Lie No. 4: Nuclear Israel, not Iran, is the greatest threat to peace and stability.

The United States and Europe can afford to wait to see what the Iranian regime does with its nuclear ambitions.

Israel cannot. Israel is on the front lines and remembers every day the price the Jewish people paid for not taking Hitler at his word. Israel is not prepared to sacrifice another 6 million Jews on the altar of the world’s indifference.

Source: Simon Wiesenthal Center.

My comment:

If Hitler had got the nuclear bomb before the US, cities like London and Paris would have been reduced to rubble.

Nuclear arms is absolutely a matter of who got them first. The state of Israel is a nation than will never use them, as long as the Jewish nation do not face another Holocaust.

Iran is ruled by a regime that is trying to spread an Islamic revolution beyond its borders. Iran has in public threaten to use all kinds of weapons, to destroy the state of Israel. Islam shall also rule in Europe and America, claims the Ayatollah.

Thursday: Wake up call

Should a member nation of United Nations, be allowed to achieve nuclear arms in a bid to destroy another member of United Nations?

A Global Islamic revolution is in the pipeline.

Which side are you one?

Stay put with Israel in her fight for our freedom.

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