Roman Catholics of the day

This Spaniard is going into to celebrate the Ishtar festival.  He is dressed like a butcher, and he carries a cross.

A Roman Catholic in Spain gets ready for the parade during the Ishtar festival.

The Vatican teaches that to “carry the cross”, is to walk around with a physical piece of wood. What Jesus meant, was that we must face and overcome lies, persecution and hardship.  We will feel like Jesus felt, when we stand up for His teaching.

The World does not want the gospel. They do not want to obey the teaching of Jesus.

 John 3:20
Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

A Roman Catholic on Malta walk in the Ishtar parade on “good Friday”.
These men are the Roman Catholic successors of the butchers who slaughtered followers of Jesus during the Spanish Inquisition.

When we expose the evil deeds of people living in darkness, the World will hate all Evangelical Christians. The people on the face of the Earth live in spiritual darkness. They love their life in sin. Their deeds are evil.

Written by Ivar

Kerry: “Peace deal” by spring remains the goal

A full and final peace agreement is still possible within the nine-month calendar.

John Kerry work hard du bring the new "peace partners" in under the wings of the Papacy.
Roman Catholic John Kerry work hard to bring the new “peace partners” in under the wings of the Papacy.

Th is calendar was set for U.S.-brokered talks, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Friday.
“We’re not talking at this point about any shifts,” Kerry said, following two days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The goal remains a complete deal this spring that settles borders of an independent Palestinian state and resolves other long-standing issues in the six-decade conflict, Kerry said before leaving Israel for Vietnam.

He rejected the persistent speculation, fed by remarks President Obama delivered to an Israeli-American forum last weekend, that the United States would settle for a partial or interim agreement and a continuation of talks.

“Our goal remains as it always has been — for the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a final status agreement,” Kerry said during a news conference at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. He said both sides remain committed to staying at the bargaining table for a deal due in April.

Source: Washington Post

My comment:

Why this sudden hurry?

Roman Catholic John Kerry is well aware that the fiesta Jesuit Pope ever, is planning to arrive in Jerusalem in May.

We have again read reports, that Kerry is trying to convince Benjamin Netanyahu that the “Holy sites ” in the “Holy Bsisn” in Jerusalem should be handed over to the Vatican. More or less to be administered by a new “special regime”.

No doubts: The last man of lawlessness, the man of sin, is about to be hailed as the “prince of peace” by this unlearn and compromising “peace movement”.

Written by Ivar

Roman Catholics offering incense to a wax copy of a corpse

This man died 403 years ago. A wax copy of the corpse is honored in ‪Santa Maria in Campitelli‬ in Rome.

A Roman Catholic priest is offering incense in front of a wax figure.

Saint Giovanni Leonardi (1541 – October 9, 1609) was founder of the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca.

The final Rule of his community was published in 1851. Two houses of the Clerks of the Mother of God were opened when he died, three others were opened during the seventeenth century.

The faithful Catholics carry this wax figure on their shoulders.

Giovanni Leonardi was declared Venerable in 1701, beatified by Pius IX in 1861, and canonized by Pius XI on 17 April 1938.

His  feast day is celebrated on October 9.

Source: Wikipedia and others.

Lets take a look at some pictures of this “saint”:

Priests in Rome stand in a circle and pray in front of the wax figure. (click on the image to get a larger copy).
The full “Church” stand and adore the chemical copy of a deceased person.
A wedding couple kneel, and a priest read from scripture facing the doll.

My comment:

I fully understand that decomposed corpses inside “Churches” might give children nightmares. But still it is worth noticing that Roman Catholic priests dress us dolls, or wax figures for their feasts.

Just like small girls, who dress up their barbie dolls.

I feel there might be a connection her. Because Roman Catholic priest do dress up in female clothing, and many of them are gays.

To offer incense to a doll, or a wax figure, is nevertheless a wicked thing to do. There are some obvious questions that must be asked by truth seekers:

When did a wax figure turn out to be “holy”?

Can a wax figure loose the anointing?

Can this kind of anointing jump on to the onlookers?

In fairy tales, puppets do become alive. Some people even start to play the role of their favorite cartoons.

Lets take a look at some more pictures:

The priests are conducting a mass, facing the doll.
Taking the wax figure out of the Church for a stroll.
The children help their father to entertain the wax copy of the corpse of a moral man. Curses are passed from the parents to their children.

To parade a wax figure through the streets, is frankly quite ridicules.  Is there no Roman Catholics who can see that this in a not worthy circus?  Not even for religious people.

Do they think that God of the Bible is a Jester, or just a joke?

Shame on all religious people who attend such assemblies of the wicked. Eternal condemnation is what they deserve. Mercy is what they have to seek. If they do not repent, they will all perish.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all of us. Amen.

Written by Ivar

Black Madonna to reconcile Poland and Russia

“This Holy Icon of the Black Madonna is a sign of our spiritual closeness”, quoting late Pope.

Not only in Poland. Also in the USA Catholics worship the black Madonna as her Pope. St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Rochester, N.Y.

These are the words of Archbishop Stanislaw Nowak of Czestochowa in Poland. He is happy that the Black Madonna is central in the reconciliation process between Poland and Russia.

“This Holy Icon of the Black Madonna is a sign of our spiritual closeness, and also a symbol of Europe’s two lungs, Eastern and Western, as the Servant of God John Paul II taught,”

The President of the Polish Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Jozef Michalik and Kirill I, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia will sign a joint declaration to both Polish and Russian people this Friday.

The Pope bow before a black statue of wood, and kiss the rosary chain. Look at her “black son”.

Archbishop Stanislaw Nowak of Czestochowa and Father Izydor Matuszewski, Prior General of Pauline Fathers and Custodian of the Shrine, also gave a copy of the Icon of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa to the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox monks kept the copy of the image of the Madonna in the Monastery of Saint Nil at Stolobienskoje.

During World War II, it was destined to a Soviet lager where more than 6,000 Polish soldiers were killed.

 “In this place, in our monastery, we must pray together, Russians and Poles, before the Holy Icon of the Madonna of Czestochowa, to ask for peace and to pray for all those who were killed,” exhorted Arkadij Gubanow, prior of the Orthodox Monastery of Saint Nil.


My comment:

Both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are disconnected from the truth.

Praying in front of the black version of the “Queen of Heaven” is to mock God of the Bible. Simply because the Bible say that there is only one mediator between man and God, and that is Jesus the Messiah.

But also because everyone who is not colorblind can discern this “both back and white woman” to be fiction. Or even worse. Pure witchcraft.

The payer of lawless men is branded in the Bible as a manifestation of bad taste.

Proverbs 28:9
If anyone turns a deaf ear to the law, even his prayers are detestable.

Jeremiah 10:8
They are all senseless and foolish; they are taught by worthless wooden idols.

If these two religious movements had been a part of the Christian family, they would have agreed to give Jesus of Nazareth all honor. They would also have prayed for His blessings, and prayed for His intersession at the throne in the Kingdom of Heaven.

They chose not. And rather place a curse on their own head as a fruit of their idolatry.  Since this wickedness is promoted from the Papacy , the whole movement have fallen into apostasy and sin.

Written by Ivar

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