Italian Magazine: 98 per cent of priests are gays

Panorama is owned by Silvio Berlusconi and claims the Vatican is full of homosexual priests.

Many Catholic priests in Rome live a homosexual double life, claims Italian Magazine.

A preview of the article sent out by Panorama said:

“By day they are regular priests, complete with dog collar, but at night, it’s off with the cassock as they take their place as perfectly integrated members of the Italian capital’s gay scene.”

Panorama described its investigation as “deeply disturbing” as it detailed how the priests – two Italians and a Frenchman – happily took part in gay events and had casual sex.

In a statement on Friday, the Rome diocese insisted that the vast majority of Rome’s 1,300 priests were truthful to their vocations and were “models of morality for all.”

The Vatican did not comment on the Panorama investigation, but a senior source said:

“This is the usual silly season rubbish to attract readers during the quiet summer months”.

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

Sometimes is takes guts to quote the obvious. Is there anyone who really believe, that The Vatican is a powerhouse of homosexual priests?

Is it the hetrosexual priests that rapes alterboys?

A report from the Government of Ireland, exposed the Roman Catholic priesthood to be being as many of 150.000 sexual abuse cases in Ireland alone sins 1930. Read the fill story:

The Magazine Panorama just report the painful truth about  the Sodom and Gomorrah like condition inside St. Peters square in Rome.

Written by Ivar

First published: July 30th 2010.

The skull of Saint Ignatius

Saint Ignatius, O.F.M. Cap., was born in 1701, the son of peasants at Laconi, Sardinia. As a young man he vowed, during a serious illness, that if he recovered his health, he would consecrate his life to God in the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

The saint, the Queen of Heaven and the skull. Three Roman Catholic images to be adored and venerated.

He died on May 11, 1781, and many miracles were said to have occurred at his grave. Brother Ignatius was beatified in 1940, and canonized in 1951.

The skeleton of this “saint” was looted from the grave, and his skull replaced by a wax figure with a golden mask.
Roman Catholics in Sardinia gathered to pray in front of the skeleton with a golden death mask.
The statue of the “saint” on the island of Sardinia.
Another Church statue of the saint, with the skull on the altar.
The feet of the saint is made of vax, and given a silver color.

It is typical for Roman Catholic worship of the dead, to keep a skull for adoration and veneration.

We do not know is this is a skull of a martyred Christian killed by the Catholic monk, or a skull of a forefather the priest has cut off from the skeleton. Under all circumstance, it is morbid and grotesque.

 Matthew 23:27
“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Written by Ivar

Pius XII founded Vatican Bank accused of hiding Nazi-money

The Institute for Works of Religion was founded by Pope Pius XII in 1942. The institution is run like an Investment Bank for the Pope, and is commonly known as the Vatican Bank.

The Vatican bank was formed in 1942, when the Facsist needed to whitewash money and gold stolen from the Jews. .
The Vatican bank was formed in 1942, when the Facsists needed to whitewash money and gold stolen from the Jews. .

The Pontiff lost the Papal states in Italy in 1870. To be able to raise funds to the exiled Roman Catholic Church, the Pope in 1887 formed an Catholic institution named «Administration of the Works of Religion».

The first major contributor to the Papal fund was the Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Funds were pumped into the the Popes accounts as a part of the Lateran Pacts of 1929.

Facsist dictaror Benito Mussolini punped funds into the Papal accounts in 1929.
Benito Mussolini pumped fresh funds into the Papal accounts in 1929.

This Catholic institution was not organized as a bank before 1942. Pope Pius XII was already in 1946 accused by the American Intelligence for laundering money and gold for the defeated Nazis.

«The Bigelow Report» was declassified in 1997. It was a peace time Top Secret report from US Treasury Agent Emerson Bigelow. The agent accused the Vatican Bank for laundering money and gold coins for the Nazis who ruled Croatia.

Bigelow alerted his superior that Croatian officials had sent 350 million confiscated Swiss francs (CHF) to the Vatican Bank «for safekeeping».

On the way some CHF150 million were allegedly seized by British authorities at the border between Austria and Switzerland, which brought the secret transfer into the open.

Pope Pius XII formed the Vatican Bank in 1942

The US never investigated the transactions towards a final conclusion. The matter was kept a secret up to 1997. Because the Vatican is a statehood, US courts have refused to entertain law suits against the Vatican Bank, whose leadership can hide behind diplomatic immunity.

«There is no basis in reality to the report», said Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, as reported in Time magazine.

The Institute for Works of Religion is commonly known as Vatican Bank, and is located inside the Vatican City. It is run by a professional bank CEO who reports directly to a committee of cardinals, and ultimately to the Pope.

The Vatican Bank is said to be a successful and profitable bank. By the 1990s, the Bank had invested somewhere over USD 10 billion in foreign companies.

In 1968 Vatican authorities hired Michele Sindona as a financial advisor, despite Sindona’s questionable past. It was Sindona who was chiefly responsible for the massive influx of money when he began laundering the Gambino crime family’s heroin monies (taking a 50 per cent cut) through a shell corporation «Mabusi». This laundering was accomplished with the help of another banker, Roberto Calvi, who managed the Banco Ambrosiano. Both Calvi and Sindona were members of the P2 Lodge.

John Paul I ruled for 33 days. Later he was followed by John Paul II

When Pope John Paul I became Pope in 1978 he was informed about the allegations of wrongdoing at the Vatican Bank.

The pope instructed Jean-Marie Villot, Cardinal Secretary of State and head of the papal Curia, to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in office, leading to claims that he had been murdered as a result of discovering a scandal.


Read more about Pius XII and the Fascist state of Croatia: Click here:

First published: 02.01.2010.

Written by Ivar

Catholics whitewash Mussolini as child of the church

“It seems that in the twilight of his life, Mussolini was reconciled to the Church”.

The Roman Catholic dictator Benito Mussolini hangs on a fish hock in Milan in April 1945. 15 other Fascists and his mistress hung with him.

The Catholic Herald is testing the waters in regards to Roman Catholic fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. This is what the paper writes in a comment, under the title: Why do the Italians still have a soft corner or Mussolini?

 An elderly priest put it succinctly: “Quando c’era Lui, Roma era un monastero.” Literally, when he was here, Rome was a monastery. Monasteries, I assume, are the acme of order to Italians. And that is how they thought of Mussolini – a regime of order, “un regime d’ordine”. When you consider just how disorderly modern Italy can be, especially below that invisible line that separates North from South, nostalgia for the Duce is understandable.

The people of Italy hailed Mussolini, and still have a “soft corner” for him.
Two good Roman Catholics, who murdered 60 million people.

 Then there is what Farrell has to say about Mussolini’s religion: he started life as a rabid anti-clerical, though never anti-religious as such; he only married in Church late in the day; the elder children were baptised several years after their birth; and yet, it seems that in the twilight of his life, Mussolini was reconciled to the Church. These are just some of the many contradictions that makes il Duce’s life so fascinating.

Source: Catholic Herald

My comment:

Why do the Italians still have a soft corner for Benito Mussolini?

The best answer to this question is obvious. Those Italians are still fascists.

Because the statement of Mussolini being reconciled to the the Church, late in life is laughable.

Did this claimed reconciliation take place before or after this fascist dictator was executed, and his dead body hanged up on a fish hock in Milan on April 29th 1945?

The truth is that almost all Roman Catholics in the World supported Mussolini and his “great leadership” in Rome. It was Musssolini who gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood in 1929.

Written by Ivar

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