Fall of Roman Empire caused by widespread homosexuality

A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a “contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy” made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row.

A Conservative Catholic historians explains the danger of acceptance of Homosexuality.
The Conservative Catholic historians Roberto De Mattei explains the danger of acceptance of Homosexuality.

Roberto De Mattei, 63, the deputy head of the country’s National Research Council, claimed that the empire was fatally weakened after conquering Carthage, which he described as “a paradise for homosexuals”.

The remarks prompted angry calls for his resignation, with critics saying his comments were homophobic, offensive and unbecoming of his position.

The fall of the Roman Empire was a result of “the effeminacy of a few in Carthage, a paradise for homosexuals, who infected the many.

An act of sodomy was prepared for the original movie "Sparktakus".
An act of sodomy was prepared for the original movie “Sparktakus”.

“The abhorrent presence of a few gays infected a good part of the (Roman) people,” Prof Mattei told Radio Maria, a Catholic radio station.

The Roman Republic achieved domination over Carthage, in present-day Tunisia, during the Punic Wars of the third and second centuries BC, during which Hannibal made his ultimately abortive crossing of the Alps with war elephants.

After the third and final Punic War, Carthage fell into Roman hands, followed by most of the other dependencies of the Carthaginian Empire.

Prof Mattei claimed that it was as the capital of Rome’s North African provinces that Cartagena became a hotbed of sexual perversion, gradually influencing Rome itself, which eventually fell to barbarian tribes in 410AD.

The corruption and decadence of some Roman emperors has been a staple of the cinema for decades, from humorous pastiches such as Frankie Howerd’s 1970s television series Up Pompeii! to the 1960 Hollywood film Spartacus.

A homoerotic scene in Spartacus in which Laurence Olivier’s character, the Roman General Crassus, attempts to seduce a young slave played by Tony Curtis was cut from the original film but restored in the 1990s.
Prof Mattei, a conservative Catholic and a former adviser on international affairs to the government, drew a parallel between the supposed moral degeneracy of imperial Rome and that of contemporary Italy.

“Today we live in an era in which the worst vices are inscribed in law as human rights. “Every evil must have its punishment, either in our times or in the afterlife.” Politicians and academics were left aghast by his remarks and more than 7,000 have signed a petition calling for his immediate resignation.

His homophobic and extreme views are offensive to the organisation he leads,” said Massimo Donadi, a senior member of an opposition party, Italy of Values, adding that he would refer the affair to parliament.

Anna Paola Concia, an MP from the main opposition Democratic Party, said: “A fanatic such as him cannot remain vice-president of the council in a country that has at its heart culture, human rights and respect for diversity. He is nothing other than a homophobic fundamentalist on a par with Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad.” P

Prof De Mattei, who was awarded an order of knighthood by the Vatican in recognition for his service to the Catholic Church, has previously caused controversy by speaking out about gay rights, the contraceptive pill and the alleged persecution of Christians by Muslims in Kosovo and Lebanon.

Last month he said that the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan were punishments from God and “a way of purifying human sin”.

Source: The Telegraph UK.

My comment:

Again the liberal gay lobby tries to catch a whistle blower.

Even as confused a Roman Catholic historian can be in regards to salvation, he will still be able to bring forth some interesting historical facts.

The fall of the twin city of Sodom and Gomorrah is well know, to all who have read, and continue to read their Bible. The reason for the fall, were sexual perversion, cities taken over by homosexual offenders.

When Lot entertained two angles, the sexual perverts tried to break into Lots house, to have sex with the men sent from God.  Lot’s offer to give them his two daughters, were declined.

Abraham was not able to find 10 righteous people in the city of Sodom. All of them, less than possible nine, had either turned homosexuals of were supporters of these evil doers.

 Genesis 19:4

Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom – both young and old – surrounded the house. They called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.’

The fall of Rome, is a complicated matter. It was not caused by a single event, or only one moral issue. But is is widely accepted that Rome fell because of immorality and decay, the people turning to hedonism, parties and outright sexual orgies.  Not so different from the post-Christian western civilization today.

 Luke 17:28-30
‘It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulphur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.
 ‘It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.


Jesus the Messiah warns us, that this will be the state of affairs in the World, at His second coming. So true believers in the Messiah must rejoice, and not loose heart because of the widespread international acceptance of sodomy.

Just count your self lucky, that you will not be thrown into Hell when the final judgment comes to your local neighborhood, ran by perverts and their puppies.

Written by Ivar

24 thoughts on “Fall of Roman Empire caused by widespread homosexuality

  1. Last yr. I kept getting the scripture about Jesus saying, the end would come when as the time of Noah. I would think about the usual sin sexual deviance etc. The thought would continue. I went back to the scripture and read exactly what was going on in Noah’s day. I believe Holy Spirit was revealing about the Nephilum. The corruption of the DNA of Gods creation man. That is exactly what is happening in labs all over the world. Messing with the DNA of man animals food. Mingling corrupting changing Gods design.

  2. Yes there is wide spread corruption going on all over the world in laboratories. Human cells being mixed with animals of various sources. There is wide spread corruption of homosexuality. No matter how legal it becomes, everyone still knows how God feels about that. You can proclaim that there is no God, so it doesn’t matter what you do. But God is alive and well and Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of humanity. The more America gives in to corruption, the weaker she becomes.

    1. I totally agree with you Olivia. It’s time for us to own up to this truth and as a nation step it up morally in every way so God may bless us as a nation.

      22 years old

  3. I fear for our nation because of the ruling in favor of homosexuality. May God have mercy on all of us!

    1. The homosexual plague has been largely ignored for ages. Now its foul seed is beyond sprouting. Like a fungus in a corner of your yard, if ignored while it sends its tendrils under the surface, suddenly fungus toadstools, puffballs, are popping-up all over your yard.
      When closet homosexuals infiltrate an organization, they expedite the hiring and promotion of closet homosexuals and discriminate against heterosexuals in hiring and promotions. Then one day they can start coming out of the closet.
      As they attain crucial positions the begin asserting their “rights.” Not the same rights everyone has but special rights for homosexuals.

      1. Dear Henry K.

        Shalom and love in Jesus.

        Thanks for this comment. The historical parallell to Sodoma and Gomorra is relevant for our own culture. Its similar and will share the same destiny at the eteral scrapyard of histoy. Thrown into the eternal flames of Hell.

  4. I’ve not a Christian and I’m quite secular and modern.
    my beliefs are open to critique even by myself…

    So I think if a man with as much prestige as this one can be socially rediculed, humiliated and shamed for having a single opinion admittedly … It wasn’t ‘politically correct’ but it was one he was qualified to give.. He was a historian. It’s also quite clear to anyone who does some digging into Romans history that it was debauched which lead to it’s ultimate demise…. ‘Perhaps’…. But the point here is all those of you that struck this man down for voicing an opinion because it wasn’t politically correct ought to be damn ashamed of yourselves for being so weak minded, and as a result our society weakens more so you can pat yourself on the back for that, bravo..

  5. The only real value in this lesson is that the world is heading toward being like Sodom, just as Jesus said it would. We can’t save the world, but perhaps we can see that God is true, and do what we can to save ourselves and others.

  6. It may be true that history repeats itself. Either way, this history is a noted caution. It confirms that, contrary to current popular psychology, that homosexuality can be learned. As such, it is important to keep recruitment in check so as not to pervert people with otherwise normal desires for the opposite sex. It may become a tool for politician seeking to control the population and may already be so. There is a conflict between a growing environmental concern and heterosexual leanings. That is not an endorsement, only a warning that there may be other forces at play. To my experience, homosexuals have not been consistently effective in leadership. It may be wise to observe that on a case by case basis, but with minority status in society, one would think that they would go overboard to perform well. This may raise a question of capability in being out of touch with the natural cycle of life. Whatever the case, this too shall pass.

  7. Ih have had to care for sodomites in my surgical practice. Their deviant acts sometimes necessitated major surgery to save a life. Sodomy is an antisocial, evil practice that destroys human beings. Anyone who is offended by frank discussion about sodomites is lacking intelligence or education, and maybe both.

  8. It isn’t that there is wide spread sodomy taking place that will doom us. It’s the fact that it’s so widely accepted as nothing more than a divergent lifestyle.

    1. Sodomy, once called “the abominable and detestable crime against nature,” has become commonly accepted and practiced by heterosexuals. The homosexuals know perfectly well that inserting heterosexual penises into heterosexual females’ mouths and anuses is indistinguishable from inserting homosexual penises into homosexual mouths and anuses. This detestable perversion is promoted throughout the government brainwashing and reeducation facilities as “safe sex.” Of course use a condom!

  9. Makes sense. Homosexuals and trans people are notorious gun haters. Of course people must be PC and claim a country of homosexuals and genderqueer are better or the same as heterosexuals for defense.

    America’s problems go beyond the homosexual issue. America will be brought down from greed. CA is already lost from greed and cheap labor. CA can control D.C. with lawsuits. If the dems ever figure out how to bypass the Electoral Collage, CA and NY can control the vote. And Mexico can control the vote in CA…so Mexico can control the USA election.

    Now I read if China gets mad they will block pharmaceutical exports to the USA. China make most of our medicine along with India.

  10. Now that China has Comrade Xi’s agent in the Oral Orifice (so called in dishonor of a previous occupant) DC will not be difficult to control. Some pretence made by the Impostor-In-Chief to stand up to China…what’s that? The Impostor’s representative has insulted Comrade Xi’s representative, and after a whipping with a rolled-up newspaper, come slinking back with his tail between his legs. Well, what next? The I-I-C has personally insulted President Putin. All through the ages, personally insulting the kings of rival kingdoms has been the “backhand in the face” as a challenge to fight. Sending on a pike the head of the rival’s ambassador has been a confirmation of malevolent intent, but unfortunately the Russian ambassador has already been recalled.
    Who will receive the (dis-?)honor of being the Harris-Biden regime’s proxy? Direct war between the two, or three, major nuclear armed powers is too dangerous, so champions must be obtained. The Russians have recently entered a pact with the Iranian mullahs, so perhaps Iranian blood will be spilled on behalf of Russia. And the Alawite Syrian regime as well? Russia aligning with two rival Muslim countries puts them in a position to keep Muslims out of Russia, and that each Muslim government regards the other as apostates helps to discourage them from a direct alliance.

  11. Good day, I have been reading many of the comments being written on the Roman Empires fall and homosexuality playing a part in it all. My main reason I was reading this particular arlticle was I wanted to understand some history about the Romans and homosexuality. I believe i have ancestary connections in my family bloodline of practicing homosexuality, to which I personally have struggled with in my personal life. Although Father has delivered me from these struggles I personaly wanted to dig deeper into finding a possible connection through my family bloodline since I am Italian.

  12. Yes, I would say this is true. Have you researched the emperor Hadrian? He was married but had a 17-year-old lover boy until he died. (I can’t remember how; I think he drowned)

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