Madonna portray Marine Le Pen as a Nazi

The filth and garbage that follows Madonna comes unlimited.

Madonna use a picture of Marine Le Pen with a Nazi symbol on her forehead.

The rock star Madonna is one of the person who perverts our youth. She has exposed sodomy on stage, and her lyrics are full and blasphemy and filth.

The latest picture of Mariene Le Pen as a Nazi, is yet another sign of Madonnas political agenda. I am not a fan of Mariene Le Pen, but she is not a Nazi. She warns against Islam rising in Europe, and wants border control reinforced in France.

The end of the age will be full of witches like Madonna. She deceives her self, and she deceives her fans. Stay away.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Madonna portray Marine Le Pen as a Nazi

  1. I find her unintelligible. The images though are disturbing. Why are homosexuals any more deserving of our pity than children starving in Africa?? I believe that God loves all sinners (including homosexuals) and wants them to leave their lives of sin and follow His Son. But I also believe that He wants us to fight to protect the innocent—children in war-torn countries, children who are hungry (and there are many in America who are hungry) and children who are being abused and neglected in their homes. Homosexuals are practicing rebellion against God, they are not innocent victims. They must repent and seek Him or face eternal judgment. Madonna is trying to make evil good and we know what the prophet, Isiah said about that.

  2. Marine le Pen is one of the last true conservative politicians in Europe. She is the only one talking against abortion in France, defending borders of nations and denouncing Islamic invasion of the West. No wonder she means of thorn in the flesh of the globalists !

  3. Many in the entertainment industry have sold their souls to the devil for the sake of fame and money. They have led the march into immorality. Who shall we compare them to? How about the pagan temple prostitutes.

  4. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl football game this year but I did hear about the half time show and then found a youtube of it. I was appalled. As I watched, for details laid out in someone else’s description, I couldn’t help the uneasy similarity to the 30’s German silent film “Metropolis” unedited….

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