Roman Catholic of the day

This is an Order Brother of the Holy Order of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Papal butchers were dressed like this when they massacred Evangelical Christians in Southern Europe..

You will not see such pictures in public. Their dress code is a part of secret Order brother rituals. They are dressed just like the Papal butchers, that massacred Evangelical Christians during the Spanish Inquisition.

In Spain you can see Roman Catholics dressed up like this during the pagan Roman Catholic feast of Ishtar.  They will form a parade in the streets, and carry their distasteful idols of wood and stone on their shoulders.

Ishtar parade in Spain, where Roman Catholic order brothers honor the pagan Queen of Heaven.
Roman Catholic priests used butchers to torture and execute Evangelical Christians in Spain during the Inquisition.
The Papal priests and monks ordered the butchers to use the most grotesque forms of torture.

This is the “Church” that millions of Evangelical Christians all over the world have been deceived by their false teachers to accept as Christianity.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “Roman Catholic of the day

  1. Ivar,
    You never cease to amaze me with your posts. Your photos are absolutely mind boggling! These photos say so much, I believe you are waking up those bound in the religious system featured in the photos. Great work.

  2. I wonder what relic the first hooded man is holding. The outfits are hideous and demonic. I have a friend whose dad was just ” knighted” in this order.

  3. No doubt the Catholics killed many real christians. But, so did the protestant Monarchies , especially of Britain torture and kill many real christians.I think you need to expand your view of who the real enemies are? it is much more than the catholic church?or even any human institution? And believe me.I am no supporter of the Catholic Church,what so ever.

    1. Dear Michael Pitarresi


      It is true that many protestants also murdered Evangelical Christians. In particular Baptists that could not accept the Roman Catholic doctrine of sprinkling of water on infants, and claiming this to be a Biblical baptism.

      The Anabaptist’s (re-baptisers) were brutally murdered by both Roman Catholics, Calvinists and Lutherans.

      In Norway, Baptists and Pentecostals were considered traitors of the Lutheran kingdom up to 1969 A.D. By Law, those who refused to stand as members of the Lutheran state Church, were refused full rights as Norwegian citizens.

      There have always been a cost to follow Jesus, to obey the Word of God, and reject human made laws and traditions.

      Today, the religious and apostate movement tries to create an end time unity in the “Church”. So universialism is promoted in the name of “Jesus” as “Christianity”.

      1. But the secular governments did not “represent” Christ as the RC groups do.tThe Lutherans, and Calvinists took traditions ofr the RC. No true Christians murdered in the Name of Jesus.

      2. penfire,
        “NO TRUE CHRISTIANS MURDERED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST”, THANK YOU, BECAUSE I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL ALONG, “HOW IN THE WORLD CAN A TRUE FOLLOWER OF OUR Lord AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST COMMIT MURDER AGAINST HIS PEOPLE”??? All of this is just so sick and twisted, once again I ask what are those in the Catholic Church NOT seeing with what’s going on here??

    2. Your right, the monarchies of Britain did murder many christians but the monarchies you refer to were Roman Catholic monarchs, thats why we had the reformation, to break free from them, thats why Cromwell stood, why Elizabeth 1st stood.

  4. Hi…great work you are doing to inform people of the deception that is….as others have stated, not only in the RCC but several of the organized Protestant traditions…all forming what will be known as the Whor of Babylon in Revelation…thise outfits on the Spanish RCS look almost identical to the KKK adornment….I pray people everywhere will open their eyes to the great deceit…and Christ’s True Church will prevail because it is alive in Christ theough the Holy Spirit!!…thank you again and I look forward to learning more form you….With the love of Christ,

    Rebecca hanson

    1. Praying for the true genuine Body of Jesus Christ all days long for protection from the evil one of deception/seduction and for Strengthening Joy of Jesus through the Holy Ghost of Truth. God bless you! All praise, honor and Glory to Jesus Christ Our Great Lord and God! Love and prayers – Intercessor Janet Brooks

  5. It seems the Roman Catholic church was what the military Roman Empire mutated into in order to continue its existence in another form. The church has significant organizations today—a mass membership group, the Kinghts of Columbus, and various other groups and orders, Dominicans, Jesuits, Opus Dei and more. The Knights of Malta is the Vatican’s financial organization. The Club of Rome does not appear Catholic. While Rome had the Inquisition, Protestant England had the witch hunts, no less barbaric but with a lesser head count of victims. The schism between Rome and the British Crown that peaked in the reign of Henry VIII is historically of major significance. While the Roman church has been around far longer than The Crown, it ns no way approximates the world influence of The Crown, which controls world finence via the world’s most secret organization—“The Pilgrims Society,” which came into existence through the wills of diamond mining organizer Cecil Rhodes, to be “a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.” The Vatican and The Crown are still in conflict, with The Crown easily dominating. I worry far more about Crown influence, than that of the Vatican. Just see the start page at the link to get an ominous taste as to why. The Queen and her successors worry me far more than any Pope. Just one of the Queen’s diamonds is worth $400 million, The Great Star of Africa, and she is far and away the world’s largest landowner making that gem seem oh so tiny in value by contrast. JUst one of the families in The Pilgrims organization, the Mellons, are attributed as owning wealth “equal to the entire value of all the property in the state of Texas” source Wright Patman, former member of Congress.

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