Joel Osteen to produce movie about Catholic “Mary”

Megachurch pastor and best-selling author Joel Osteen will produce his first movie, considered the biblical prequel to the story of The Passion of The Christ.

Joel Osteen and wife victoria is to honor the Queen of Heaven in their first movie.

Israeli actress Odeya Rush will play the role of Mary in Mary, Mother of Christ, which Lionsgate will distribute in North America next year, Variety reported.

“Mary is portrayed as a brave, faithful young woman who readily embraces her divine destiny regardless of the sacrifices and hardships she must endure,” said Osteen, whose best-selling books include Your Best Life Now and Every Day a Friday.

Rush joins actors Julia Ormond and Peter O’Toole in the movie, to be directed by Alister Grierson. The original screenplay for Mary, Mother of Christ was written by Benedict Fitzgerald (The Passion of The Christ) and Barbara Nicolosi, Variety said. Mary, Mother of Christ is produced by Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment and Shawn Williamson of Bright Light Pictures.

Besides Osteen, Mike Dolan and Ben Barton of Smithfield Street Productions, Alan Weinberger of the ASCII Group, the Samaritan Group and philanthropists Frank Carlucci (former U.S. Secretary of Defense), Mike Connell, Robert Gottlieb, Mike Nead and Herb Lande will also serve as executive producers, Variety reported.

Filming is scheduled to begin this summer in the Middle East.


My comment:

I have for a long time claimed that all false teachers will accept the Antichrist of Rome. Many prosperity teachers in the World of Faith movement have already accepted the papacy as a seat of Christianity.

These are man like Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner and Joel Osteen.

The very idea of making a movie about “Mary the mother of Christ”, is to evaluate the Queen of Heaven. If the Charismatic pentecostal movement shall be accepted by the Vatican, they have to honor the dogmas.

Benedict Fitzgerald is a Roman Catholic, who will surely make a movie that can get an approval from her Bishop.

What can we expect from these movie makers?

The Jewishness of Miriam will be deleted, and an antisemitic false gospel will be presented.

This is a recorded interview in Star Bulletin with Benedict Fitzgerald. It is recorded in 2004, when she directed the movie “passion of Christ” with Mel Gibson. 

 Benedict Fitzgerald: More difficult. … From a technical point of view, I understood it would have to have certain epic qualities, and simultaneously with that, it also had to have intimacy, which is vitally important. These two things have to be occurring at all times because it’s an eyewitness account.

 The true Catholic church is an apostolic, not an ecumenical, church. We depend on the eyewitnesses and Holy Ghost for everything we believe.

Source: Star Bulletin.

The end time union that leads all harlots back to the Mother of all prostitutes are gaining momentum.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Joel Osteen to produce movie about Catholic “Mary”

  1. The Prosperity cult is not true Pentecostalism. Please don’t confuse the two. And being an ordained Assembly of God minister (I left the clergy), I really can’t see how any true Pentecostal denomination would join with Catholicism. The two are polar opposites.

    1. Nevertheless, Ant, I believe that is the direction that the false church will travel. Once the true Church is gone, the false church will be headed by the Vatican and all religions will be combined into the one-world-faith. Once his power is complete, Antichrist will destroy that paganistic quasi-“christian” religion (the Whore of Babylon) because he will not want anyone to even utter the name of the Biblical Jesus. I believe that he will confiscate all Bibles because he will want no one to discover the truth by reading the Bible and he will require all to take his mark or starve. I further believe that those who take his mark will know who he is and know what they are doing. They will believe that Satan is their friend because he encourages them in embracing their life of sin. Utterly deceived.

  2. You got that right….(smile)…I am considered Pentecostal because of some of the things I do believe of The Word. And the intimate relationship in and thru obedience to His Word…Oh but I don’t claim that or any denomination anymore..all seem to have gone the way of commercialism as well as getting in bed with any new thing or ‘must’ law that comes down the pike..Far too many things in His Glorious Word is ‘made excuses’ for not obeying them and/or walking in them. But this too is freedom by Grace…much grace..things I saw was just too flaky in many of the denominations. As for this movie, The Holy Spirit clearly reveals the lies and deceptions about it like He did on ‘Mel Gibson’s Passion for Christ which many Christians thought Ohhh it was soo good or ‘just wanted to see what all the fuss was about…Dangerous playing around with deceptions!

      1. So true, Andrea. Israel is to be a nation of priests and we in the true Church are all in a priesthood. Jesus told His followers to avoid being like the unbelievers who were always seeking to lord it over each other. The mega-pastors have become like kings.

  3. You know the Pope is really an alien from one of the outer planets, Right? That’s why i like you Ivar… we think alike!

  4. I hear so many in many denominations say ”Once the Church is gone”, “Once the Christians are taken out of here” Once the True Believers have a Revival and millions come to Jesus then we will be taken out of here” We won’t see any of this stuff happening the majority say…..” hmmm Wake up Folks, and Smell the Coffee…it’s boiling…These things are happening all around us…7 different Churches in a small town I was in for several years rolled over and preached out of Rick Warren’s Books…The Baptist heading the parade to be united with a man who sold millions of copies of his book and is a ‘real Christian’…they preached his books from the pulpits…but not just the Baptists, the Bible Studies and Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools they all…all 7…including the Pentecostals…had books of the Prosperity Faith Folks, many names well known…plus Rick Warren and right beside Dagon was The many Translations of The Bible! …Just sent out a letter to all in my address book about General Mills now backing the Homosexuals rights for Gay Marriages…My my my…I think some folks need to back up and ‘re-think what they preach’…So it’s time not to get your nickers in a twist, and keep the eyes open…I do believe the Real Christians are in for a great surprise….very soon ..right now the folks are getting all their ducks-in-a-row and ‘Calling up sides’…so the companies siding with the dredges of Satan, getting their selves ready to stand with the World…and boldly going public and knowing it don’t matter anymore what Christians think or do..for the majority of the Christian Leaders are backing the things of Satan..and telling others that is is OK to do or say such and such and your religion don’t matter…tsk tsk…Pray brethren pray we will stay faithful to Jesus Christ…less our names are also plucked out of His Book!!

  5. The World accepts SIN as okay. No longer are the churches preaching against SIN. God was not joking when He kicked Adam
    and Eve out of the garden! Noah time came along and only eight
    people were allowed in the Ark. God closed and sealed the door or the Ark. The entire population was distroyed accept for those eight
    righteous people. Our world it going back to the same practices of SIN. The world thinks it’s okay to SIN. Because they can pray
    and get forgiven by Jesus Christ. SIN is against God’s Word.
    In JOHN we read: ” If you love Me you WILL keep My Word and My
    Father will love you and WE will come and make a home in you, ( Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ) But he who doesn’t love Me will not
    keep My Word. For the words are not Mine, but from the Father who sent Me, These things I say while being present with you.
    But the Father will send in My name the Helper the Holy Ghost who
    will teach you all things and bring to your remberance everything I
    have said unto you” . Jesus said go and SIN no more!!! If you you
    practice SIN then Sin becomes lawlessness. Lawlessness is SIN.

    So Her is the dawning of a new day for you. ( Here is what to do
    withJesus ) : Stick to Christ Jesus He”ll stick with you. Beginners are many but enders are few. Honor, Power, Love and Grace will come to those who know to Pray, So stick to Christ Jesus He stick with you. Bend for Him,Sweat for Him and Smile for Him too. For out of your bends ,your sweats and a smile, comes Life Victorous……. after awhile.

    So search for Christ Jesus, He’s searching for you. Love Him, Thank Him and praise Him too, for out of your Love, your Thanks,
    and Praise comes Christ Jesus with His amazing Grace.

    So reach out for Christ Jesus, He’s reaching for you. Serve Him, Trust Him and Obey Him too. For out of your Sevice, your trust and Obey. Comes Christ Jesus there’s just no other way.

    Then stand for Christ Jesus, He Stands for you. Talk for Him,
    teach for Him and tell of Him too, For out of your Talk, your Teaching and Tell, come Christ Jesus with Heaven as well.

    Written by: Jack Mitchell, Oct, 2007

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