Shinbone of “Mary Magdalene” toured the US

Worshippers at Ave Maria Oratory in Neaples (FL) came to adore a relic of St. Mary Magdalene’s tibia bone.

Roman Catholic worshipers kneel and pray in front of a shinbone claimed to have belonged to “Maria Magdalene”.

This is what have been recorded by many Roman Catholic websites:

The fragmented leg bone relic, considered sacred by many Catholics, was on tour throughout the United States until the end of November 2009.

This will be it’s only stop in Florida. It’s permanent home is in the diocese of Frejus-Toulon at La Sainte Baume in southern France.


In February and March 2011, the same skin bone was touring California.

Let us look at some pictures:

A Roman Catholic priest help the faithful to carry the piece of a bone into a “Church”.
This adorable fragment of a leg bones is venerated by Roman Catholics.
Touching, kissing, praying and making the sign of the cross.
Some priests conduct a mass with the bone in front of the altar.

Another spectacular relic of “Mary Magdalaine” is one of her claimed tooth. This tooth is kept in a golden cylinder inside
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It was a gift of J. Pierpont Morgan in 1917.

There is no valid information about this tooth available. Was it removed by the priests, or did it fall out by it self?
A claimed holy tooth of a Jewess, kept in NYC.


How do the Roman Catholic transport their bones and even “Holy tooth”?

They normally carry them on their shoulders:

 The relic, a portion of St. Mary Magdalene’s tibia, or shinbone, will be carried in a reliquary to California for a one-month tour. After two weeks in Northern California, the relic will make a stop at the federal penitentiary in Atwater on its way to Southern California.

My comment:

There are few Biblical persons who have been mocked more by the Vatican, than the Jewess Miriam Magdelaine.

Not only do the Pope claim she had more “Holy hands”than an octopus, all kept for adoration is various Catholic and Orthodox shrines. Her skull is carried on the shoulders of demonized Catholics in France.

Her is a link to the article with the concerned report.

The claimed skull of Maria Magdalene paraded on the shoulders of Roman Catholics in France.

It is a complete disgrace, to let these filthy and morbid bone collectors in the Roman Catholic Church continue their blasphemy.

But: There seems to be no sane leader in this religious movement, who can bring all this kind of religious perversions to an halt.

Jesus the Messiah has prepared a hot place for all these blind guides, who deceive millions of people to accept shameless sin as “Holiness”.

Inside the eternal fire of Hell is a not a place we should wish anyone to land, and certainly not anyone having to spend eternity there.

 Job 20:4-7
“Do you not know this of old,
Since man was placed on earth,
 That the triumphing of the wicked is short,
And the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment?
 Though his haughtiness mounts up to the heavens,
And his head reaches to the clouds,
Yet he will perish forever like his own refuse.

Still: Roman Catholic priest in their thousands knows they participate in perverting the truth. But since they have already sold out their souls to SATAN, thy seems to take pleasure in their life, in a middle of a bottomless pit of sins.

       Revelation 9:2 

 And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace.   So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit.  (NKJV).

Repent or perish.
Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Shinbone of “Mary Magdalene” toured the US

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  1. this is just sick…Catholics will do anything to get money…they’ll lie and get people to eat meat (Fish) on Friday they bought a fish cannery, they lie and sell candles they say they can ‘make life easier in the Limbo for dead people to take them out of Purgatory and put them in Limbo…since their sins were not that bad if the people buys candles …they lie about grave digging….people flock to see the ‘bone of ‘….it could be a bone of a dead dog ….these people don’t care…it makes the poor to believe it’s holy….these people should be in Prison!

    1. to Andrea: Amen!!! Catholics will worship anything and believe anything. A shinbone, come on, a shinbone? I have a shinbone too but it won’t go on display to be worshipped or paraded around when I pass into heaven.

      1. Amen …and America lets this happen…..’to tour America’….Get Real….folks….who’s lining whose pockets here..huh…???..the only thing that is holy about the Catholics is ‘the holes The Holy Spirit can put in their beliefs, doctrines, activities and anything about them from the beginning to the end…but you folks go right ahead and worship these demon followers… the way ‘Christians ya got a dog? Looks like the Catholics are digging up more graves for more bones etc, and bringing some more of those ‘bones’ around!! makes good Soup bones too! (ewwwww haha)

  2. It’s because they DO NOT know the truth. They fall for every cock n bull story that comes down the tube. Satan LOVES it, that they fall for this crap. Did you ever notice apparations only come to those who are blind to the truth og the Gospel. One grounded in the truth of Scripture will not swallow this swill. Satan is still getting catholics to believe his lies and bishops are saying yes this is really Mary, and taking in the loot.

    1. what really gets me is how do they know for sure that it is the shinbone of Mary Magdalene, it could be from a dog or maybe a plastic fake bone meant to trick the people? It really galls me when the catholic church says that they are the only ones who have all the relics of dead saints. those relics are fake, and as far as the Shroud of Turin is concerned, that is fake also. The book of Isaiah chp 52 says Jesus will be marred more than any man, the image on the Shroud doesn’t look to be too marred.

  3. is it really her shin bone? who cares, as long as it brings in the money.
    All the relics of the “true” cross together would be enough lumber to build a dozen, maybe LOTS more, houses. LOL

  4. Was wondering if there are available print/ postcards or some sort of picture of Mary Magdalen’s tooth or tibia for purchase.

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