Obamas jew-hunters have finally arrived

President Obama has chosen two Islam friendly Americans to serve as Secretary of Defense and CIA-director.

The Three Musketeers Hagen, Obama and Brennan will hunt down the Jews in America.
The Three Musketeers Hagel, Obama and Brennan will hunt down the Jews in America.

US President Barack Obama has named Chuck Hagel to be his next defense secretary and counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan to lead the CIA, but the nominations may not go smoothly.

Mr Hagel’s fellow Republicans have accused him of being hostile to Israel and soft on Iran.

Mr Brennan is also under scrutiny over harsh interrogation techniques used at the CIA.

Both appointments must be confirmed by the Senate.

Mr Obama, who has just returned from a family holiday in Hawaii, said at a White House press conference that Mr Hagel was “the leader our troops deserve”.

Source: BBC

My comment:

We have to thank God of Israel that the hunters seems to have arrived in Washington.

Five million Jews are still living in the US, as comfortable as the Jews in Germany and Poland in the 1930-ties.

The Jews in America who still fear God of the Bible, will eventually have to chose between bowing before Obama or being exiled as “enemies” of peace and the new Universal brotherhood.

 Jeremiah 16:16

But now I will send for many fishermen,” declares the LORD, “and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill and from the crevices of the rocks.

Well and done.

Chuck Hagel is a committed anti-Zionist, who looks on Israel as the very troublemaker in the Middle East, who put American servicemen at risk. Even those who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

John Brennan has embraced Hizb”Allah as the very well wishers of Lebanon, a religious movement has claims do a lot of charity and good work. He even suggested that their military wing should join the regular Lebanese army.

Together Brennan, Hagel and Obama is the perfect team. They will surely work hard together with the Muslim Brotherhood to remove the “illegal settlements of Jews” who put the whole World at risk.  And such Jews will soon be branded as the very “enemies of peace”, and be told to obey or leave America.

Mind my words.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Obamas jew-hunters have finally arrived

    1. I think that was covered before, but you’re definitely right on. I wrote about that in an earlier blog of mine that Obama isn’t worried about public perception to carry out his agenda this term and he will more than likely see term limits removed.

  1. This trio does not believe in the God of Israel and they will see what they will get by touching the apple of God’s eye. Did they not learn from history and are blinded by sin that they are so ignorant.

  2. We, the obamination of imbeciles, have re-elected Islamic terrorists’ BBF. And what a smart terrorist supporter he is by choosing Hagle who’s warned us of the threat of the Israeli lobby and Brennan who has deleted “Islamic terrorism” from all acts of Islamic terrorism in the public record, so that we, the imbeciles who re-elected King Obama, can no longer defend ourselves and Islamic terrorists can act with impunity.

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