A former Italian Foreign Minister was convinced that NATO must be used to bring peace to the Middle East.

Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema suggested NATO should come and secure "peace" and a Palestinian state in the Middle East..

This is revealed by a secret cable from the US Embassy in the Vatican, sent to Washington in July 2007.  Wikileaks are again the truth-exposer.

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¶6.  (U) In a panel discussion under the banner “Israel – Palestine: a long struggle for peace,” Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema underlined the need to achieve tangible outcomes, such an agreement or a “preface to an agreement” at  the November Arab-Israeli Conference in Annapolis.

D’Alema also suggested that NATO could play a useful role in bringing peace to the Middle East through a partnership with Israel and the Arab countries similar to the “Partnership for Peace” agreements  that NATO has negotiated with former Soviet republics.

2007-11-07 10:16

Source: Wikileaks

My comment:

NATO has entered the proposed “partnership” with Arab countries, as proposed in 2007.   The Arab League and NATO helped Jihad’ists to take over Libya. and may be Syria also need to face the new “partnership”.

The only nation that has refused to enter into such a “peace partnership” is Israel. But the Jewish state can also be included by enforcing a “no fly zone” over Gaza.

When Israel is no longer capable of defending her self against Islamic terrorism, NATO has indeed been used to bring “peace”. As Islam boldly states: “The only true peace is submission to Islam”.  

Written by Ivar