The BBC claim West Jerusalem is “Palestinian urban areas”

The BBC has joined Islam in the bid to evict Jews from the whole of Jerusalem.

The BBC take Iran and Saudi Arabias stand on Jerusalem.

A map can be falsified. Once i found a Nazi almanac with Austria included as “greater Germany”.

In a similar way, Islam produces maps what includes the whole of Jerusalem as “occupied land”.

The BBC has for a long time sided with Islam, in their coverage of political events in the Middle east.

The latest propaganda from BBC, is a part of the Global campaign to delegitimize Israel, and rob the only free and democratic state for its capital.

Take a look at the map

The BBC-map colors “West Jerusalem”as a “Palestinian urban area”, with the same color as East Jerusalem. The whole of Jerusalem is disconnected from Israel.

Shame on the BBC. The British broadcaster bring curses down on the United Kingdom.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “The BBC claim West Jerusalem is “Palestinian urban areas”

  1. What ever happen to the old great BRITISH empire the( curse) has been upon them, and they don’t even see it WAKE UP, once a light in the world, now the flame is out Nahum 2:1 One who scaters is coming up against you. man the fortifications,watch the road,brace yourself,summon all your strenght.for the Lord will restore the magesty of Israel………

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