One World religion accepted in the Lutheran camp

Through baptism Lutherans and Roman Catholics are bound to each other as members of the one body of Christ.

Julia Kristeva, Olav Fykse Tveit, patriarch Bartolomew I, first Primate Norvan Zakarian and Rowan Williams greet Pope Benedict XVI

This is written in an ecumenical document. “Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission Urges Celebration of Fruits of Dialogue in 2017”

As they approach the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017, Lutheran and Roman Catholic representatives affirmed that through baptism Lutherans and Roman Catholics are bound to each other as members of the one body of Christ.

The fourth meeting of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity took place from 12–19 July in Paderborn, Germany. The commission gathers under the auspices of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU).

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 will also mark 50 years of dialogue between the two churches, which the commission noted offers cause for celebration.

 “Catholics and Lutherans struggle in the face of their division to achieve the full catholicity of the church,” the commission said in a 19 July communiqué.

“On the one side there is joy about the communion they already share and have been able to make more explicit during the 50 years of official ecumenical dialogue. On the other side there is the pain about what is still dividing. The division of Christians stands in the opposition to the will of God.”

However, the commission added that by “harvesting the fruits of the ecumenical dialogue,” Lutherans and Roman Catholics can celebrate the communion that has already been achieved, which the commission said is greater than what divides them.

At the Paderborn meeting, hosted by the PCPCU, the commission finalized the document, “From Conflict to Communion: Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017.” Plans are underway for the publication and release of the document.

Source: Lutheran

My comment:

There is a lot of interesting stuff in this LWF document. You can download the PDF-document file Luth-Cath-Communiqué-July-2012

The theology of antichrist is being accepted into the Lutheran camp of Christianity. (click to read).


2017 will be a jubilee year since 1967, when the city of Jerusalem was finally liberated Islamic occupation. In 1948, the colonial occupier’s from the United Kingdom were emoved.

The Pope teach that a child is saved in the ritual of infant baptism. So if Lutherans accept this to be true, they are separated Catholics who will in large numbers return home to Rome. By the counterfeit spirit they have received by their false teachers.


That the LWF writes that “division of Christians stand in opposition to the will of God” is worth noticing.  Because it deletes the work of the Holy Spirit. No need to identify false teachers of false prophets. The Word of Jesus, and all the warnings in the Bible, is made null and void.

The union of the LWC and the Vatican is truly a part of the build up of the One World Religion.  They will together ” achieve the full “Catholicity of the Church”.

The truth is that this document is one of the strategic documents that pave the way for the last and final antichrist.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “One World religion accepted in the Lutheran camp

    1. Dear Eichanan


      I am a baptist, and can therefore not accept the doctrine of infant baptism. Going back to where I did not come from, is therefore not an option.

      But still I do accept the lay man movement of the evangelical Lutherans as Christian brothers. They all claim that a man must confess faith in Jesus to be permitted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

      The problem in the Lutheran camp, is that thousands of their teachers do not believe Martin Luther was right in belling the Pope as an antichrist. That is a fatal error.

      The Bible explains that a man who believe and is baptized will be saved. Baptism is not enough. You need to obey and follow the Messiah. Those who do not believe, will not be permitted into the Kingdom of heaven. Among those, surely also a lot of apostate Baptists and pentecostal’s.

  1. I believe that the Roman Catholic church is and has been corrupted with false doctrines. I do believe that a unifying with the Roman Catholic church would be a bad thing.

    I do think that the phrase catholicity may throw some people off though. It does not refer to making the church “Roman Catholic”. The term catholic actually means universal. I do believe that the body of Christ needs to come together, but according to sound biblical principles.

    It is true that the bible says one must believe and be baptized to be saved. However, there were numerous instances in the bible where people were not baptized yet still saved. Example, the thief on the cross.

    As a corporate body, we witness the awesome truth about God (Father, Son and Spirit) to the world. We are accountable to God and to each other as christians. We need to show the world that we are different, that our kingdom is not of this world. If some of us are weak, it affects us all!

    1. You say ‘we are accountable to God’ but then you say ‘our kingdom is not of this world’.

      The truth is ‘His Kingdom is not of this world’ and we through faith in Yeshuah and salvation through His blood hope one day to be accepted into His Kingdom which is to be established here with Yeshuah as King of kings and Lord of lords.

      Yeshuah said ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added to you’.

      False teaching in the Anglican church says that it is the churches job to build the kingdom.

      The Bible also teaches that Yeshuah will come and gather His people, therefore, we must not try to assemble ourselves together as such, but just do as He instructed us to do.

      ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’.

      That type of love involves showing each other using scripture where we are off track and accepting it with thanks to the Lord when we have been guided back.

      Of course, we have to understand the Lords warnings to us, there are many false prophets out there and we have to ‘test all things and hold fast that which is good..

      This attempt to create a universal church is anti Christ, it denies that Christ is the one who will come for us and bring us together.

      1. JESUS made it clear that those who acsept his blood sacrifice and repent there sins and praise him, will be his earthly temple.The Christian churches are divided, as are the opinions of all men in the interpretations of scripture, because they dont yet know the full storey of what hapend to our saveiors blood ,it did not soke into the earth ,the earth being the domain of satan ,His blood flowed down thru a 6 meter crack ,opend up at the moment he cried out …. his blood then fell upon the mercy seat/GODS earthly throne witch had bean hid there 600 years prior, thus completeing the sacrifice as JESUS himself was the high priest ,the sacrifice had to be perfect, just as in the days of Moses In order for us to unite against the deceptions of Satan we must have faith in our LORD and faith in each others ,is love not an act of faith ,did JESUS not teach us that we should be willing to give our lifes for our brothers ,are we to let the fear of anti-Christs hinder GODS work. I stand behind GODS messanger Ronald Eldon Wyatt and I pray to JESUS that he puts courage in your heart to do the same.

  2. “That the LWF writes that “division of Christians stand in opposition to the will of God” is worth noticing. Because it deletes the work of the Holy Spirit. No need to identify false teachers of false prophets. The Word of Jesus, and all the warnings in the Bible, is made null and void.”
    Can you elaborate on this? I don’t see the connection.

    It is a true, historical statement that the Lutheran tradition is a separated-Catholic tradition. The Lutheran tradition has always believed in infant baptism, yet that hasn’t stopped it from being separated from Rome. It has been for the last 500 years, and I don’t see that ending any time soon. No matter how close Lutherans and Roman Catholics become, the papacy without significant, tradition-shattering reform will always stand in the way of Lutherans reuniting with Roman Catholics.

    1. Dear Ken Ranos.


      You wrote:

      The Lutheran tradition has always believed in infant baptism.

      My reply:

      This is not accurate.


      Martin Luther him self was a baptist for three years from 1518 A.D to 1521 A.D. This is according to Luther’s own writings in the German language, refused to be introduced by High Church Lutherans in countries like Norway.


      On the mission field, every Lutheran missionary turns into a baptist. They can not bring converts back to infancy.


      Most lay man Lutherans are open to Baptism with full immersion by converts who confess faith in Jesus. It would be non sense to baptize adults who did not say they believed in Jesus.


      Since many Lutheran missionaries have baptized people with full immersion, why not practice your self what you just have preached?


      The doctrine of salvation in the baptism of infants its an invention of the Pope. It is a Roman Catholic doctrine.

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that Lutherans believed -only- in infant baptism. Lutherans believe that human beings of any age can and should be baptized. The Augsburg Confession, the first document to unite the Evangelical princes and the document considered to be the quintessential Lutheran document states: “Concerning baptism it is taught that it is necessary, that grace is offered through it, and that one should also baptize children, who through such baptism are entrusted to God and become pleasing to him. Rejected, therefore, are the Anabaptists who teach that the baptism of children is not right.” (Article IX)

        Lutherans of course baptize adults. There is also no Lutheran prohibition on baptism by immersion–the exact amount of water and how it is used is not a dogmatic concern for Lutherans, only that baptism happens.

  3. Baptism at any age (youth or adult) is never to be included in what saves a person (1 Corinthians 1:17, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Ephesians 2:8-9, John 3:16). Salvation is only by belief alone in Jesus Christ alone, based on the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ for our sins and His resurrection.

    So Lutheranism is off the track on this point, and is almost as wrong as Catholicism is wrong. Neither is the Gospel.

    Furthermore please make special note of the statement which says, “division is opposition to the will of God”. Such a false statement subverts the person’s doctrinal discernment.

  4. “We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist…” Martin Luther

    I guess these guys wouldn’t be any of the “We here…”

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