«The Goldstone report mocks history and fails to distinguish between aggressor and those acting in self-defense».


Shimon Peres rebukes the United Nation for trying to harm the state of Israel.
Shimon Peres rebukes the United Nation for trying to harm the state of Israel.

President Shimon Peres on Wednesday slammed the Goldstone Commission’s report on Operation Cast Lead. Peres claimed the commission members would not have written such a report, which accuses Israel of war crimes, «had their children been living in Sderot, under the constant threat of Hamas rockets»

The president blamed Hamas for launching the war, claiming the terror group had committed numerous horrendous war crimes, and stressed that Israel had to defend itself.

«Hamas carried out attacks against the children of Israel, detonating bombs in city centers, hurting civilians, firing more than 12,000 rockets and mortar shells at innocent civilians with one clear aim – to kill»
, he wrote in a statement.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Since both Israel and Hamas is accused of war crimes, its important to ask what kind of war crimes Hamas has committed?

And will the Hamas leadership be sent to the International War tribunal in the Hague?

In Gaza there is no Court of law that can investigate and possibly persecute the Hamas leadership that has committed the war crimes.

And since Gaza is not a recognizable nation, I guess the criminals will neither be arrested, nor captured to be held accountable for their crimes.

The Goldstone Commission report accuses Hamas for committing war crimes in the form of rocket attacks against civilian targets inside Israel. Its a fact that thousands of such rockets were fired into Israel prior to the Gaza war, and nobody need to do any further investigation besides the preset evidence given the UN.

And since Operation Cast lead was a reaction to such war crimes, I guess the IDF did have a right to an effective self-defense?

If Israel was not supposed to enter the Gaza-strip to destroy the rocket launchers, how would anyone be able to stop this kind of war crimes committed by Hamas?

And finally:

What does it take to stop terrorists who are willing to send their own children as suicide bombers? I guess more that sugar candy, or a resolution passed by the United Nations?

First published: 25.juli, 2009.

Written by Ivar