Tony Blair has found his global Church to work for new World Order

«Do what you want, but do not merry a Catholic». Thats was the advice Tony Blair got from his grand mother. And that was exactly what he did.

Tony Blair at the launch of his new plattform on 30th of May 2008 in New York
Tony Blair at the launch of his new plattform on 30th of May 2008 in New York

In last Tuesday Vatican magazine L’Osservatore Romano, Tony Blair spoke about his new faith. The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom explains how he was fascinated with the universality of the Church of Rome, as a global institution.

«When you are a Catholic you can go for mass all over the World. I have celebrated mass in Kigali, Peking and Singapore», explains Blair.

Wherever a Catholic might be, He is in communion with others, and that is fantastic. The Universal Church is an important model of a global institution, says the present peace envoy in the Middle East. Blair is sure that the Church has a central role in the changes in society, and that religion must has a place in the public debate.

Faith has to take the central stage, and Blair looks up on religions as important. But the past PM do not fell that confrontation will cease to exist. To the opposite, Blair feels that the Church and the politicians will end up on different side of the table. But Blair feels that this is besides the point. He wants faith to take its rightful place in public life, not to be silenced.

The pope and Blair partners in the work for a new World Order.
The pope and Blair partners in the work for a new World Order.

Blair also express his support for Pope Benedikt XVI´s teaching about «God`s central place in society, politics and economics». The Roman Catholic Church does promote a new economic World order, built on justice and fairness.

«We need to read this manifest of the Pope over, and over again, proclaims Blair».

Tony Blair did merry a Catholic, and they also chose to baptize their children in the Roman Catholic Church.

«My journey of faith took 25 years. As time passed by, emotionally, intellectually and rationally, the Catholic home became natural for me. When i left the post as Prime Minister, I finally started to do something I had been longing for» explains Blair.

Source: The Vatican magazine: L’Osservatore Romano.
As translated in the Swedish Christian daily:

My comment:

It is worth mentioning a couple of important details of the conversion of Tony Blair from the Anglican faith to the Catholic faith.


Tony Blair do never speak about sin, the Bible, repentance, and that He has finally found the truth about a Jew called Jesus of Nazareth.


Tony Blair is attracted to a Universal and global organization called a «Church».


Tony Blair has found a new «Church», from where He can work for a new World Order.

Tony Blair is a man hungry for Worldly power. People who has walked as antichrists, have always been serving the Prince of this World. Lets pray that Tony Blair in time will find out who he is serving. Blair need to repent or perish.

Read more about how Rome and Islam works together to create a new World Order: Click here

First published: 23rd of September 2009.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “Tony Blair has found his global Church to work for new World Order

  1. You forgot to say we worship Mary and there are secret graves under the church. Catholics have brought the holy bible around the world and have done more good works than all other religions combined. (hospitals, food drives and shelter) Now you are crying world order. Seek a priest or bishop and discuss your grievances instead of gossip and vague accusations.

    1. Dear Leobee

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      What are these secret graves under the Church?

      In which year, did the Catholic Church allow its faithful to have their private Bible?

      1. Dear all readers.


        Ray Joseph Cormier and Oldman have been spammed. They published external links, knowing that this is not permitted. Oldman published a link to a Roman Catholic Website. Cormier to his own self-styled prophetic ministry, which the editors have discerned to be a seat of a false prophets.

        We have not seen any willingness to repent in the comments of these two gentlemen. They will not be permitted to use News That Matters for their falsehood.

    1. Dear Christine.

      Welcome to this site. Yes, this is crazy stuff. Because what Tony Blair is doing has nothing to do with Jesus. Still he claims to be a Christian.

  2. That is a fairly large subject, but the printing press was invented in 1436. KJV came out in the 1600s. Yes there were times the Church did not want people to interpret, or could not read, and the bible was read directly to them. Yes bibles were chained to the Church or alter, but the reasons were not to hide scripture as this is an obvious accusation. Please go back and read the history and reasoning for it. The decisions of the church are not perfect just as the diciples were not, and I certainly am not. Dividing the faithful is causing these crazy accusations. If the church does not follow scripture make your case. God bless.

    1. The pappacy vehemently resisted any attempt at general Bible availability. In fact they ruthlessly murdered William Tyndale because he translated and printed up an ENGLISH bible, one that ordinary ENGLISH people could read in their own language…..
      The pappacy only used latin (weird seeing as it was and is a dead language…) and even then only approved clergy were permitted to even see a bible-let alone read one, and even then only selected passages that confirmed roman dogma…..

    2. Hi umfug read the story of Lucia dos Santos 1917 and the apparitions she had of your lady fatima,and this vission of Mary told her and her brother and sister to do penance and to make sacrifices to save sinners and to console JESUS for the worlds sins,and that JESUS wanted her to learn to read and write so she could spread the word of Marys immaculate heart ,this truely amazeing story involving popes,doomsday predictions, assasins withheld secrets etc etc,so if you realy want the answer to how { the catholic church does not follow scripture} then you should read it prehaps.. ivarfjeld..can write a blog on this subject ?

  3. Nazi-Pop Ratzinger and Blair!!!
    1. Vatikan and Hitler
    2. Blair and Bush
    3. Adolf Hitlers Bible
    4. GWB-Bible
    5. C.I.A.-Bible
    6. NeoCon-Bible
    7. ELCA-Bible
    8. SOCOM-Bible
    9. Military Bible

    Atheist 100%

  4. Umfug says – Catholics have brought the holy bible around the world and have done more good works than all other religions combined. (hospitals, food drives and shelter. Hmmm yes many good works but salvation is not by works nor how many works have been done. Mother Theressa was known for her works and admired but as someone whom rejected Christ alone and accepted other paths of salvation and other gods you can be assured she found no favour with the Lord. What statistics do you have to show that the RC church has done more than the so called non catholic church in building hospitals etc? What is th efruit of these schools? The RC church has also done much to destroy, we know of th einquisition wherby it forcibly converted jews and massacred millions what about the crusades where they massacred muslims and jews alike, what about the millions of christians killed for refusing to accept th epope and popish doctrine hence we had the wonderful reformation. What about the massive child abuse issues with new revalations every day on how children are sexually abused in these wonderful orphanges you talk about, what about Romes link to Hitler, what about Romes assertion that they have replaced Israel when the Bible says differently, what about the ethnic cleansing of the Inca and Aztecs, I could go on but people in glass houses sould not throw stones if you know what I mean. Actually one more point to make, it was protestants whom took the bible to the world via the British empire, thebiggest empire in the world yet.

  5. Sorry I don’t believe this portends for good. The Roman Catholic Western Church with the Protestants and the Eastern Orthodox Church resist the commandments of the Almighty to replace them with traditions that nullify these commandments. If you have the Scriptures is one thing but to do them is what he wants. He wants us to by grace received for forgiveness in gratefulness to be obedient not to man made creeds and traditions of the Church but for the Bride of the Messiah to live by his living commandment and instructions given in the Scriptures. The Roman Catholic, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox churches are a form of neo-paganism idolatrous compromise because of their despising of Israel and the proper way to keep the faith by walking as he walked abiding in Him, 1Yachanon(John) 2:6, and as Apostle Paul instructed concerning proper traditions of the elders to follow him as he followed the Messiah, 1Corinthians 11:1. Traditions are fine as long as they are not anti-Judaic in nature to the point they nullify the commandments of the Creator lived out in his Son. Mark 7 and Mattithyahu 15 can be applied to today’s Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox communions as YaSHUA of Nazareth applied it to the establishment of Jewish sects of his day to their shame. I am not for Jewish traditions either that nullify the commandment that Rabbinical Judaism practices but we must not view practicing the Bible commandments as one preacher told me as “Palestinian customs”!

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