More Roman Catholic sex abuse in Scotland

Police have confirmed they are investigating allegations of abuse by monks at a former Scottish Catholic boarding school.

Catholic monks did their acts of sodomy, protected by the religious walls of shame.
Catholic monks did their acts of sodomy, protected by the religious walls of shame. Young boys were victimized and injured for life.

It follows a BBC Scotland investigation which uncovered evidence of 30 years of physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey in the Highlands and its East Lothian prep school.

The Benedictine order which ran the schools has apologised to any victims.

Fresh claims of abuse have now emerged since the program aired on Monday.

Tim Coppin said he studied at Fort Augustus from 1960 until 1965 and told BBC Scotland he was “violently abused” and tortured by monks there.

Alan Draper, an academic and former adviser to the Catholic Church in Scotland on child protection issues, said he found the BBC Scotland investigation both “moving and shocking”.

He praised the men who shared their stories and said: “What we all saw, was that these men live with the trauma all the time.

“It is the failure of the institution. This is a worldwide issue for the Catholic Church – their failure to reach out to victims.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

When you take a deep look into history, freedom fighters across Europe have many times tried to get rid of the yoke of Catholicism. The very idea that a religious bishop in Rome, was to be put in charge of Global Christianity.

The papacy and free masonry tries its best to remove Zionism.
The papacy and free masonry tries its best to remove Zionism.

This religious cult of Rome was established in and around 315 A.D. This was a New Age religion, a bid by the Roman Empire to contain and control the spread of Biblical Christianity.

The idea of one man in control of the global domaine, is the true roots of Fascism. It produces bad fruits, and have millions of victims in its path. The path that leads to destruction.

In 1910, Portugal tried to get rid of Roman Catholicism. For the third time in 200 years, Catholic orders were banned, in particular the Jesuit Order, whom control the nations educational system.

Do not forget that the present Pope is a Jesuit, the first to rule in the Vatican.

António de Oliveira Salazar
António de Oliveira Salazar

The freedom from this Fascist religion with a copy-cat “Jesus” in its midst were brief for the victimized Portuguese.

The Fascist dictator Salazar was a devoted Roman Catholic, who enforced this religious bondage back on his Portuguese subjects.

Fascism was the rule in Portugal from 1928 onwards. In was not removed before the revolution in 1968.

Benito Mussolini.
Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

In 1870, Italians exiled the Pope from Rome.

Roman Catholicism was abolished as the official religion of the city, and hope for a better future were in the air.

Like in Portugal, it was a Fascist dictator who brought the yoke of Catholicism back to Rome. In 1929, Benito Mussolini brought the Pope back to the capital of the New Roman Empire, and gifted him the Vatican statehood.  In 1944, Mussolini was captured and killed by Italian freedom fighters.

Today, it is the United Nations that are the highest protector of Catholicism. It has gifted the Pope a seat at the UN, and recognized the Papal state as a sovereign area, with self governance. A continuation of the Fascist policy of the Mussolini regime.

Can you see this?

There are millions of victim of this evil copy-cat religion that tries to replace true Christianity. It is Satan’s best bid to deceive mankind, and even the elect if possible.

Are you one of the evil doers who whitewash Roman Catholicism, and brand it as a part of the Christian family?

The criminal acts of the Papacy will continue till the day the returning Messiah brings an end to this falsehood.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “More Roman Catholic sex abuse in Scotland

  1. Well, if you have to have a ‘One World Religion’ and (it has to be corrupt, filthy, blasphemous,, then it’s got to be Catholic)

    If you have to have a Pope to be ‘the Holy Father here on Earth for ”all Men and Women and all ‘little boys and girls then ya gotta have a ”pervert, … you know it’s got to be Catholic

    IF that One Religion involved in the governments of the world…has to be ‘respected by all Nations as ‘they sweet little religion’ of peace…. then you will need one huge well known for centuries… Kiss-up and loyal to the largest bidder that day….then it’s got to be Catholic

    …….So I see no problem…..! (smile)….
    The Road is wide, many are rushing to the Huge Gates to Enter in

    The Road to Jesus is narrow and few there be that find it …few there be that want it…because His Way is One Way…Only His Way…reward…Eternal Life…forever!

    Many want Jesus, for a healing, finances, marriage restored, etc…the False Prophets voices are so engrained in the land of America and across the World, that to say, they are False is only
    speaking on deaf ears. Yet we keep praying they will return to hear
    the Truth.
    Don’t be deceived….many who are not suffering from lack, have yet to know the joy of Christ in and with them in a storm. It’s easy to be in a storm in a nice home, with the bills paid and the wrinkles out of your belly.
    May the Lord grant us all the strength to withstand the days to come and continue to enjoy that abundance of joy we have in him
    by His Grace ..†

  2. Thank you so much for reporting on these things. In the country where I grew up, the majority of people believe that Christianity and Catholicism are the same thing….takes a lot of convincing/conviction from the Holy Spirit to lead them toward the narrow path.

    1. Dear Mary.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for this comment. I just returned from Ireland. I understand, that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is loosing its grip on the souls of the Irish people. The Tuam scandal is the last of the cmiminal offences of the RCC, exposed. 800 infants dumped in a tank of the city of Galway. I preached to the people I visited, that they do not pray to saints and madonnas. But should pray to Jesus, and use no other names.

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