General Franco: “Hitler fought for Christianity in Europe”

“Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death”.

General Franco attending service in a Catholic Church in Spain. Franco made Roman Catholicism state religion.

These were the words used by the Spanish press on 3rd of May 1945. Hitler committed suicide 30th of April.  (“Reforme”, on 21st of July 1945). All Spanish newspapers were controlled by the Spanish Fascist dictator General Franco.

“Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.”

Before World War II, there was an openly fascist political organization in Spain named Falange. The entire Catholic Youth Organization joined the Falange. General Franco’s brother in law, Serrano Suner, was the Catholic Youth secretary, and most of Robles followers also joined. The Falange employed the successful tactics of the Italian fascists and Nazis: physical violence.

When the people of Spain resisted the fascist takeover, Pius XI spoke out strongly, calling everyone who was not a fascist a Bolshevik, and blessing “all those who have taken the difficult and dangerous task to defend and reinstate the honor of God and Religion.”

Cardinal Pacelli became pope as Pius XII. He congratulated Franco: “With great joy we address you, dearest sons of Catholic Spain, to express our paternal congratulations for the gift of peace and victory, with which God has chosen to crown the Christian heroism of your faith and charity ….

“As a pledge of the bountiful grace which you will receive from the Immaculate Virgin and the Apostle james, patrons of Spain … we give to you, our dear sons of Catholic Spain, to the Head of State and his illustrious Government, to the zealous Episcopate and its self-denying clergy, to the heroic combatants and to all the faithful, our apostolic benediction.”

Spanish Roman Catholics worship at the tomb of General Franco in Spain.

The Holocaust, in its most general sense, began in Spain. During the Civil War people were murdered by Franco’s troops simply for not being Catholic. After Franco’s victory priests made lists of citizens who did not attend mass. They were rounded up for questioning and, often, execution. Hitler’s concentration camps, after 1939, evolved into Spanish-style death camps that liquidated not only Communists, but the Catholic Church’s ancient enemies, the Jews.

Franco is buried at Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos, a site he had built as the tomb of el Ausente.

Source: Multiple media.

My comment

The Catholic Church is not a Christian Church,.

Neither Hitler nor Franco were ever “Christians”.

As good Catholics they were all Papal soldiers, serving the head of the Catholic religion.

The reformers of the Church called the Pope an “anti-Christ”. They were right. And the Church of anti-Christ will bring the final lawless anti-Messiah into the arena in Jerusalem.

If you do not acknowledge who the enemy is, you will start working with the children of the devil, and supporting their evil plans.

First published: 24.June 2010.

Written by Ivar

22 thoughts on “General Franco: “Hitler fought for Christianity in Europe”

  1. Hitler died defending Christianity..what a JOKE.Amazing how far the harlot pushes the limit and still does. They now insist that Bible believing Christians who defend Israel are “extremists”…

    1. Focusing only on the Spanish Civil War or about Hilter does not prove anything about the Catholic Church as whole!! It would be a mistake. Yes, atrocities were committed on both sides.

      However, the 35 years of the Franco dictatorship after the war was riddled with the horrors of an authoritarian government, including the torture or murder of political enemies. And the abduction of their infant children, who were handed over to loyalist couples to be raised.

      Its always annoyed me that the Church supported a fascist. True, although myths are made up to the contrary, the Church DID NOT pledge support for Mussolini or Hitler but rather worked to undermine them, most significantly with reference to their antisemitic policies during the Holocaust.

      However they can always get us with Franco…*sigh*…

      At the time, Dorothy Day’s “Catholic Worker” newspaper was neutral. It refused to support either Franco or the Republic, which apparently caused a “stir” amongst many Catholics – “How can you not support Franco when he’s defending Catholicism?”

      Are people really so dum? Franco was a smooth-tongued politician and demagogue. He knew that he could use the Church to bolster his cause and give it some moral backing with the people and he did it with gusto.

      The truth is both sides in that war where rotten. Simples. Fascists and Communists. How on earth can one support one over the other? The mind boggles.

      So I’m afraid that I think Dorothy Day was right.

      However the Church was not alone. Britain also supported Franco because the government had important monetary shares in Spain which would be lost if the Republic wn. In fact most countries back then secretly supported the Republic with the exception of the United States. The majority of Americans were Loyalist (Republican) supporters, I believe.

      It has always saddened me nontheless that at the same time when the Vatican was supporting the Fascists in Spain, Bavarian Catholics in Germany were being persecuted by the Nazis – German fascists. Thankfully the Pope was the first political leader to publically oppose Adolf Hitler’s regime with his masterful, Mit Brennender Sorge.

      So the Church courageously and without any shadow of doubt stood up to Italian and German fascism…but it worked hand-in-hand with Spanish fascism.

      Oh why is history so complex???!!! Because its history!!!

      1. Hitler was a Catholic, nobody did more for his rise than the Vatican. Hitlers killing of jews and eastern orthodox was a continuation of the Roman Catholic Inquisitions. If you still doubt the Vaticans involvement in WW2 then research Ante Pavelics Ustase and Aloysius Stepinac the Archbishop of Zagreb who actually took command of the murderous and barbaric Ustase after Pavelic fled to the Vatican where he lived for 2 years after the war before being flown to South America. Stepinac oversaw the most vile atrocities of eastern orthodox peoples during WW2 and was convicted for those crimes, he was a mass murderer. In 1992 Pope John Paul II made Stepinac a saint for services to the Roman Catholic Institution. Read up on it.

  2. The Israelis are the heirs of fascism. They have a country with a Jews only immigration policy. They leech over $3billion every year from the US in foreign aid while committing murder, torture and ethnic cleansing against the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. It doesn’t matter if the residents of Gaza are muslim, christian or atheist they are all targeted on account of their race. The Babylonian talmud of Judaism clearly states that non Jews are inferior – As for the alleged holocaust see the documentaries at and At the request of the Israeli lobby it is a criminal offence to question the veracity of holocaust claims in Austria, France, Germany, Poland etc Sending people to jail for expressing a non violent opinion on a historical subject is fascist. There are two sides to every story – allowing only one to be heard while imprisoning dissenters is totalitarianism. Why don’t you clean up your own act instead of pointing the finger at others you sickening, revolting, stomach turning two faced hypocrites. I repeat – you Israelis are the fascists!

    1. Dear Les.


      You wrote:

      Why don’t you clean up your own act instead of pointing the finger at others you sickening, revolting, stomach turning two faced hypocrites. I repeat – you Israelis are the fascists!

      My comment:

      This was the claims of the Nazis. They claimed that God was with them, and that the Jews were cursed. That is why the Nazis felt they could kick them, and slaughter them. Gassing them in Auswich, would just be helping “god” to get rid of them.

      I know I am not able to reach out to Neo-Nazis like you. Your site is a Holocaust denial site, full of deception, lies and wickedness. People like you are a Hell-bound movement. You better get out, repent and give your life to the Messiah Jesus. He loved you enough to die for your sins, so that you do not have to spend eternity in Hell.

      Now I have warned you, and you have no excuse if you find your self in Hell. A place with no exit.

      If I do not see any sign of repentance, your next comment will be spammed.

  3. Those in control of the state of Israel are traitors to the average Israeli. The Bible lets us know what Gods thinks of those who harm the seed of Abraham, the jews. It is not for us to judge the average jewish person who has little to do with the running of the state of Israel. Israel is run from USA anyway, as if it was actually hidden very well. The Israeli zionists are in league with the Vatican for personal gain and are traitors to their peoples, just as most governments these days are traitors to their own populations. The Bible says that the Jewish peoples were first chosen by God but that only a remnant of them will make it to his kingdom on judgement day. Jesus was also very displeased many of his fellow jews, who had him crucified. It seems to me Israel is being set up for slaughter in the coming WW3 which is being provoked by those traitors running Israel and USA. They will invade Iran if they can get away with it, they have been beating the war drums for quite a while now. WW3 is all planned a long time ago, just as WW1 & WW2 were planned long in advance, and the results of both those wars was decided in advance, by the Vatican. Those wars were primarily to crush Lutheran Protestant Germany and to reverse all the work done by Otto Von Bismarck, he gave emancipation to the Jews and Hitler took it away, Hitler did much to reverse Bismarcks work, and the sending of his army on a suicide mission in Stalingrad was to ensure their own slaughter…after he had himself slaughtered as many Jews and Eastern Orthodox as possible (all hated by the Vatican). The Jews in Israel and the Protestant peoples of North America are the main target in WW3, along with killing as many muslims as they can into the bargain, which is why Iran and the mid-east will be the initial battleground. China and Russia will be provoked into the war to join the Muslim countries, to wipe out Israel and then invade USA. The US army will have been weakened badly by the Iraq, Afganistan and new Iran wars and won’t be able to defend the onslaught from a combined Russian, Chinese and Muslim attack. This is the plan, and recent events appear they are willing to force it through. Of course the end result will be a worldwide call for a greater UN, with a one world government, run by the same people who will have started WW3, and the major religions of the world will unite (you see this in progress already and is quite advanced) and the spiritual head of this new one world religion will of course by the Pope in Rome, effectively a New Holy Roman Empire. The Vatican is the city on 7 hills that is written in the Book of Revelations (I recommend reading the KingJames Version), and the scarlet and purple is the colour of the bishops and cardinals in Rome. The self-proclaimed King of Kings is of course the Pope.

    1. Jerusalem rests on 7 hills.
      It’s seven hills are; 1.) Mount Gared; 2.) Mount Goath; 3.) Mount Acra; 4.) Mount Bezetha; 5.) Mount Moriah; 6.) Mount Ophel; 7.) Mount Zion.
      The Whore is Jewry, and The Bible tells us it is WHERE Christ was Crucified as told in Revelations.

      Revelation 11:8
      “Their corpses will lie in the main street of the great city, which has the symbolic names ‘Sodom’ and ‘Egypt,’ where indeed their Lord was crucified.” (Cant be Rome or Vatican, but is Jerusalem Israel)

      NWO sponsored the same people that had Christ Crucified.

  4. Did 6 million really die in a 2.5 car Garage sized, Vented room by use of bug spray?

    Why did Jewish Bolsheviks destroy Churchs but Synagogues were left intact?
    Why were 66 million Christians killed in Urrisa, but Jews rose to the highest levels of power in the USSR?

  5. Hitler was not a Christian but heavily involved in the occult.

    The Swastika is an occultic symbol.
    See http:/…(Cencored..editor).

    http://www.jash….(Cencored. editor). 802.pdf

    In fact Hitler gave an order to have churches destroyed.

    Dear Chidu.

    External links not permitted on this site. Editor.

  6. Réforme is a French, Protestant weekly, not a Spanish newspaper. Being Protestant, it’s hardly a credible source for the extraordinary claim that Hitler is a “son of the Catholic Church” who “died while defending Christianity.”

    Hitler opposed Pope Pius XI’s March 14, 1937, encyclical on Nazism, Mit brennender Sorge, e.g. this passage:

    Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community – however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things – whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God; he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds.

  7. Your post has only increased my respect for both Herr Hitler and Senor Franco. People condemn these men because they believe the lies and slanders about them. Hitler died as a martyr for Christ, struggling against the evils of Communism, Freemasonry, and Satanism masquerading as the Jewish faith. The world may see Hitler one way, but Yahweh always sees through to the truth. Shalom and God Bless you.

    1. Dear MC

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Hitler died as a martyr for Christ, struggling against the evils of Communism, Freemasonry, and Satanism masquerading as the Jewish faith.

      My reply:

      I do not permit Nazis to comment on this site. Please leave. Do not bother to write another message, it will be spammed.

      1. Go watch Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

        CommunismByTheBackdoor and


        Truth will come out!

        You gatekeeper idiot.

  8. MC,really…Adolf was not a christian nor a practicing catholic,He was in his youth,but he was a sick perverse little megalomaniac that resented the power the catholic church had and was trying to destroy and undermind the papacy to gain hold over Christianty,which he had a deep seeded hatered for,believing christian’s to be weak pathetic slave’s.Hitler was less than a flee on a dog!!!

    1. Dear ROMMGIRL


      Please do not entertain people whom I have told to leave. I displayed this message so all can understand that there are people missusing the name of Jesus. Also Facsists, Nazis and their Pope.

  9. ……he Holocaust, in its most general sense, began in Spain. During the Civil War people were murdered by Franco’s troops simply for not being Catholic.

    Menos odiar y mas estudiar

  10. Dear Ivar,
    Fuck you for spreading lies about Christianity, Germany, Spain, White, Latino, and Christian People in general!!! You are nothing but a false idol, and a false prophet, who spreads false teachings! There is a special place in hell for apostates, blasphemers, and heretics, like you! You are a closet satanic illuminati freemason jew arab piece of shit! Let me lay down the truth for everyone here…there is no such thing as “judeo” Christianity! Christianity, and judaism, are two different religions! The jews hate Christ, and even tried to kill Him! They were Chosen by Jehovah in the beginning to Evangelize, and to spread His Holy, And Mighty, Word all over the world…Christ Called This “The Great Commission.” The jews refused, and chose to follow Egyptian muslim satanism instead…the evil false religion of satanism was covered up by it’s members by them renaming it “illuminati freemasonry.” Just like in Christianity…there are multiple denominations within satanism as it too spread throughout the whole world. Two of it’s most prominent branches were islam, and judaism…also known as “the shriners,” and “banai brith.” Or “the skull and bones society,” and the “knights templars.” The satanists read from the black codex/the book of the damned/the book of the dead, which is like their version of The Holy Bible! The jew arabs created a derivative of it called the talmud. The jews do not read our Old Testament/Torah! This is a lie that they spin! The ideals of judaism do not coincide with Christianity, but is just another form of satanism. It is hard to find, but if one can find a talmud that has been translated to English, they can read it for themselves! The jew arabs, and muslim arabs, worship satan, and are both extremely racist! Their talmud, and quran, tells them to kill off, or to enslave, all Christians, and other races of people who are not like them…this means that together, they are going to team up to try to genocide all Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox, Christians…and all White, Latin, And Asian, People. The jew arabs, muslim arabs, the gays, the feminist communists, and blacks, want to create a world that is only ran by them, and their god…satan/anti-christ…this is what “the new world order,” is! Even today, the jews hate, and are targeting Christians…look at all of these politicians, corporations, and media platforms, that target us Christians…they are all ran, controlled, and are owned, by rich liberal corporate jew arabs, muslim arabs, gays, blacks, and feminist communists! This is not a coincidence…Barak Hussian Obama(muslim arab and black), Bernie Sanders(jew arab), George Soros(jew arab), Pete Buttgiug(fag and jew arab), Hillary Clinton(feminist communist and jew arab), Rashida Talib(muslim arab and feminist communist), this is just a small list…you see the pattern here?! If you still fail to see the truth after all of this, you are either stupid, ignorant, or both…or you are a government shill that is controlled opposition! The ideals of satanism, judaism, islam, and communism, are all one in the same! If israel is Christian Conservative America’s true “ally,” then why does israel’s government, and rabbis, persecute Christians there, ban The Holy Bible from being shipped, or sold there, and why does israel help to fund communism, and muslim terrorism, around the world that targets Christians?! Come on…stop lying to the public! Jesus Christ was of The Tribes of Japeth, and Shem…Whites, Latins, And Asians! We Are The Chosen People Of Jesus Christ!!! Not the jew arabs, muslim arabs, or blacks! Christ Took His Blessing off of the jew arabs, and Redistributed The Blessings on the other Races that I just mentioned. Replacement Theology Is Real!!! Their talmud, and rabbis even admit this! Read a book titled “The Talmud Unmasked.” The jew arabs(edomites), the muslim arabs(moabites), the sodomites(fags), and the blacks(kushites), and the feminist communists, are all from the tribe of ham, and are cursed by Jesus Christ for their ties to satanism. Christ Himself even Calls them “the seeds of satan!” None of these groups hear Him, because they are not His Children!!!

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