Son of Hamas works on movie on Muhammad

In the wake of protests over Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s Innocence of Muslims, two film-makers have revealed they are also planning movies depicting the prophet Muhammad.

Muslim anchors in The CNN is up in arms over films who tell the truth about Muhammad. Like the movie in progress made by Mosab Hassan Yousef.

The newspaper names the first film-maker as Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian who moved to Los Angeles several years ago. He told the LA Times he had already cast a “prominent Hollywood actor” in the title role of his $30m (£18.5m) film, titled simply Muhammad.

“My goal is to create this big mirror to show the Muslim world the true image of its leader,” Yousef says, adding that the film would feel similar to the Mel Gibson drama The Passion of the Christ. The film-maker was reportedly inspired to convert by the radical Egyptian Christian Zakaria Botros Henein, who has described Muhammad as a paedophile and buffoon and who may have also influenced the makers of Innocence of Muslims.

The second film-maker is named as Ali Sina, a Canadian atheist who was raised as a Muslim in Iran. He says he has secured $2m (£1.2m) for a film that will portray Muhammad as a cult leader in the style of David Koresh or Jim Jones. Sina hopes to shoot next year if he can raise an extra $8m. He has been planning his film for a decade but says it only recently became a possibility due to technical advances in film distribution.

Source: The Guardian

The Monty Python group said it was dangerous to make a movie about Muhammad. I believe they are right. When the British comedy team made the movie “Life of Brian” in 1979, they did have some cultural experience with religious people in the UK.

During last week Islamic hooliganism and violence, the Monty Python say “cultural Christians” should not make movies about Islam, because they can not fully understand the faith of Muslims.

Well and done.

Lets therefor be excited and wait for the movie of Mosab Hassan Yousef. He believed in “allah”, and call the “god” of the Arabs for a “terror god”.  Today this former Hamas member has renounced Islam, and claim that Jesus is God and Messiah.

We surely have something exiting coming down the pipeline.

Written by Ivar


7 thoughts on “Son of Hamas works on movie on Muhammad

  1. Eric Idle, John Cleese, etc they thought they were SO cool and SO rad when they started off the whole irreverent comedy scene at university 50 years ago. Go eat a papperbok Eric….what brazen hypocrisy. If they had known Jesus they wouldnt of mocked Him in their inane puerile little movie. They represent that arrogant post war generation, one that was conceited, over educated, over fed-and under worked-who started that whole downward spiral train ride into sneering and mocking everything that represents Godliness and sound morality, revelling in juvenile filthy innuendo like spoilt immature little schoolboys. And of colurse they knew that, unlike the rad moslem folks, the Christians were unlikely to call for fatwah on them….
    I wont hold my breath waiting for any “movie”, rather pray the Lord raise up Elijah preachers who will speak His word…

    1. Dear Jonathan.


      I was 15 years old what I saw Life of Brian. I was already an atheist, and what Christians thought about this movie, I could care less.

      I found the movie funny, and it displayed religious people as quite insane.

      After being saved, I saw the movie one more time. It was still funny. “Brian” is a man who refuse to be the Messiah. But religious people force him to be their Messiah.

      Brian is an anti-hero, and a bad taste copy-cat of the true Messiah. Not a single truth-seeker will follow him.

      Have you seen the movie?

  2. When I posted the above I was thinking of ALL the stuff those clever liberated men (and the ensuing generation) have produced over the last 5 decades that I HAVE seen or heard, foul mouthed, perverted, cynical, banal and the totally inane contribution it has made to western culture (for what its worth)-so called humour that is cynical, dirty, callous, destructive, cruel.
    Shalom, Jonathan

  3. it’s a hatred to say that movie like IOM is the truth of muhammad life. All of you are just haters,

    Innocence of muslim i saw it is just like a porn. How u guys always interest in porn?

    I saw they made muhammad to be like an insane man and uncivilized.
    But, can’t you see what he has already done? Whole arabs turn muslim, whole arab to persia, africa, and spain once turned under the caliphate. And his religion now is the fastest growing religion and threat to all sinners like you. When You said isa al masih is god, than you have fallen to foolishness and you are pagan to worship one created thing.

    1. What Mohammed has done is lead many through the wide gates of hell. He has copy cat the Word of God and made his book of lies. Christ is God, and Allah is simply a lie. May you see the truth before it us too late.

  4. You really have to watch these people. If the movie wasn’t kosher to the powers that be it would never make it to the theaters. It reminds me of the Obama movie, they sell it as anti Obama but when you add up the “facts” they present leads the less informed watcher to think he’s a hero fighting for global equality, Based on the movie trailer and an interview from the director. I wouldn’t get too excited about the film yet, maybe it will just turn Muslims into atheists and they will still want the land as atheists.

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