Massive support for Catholic grave looting in France

They dug up a coffin with a corpse, 21 years after her death. The parade of the remains through Lisieux in France in 1917 was two kilometer long.

All the noble men in Northern France came to see and salute these men exhuming a corpse.

Saint Therese of Lisieux died of Tuberculosis in 1897. Her body was first exhumed by Roman Catholic priests on September 6th 1910 A.D, to find evidence that could lead to an application to the Pope for a possible process of beautification.

The second exhumation took place on August 9 and 10, 1917. During the fierce battles in Northern France during World War I.

On the 10th, the length of the parade behind the exhumed corpse was whopping two kilometers long.

Before we look at the procession, let us study the priests and bishops attending the grave looting:

The number of priests and bishops are completely stunning. (click on picture to enlarge to a larger view).
Hectic examination of evidence, as the coffin resurfacing in front of the clergy.

This reversed funeral procession was the grand event not only in the township. Nobel men from all over France attended, even American soldiers who fought in World war I.

First a report of the Noble men who joined the grave looters on the grave yard:

 By his side stand the vicars general, Labutte, Dean of the Chapter and Archdeacon of Bayeux; Quirié, Archdeacon of Lisieux and Vice-President of the Tribunal constituted in 1910 for the “Process informatif” of the Cause: Theophile Duboscq, Superior of the Major Seminary and Promoter of the Faith, responsible for ensuring the strict observance of the canonical rules; Briere, Chancellor of the Bishop.

  Standing near Monsigneur, one could also see the representative of the civil authority, M. Louis Lebihan, Police Commissioner of the city of Lisieux, assisted by an agent.

Its also worthy to take notice of the proclamation of excommunication of all who might have removed any of the remains of the corpse. The corpse was the property of the “Sovereign Pontiff”:

 But before that, Monseigneur rises and, in a serious and solemn voice, pronounces major excommunication, specially reserved to the Sovereign Pontiff, against whomever removes or adds anything to the remains of the Venerable Servant of God who is about to be exhumed.

Sine the corpse had not yet been beautified and canonized, the Bishops were banned from sining songs, nor could the local parish priest ring the bells of any kinds. The local parishioners who had promoted the departed nun to be declared a “saint” was formally to be considered a “cult of the blessed”.

 He then orders the two choirs, when the procession departs, to chant the Psalms of the Common of Virgins. The transfer, according to the ecclesiastical laws, may not today include any singing, any songs, or any bells ringing, because the Church has not officially authorized the cult of the Blessed.

The Monseigneur than have the necessary instructions to his clergy, of how to arrange the procession from the grave years to the Roman Catholic Church in Lisieux.

Take a look at these pictures of the preparation for the procession, and the parade:

The coffin is put under a “Queens covering”. The noble men gets ready to go first in the parade.
Order brothers loyal to the Pontiff and Noble men goes first in the parade.

The Procession:

 In the front, behind the police officers and those in charge of ensuring free access to the path, are the ceremonial guards of  Saint-Jacques Parish with the cross-bearer and acolytes.

 After them come the boys from the Christian schools of the city, the members of Patronages, with trumpets and flags, and the gymnastic societies of Lisieux. Then the students from the various boarding schools for girls.

 Behind them, here now are the Congregations of the Blessed Virgin with their banners, blue ribbons and white veils; the young Catholic women, etc.  Then, the choir boys, more than one hundred and twenty grouped in two rows on each side of the road, the young ones in red cassocks and capes, the older ones in long robes with cinctures of cloth of gold.

 And finally, the clergy: almost three hundred priests of the diocese, in choir dress; the canons of Evreux and Seez; many priests of Paris; members of almost all the dioceses of France, belonging to different levels of the Ecclesiastical hierarchy.

One of the amazing fruits of this ceremony of exhuming a skeleton, was the participation of Americans.

The American continent, itself, appears in the person of several of its priests.  Following them, religious in all habits, members of all the religious families: Franciscans, Dominicans, Fathers of the Assumption, Praemonstreans, Trappists, Jesuits, Discalced Carmelites . . .

…In the middle of the path are the distinguished prelates in violet dapes: the Bishop Crispin, Superior of the Chaplains of Montmartre; Bishop Moses Cagnac, Canon of the Metropolis of Bourges, surrounding His Excellency Mgr. Chauvin, Bishop of Evreux, who was also accompanied by his Chancellor and the Canon Archpriest of his Cathedral.

 Accompanying the nuns and protecting them against possible turmoil in the crowd, the parade contained in their place the warrior officers who rushed up to the borders of Lorraine to form a glorious hedge around their “ gentle protector of the Battlefields.”

 Behind the carriage came the family of the Blessed, with Madame LaNeele, her maternal cousin, in the place of honor.  After the family pressed members of all the religious communities in the city:

 the Little Sisters of the Poor,

the Hospitalers,

 the Sisters of Providence, of Mercy, of the Refuge, etc. . . .

This township in France watched a walking spiritual disaster during World War I.

 Then, with martial footsteps, proudly dressed in their khaki uniforms, here are the American soldiers.

 Flags in front sported by Captain Huffer, Vice-Commander of the American Legion of Paris, rifle on his shoulder, they are there on behalf of their great country to bear witness to the “Little Flower of Jesus” of the devotion that attaches to her memory, down there, in the New World, And yet, some of them are of the Protestant religion. . . .

 The parade stretches for more than two kilometers.

Source: The official website of the “Saint”.

My comment:

When you see this kind of evil and wickedness presented as ‘Holiness”, you will better understand the catastrophe that took place in Europe from 1914-1918.A.D.

When the Roman Catholic grave looters paraded a corpse through the street of a township in France, 10 million soldiers were slaughtered and offered to Moloch at the border regions between France and Germany. It was called the “Western frontiers”.

Between 1 July and 18 November 1916, one million men lost their life during the battle of Somme.

Lisieux is also hardly 40 kilometers from the town of Caen, in the same region of France as the beaches of “Normandie.   The sacrifice of human blood in Europe seems to be a never ending story.

The principalities of evil rejoices in this extreme and grotesque ritual staged by the Roman Catholic Church.

We can only understand this event, by reading in the Bible that the beast will be the ruler of many Kings on the surface of the Earth. These kings orders their Generals and police commanders to obey the beast, or face persecution and imprisonment.

The remains of this nun from France has been adored, venerated and worshiped up to this day.
The military is still involved. Here the bones of Therese paid Ireland a visit.

A better display of evidence of the Pope being an antichrist, can hardly be found.

 Revelation 17:18
The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”

The connection between a “woman” who is a city, and a ruler is surly “the Mother of God”, Rome and the Pope. The woman needs a city. The city needs a ruler, who has been given spiritually authority over the sinful KING’s (in plural) of the Earth.

The Popes authority comes form the “woman”. That is why the Pope needs to make her a co-redeemer and co-matrix. If not, he will not receive any powers from her. The religious version of “the beauty and the beast”.

There have never been a more powerful king-ruler than man of Lawlessness who has set up his throne in the Vatican.  People are being deceived in their billions.

Close to the end, there will rise 10 kings outside the existing Kingdoms, who will come to power for one sole purpose. To bring the last and final antichrist on stage. They will ran the One World Government with him.

 Revelation 17:12
“The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast.

Written by Ivar

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