, and strike back on its attackers.
Israel can look after its own security, and is capable of totally destroying its enemies.

Israel has never confirmed nor denied possession of nuclear weapons‬‬

A review of global nuclear weapons inventories published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists noted that the number of Israel’s nuclear warheads, the manufacturing of which has systematically progressed since 1967, has not grown – remaining at 80 – since 2004.

The review is accompanied by a chart that calculates the nuclear stockpiles of the US, Russia, UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea since 1945.

As per Israel’s progression, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ chart, from two warheads in 1967, the State has increased its number of warheads by an average of two per year, until it reached 80 in 2004 and then, according to the report’s calculations, ceased further manufacturing.

In accordance with its policies of “nuclear ambiguity,” Israel has never confirmed nor denied its possession of nuclear weapons.


My comment:

Why has no regular Arabian army attacked Israel since 1973?

Because of the possibility of Israel defending her self by using nuclear weapons.

The Arab leaders are not to be trusted. During Yom Kippur in 1973, Israel faced total destruction on the most holiest day of Judaism.  Even the Israeli leaders thought this was the very end of the Zionist state, the homeland of four million Jews.

Today, if a Pan-Arabian army attack Israel, you might see all major Arabian cities being reduced to rubble and dust. Cairo, Damascus and Beirut casing to exist.

Satan changed His tactics in 1973. The PLO was given the task to use terrorism against Israel. To use people on suicide missions, to blow up Jewish children and women in a bid to demolish Israel. They have failed.

Let us pray for Israel, and stand up for the Jewish people. Let us support the only nations in the World, where the Jews are in majority. May Israel continue to enjoy peace and safety, and the Arabs not knowing what kind of military deterrence Israel have in its arsenal of dooms day machinery.

Written by Ivar