Gaza fishermen trapped by Hamas cutting its waters

Gazan fishermen challenge the Israeli navy. Their waters was cut after the terrorist organization took control of Gaza.

Fishermen from Gaza is told to turn back by the Israeli navy.

Some Gazan fishermen have been trying to sail beyond the three nautical mile limit imposed by Israel.

The Oslo Accords allowed fishermen to work within 20 nautical miles of the coast, but Israel later reduced the limit on the premise that allowing more space will potentially allow Gazans to receive smuggled weapons.

Israel responds to the fishers’ actions with water cannons, and sometimes with live gunfire.

Source: Al

My commnt:

To use the Oslo accord to attack the Israeli navel blockage on Gaza, is another example of Islamic cheating on Israel.

The Oslo accord demands an Arab Palestinian recognition of Israel. If Hamas ever accept a Jewish statehood, the fishermen in Gaza will surely be permitted to cross the three nautical mile limits.

It the people of Gaza wants to live in freedom and prosper, they should them self remove the Islamic terrorist organization from office.

But history has proven, that when Fascists are elevated to power, they do not leave. Not by “peace agreements”, nor by any popular vote against them. Israelis have a right to defend them selves, and must do so to obey their calling to be a good caretaker of Zion.

 Ecclesiastes 3:8
a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

The time for “peace” will not come before the Jews are fooled into a false peace plan, and the final anti-Christ emerge on the World stage.

This must eventually, and sadly for the Jews happen, before the Messiah Jesus will return to Earth as the Lion of Judah. Those who haven been deceived to reject Him, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The people of Gaza should not be trusted. They are trapped by the Islamic evil they have been told by their parents and in their schools through generations. They are filled with pure Jew-hate and Fascism.

Written by Ivar

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