If you want to win the civil war in the US, you need to have the support of California.

The US is divided into two blocks. The liberal East and West, and the conservative South and central.

The state of California has more votes than the entire Mid-West. And the central of America wants Washington to have less powers.

The US is a divided nation. The east and west coast of America is liberal and urban. The Wast and the South are rural and conservative.

One of amazing sides of the Democrat-Republican divide, is that the politics in the US looks familiar with the map of the civil war in 1860-ties. The Yankees in the North are democrats. And the confederates in the South votes for the Republican party.

The North-South division is still valid in US Politics.

The issues that divides are the same. The liberal and urban American wants a strong federal republic lead by a powerful Washington D.C.  The rural and conservative’s wants political power to be decentralized, and the central Government to have limited control over the citizens.

If the division continues, the American union might be up for trouble. The Americans are armed, and they might start to fight.

Written by Ivar