BBC: Lies, lies and nothing but lies

The BBC tries to tell us that Israel attacked Egypt in 1973.

Egyptian attackers cross the Red Sea in 1973, with the help of Soviet Union military equipment.

This is a grim example that the BBC is not only twisting World History. Is is falsifying it.

In an article about the Egyptian missile attacks on Islamic terrorists in the Sinai desert,  Israel is accused of being the aggressor in the Yum Kippur war.

This is what the BBV writes:

“This is the first time Egypt has fired missiles in Sinai since the 1973 war with Israel, when it attempted to recapture the Sinai peninsula, security officials told Associated Press”.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

You can always make a mistake, as a journalist. But in regards to the Middle East coverage by the BBC, the mistakes are too many to count. Israel is always presented as an aggressor and an “occupier”.

To present Israel as the aggressor in 1973, is a blunt and damnable lie.  The truth is that Egypt did not launch a defensive and just war to “recapture the Sinai”. Egypt attacked Southern Israel on the holiest day of Judaism, the day of atonement. In Hebrew: Yum Kippur.

Israel had kept security forces in the Sinai desert in 1973, only because Egypt had refused to sign a peace agreement with Israel, after Egypt lost the 1967-war.

For mankind today, it is a challenge to bypass the Global media lies on Israel, to find the truth.  You can simply not trust media, not even the BBC.

People who defame and demonize Israel have received curses from other cursed people.  You must be careful not to end up in this camp.

Study the truth about Israel from correct historical sources.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “BBC: Lies, lies and nothing but lies

  1. Amen!! there’s too many people around that remembers (smile) My Mother remembers many of the political folks, from way back…so when their grandchildren came up and their great grandchildren came up for ‘vote for me’ stuff…she sure knew where the skeletons were hid…(folks don’t like it when people remember when)…Jesus has an awesome memory and He’s not about to let anyone ‘foreget what they have done to Israel’…(Ohhh Glory….!! )

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